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Chorus free download is a discrete game kind of dogfight, where we sit at the controls of a custom spaceship to fight our way to redemption from the faults of the past. It sounds cliché, but it looks – and sounds – much better in the wash. We have seen the Fishlabs game and we can tell you a little more about it.

Chorus free download
Chorus is unusual, as it is piloting a custom spaceship, an action-adventure game. That was announced in May of last year – and since then the Fishlabs studio project has not been heard. Fortunately, only for a little over a year, because some time. Ago we could attend a large presentation behind closed doors!

Chorus Game Download PC
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The chorus is probably more questions than answers. It is therefore time to rectify. A few points about this game: the title is created by a responsible studio, among others for the Galaxy on Fire series. This is not the typical AAA sold for the full 60, and production of a smaller caliber. Its nominal price was set at 39 euros. Which is quite important in terms of how it looks and what it has to offer.

New Game Chorus PC

In chorus torrent, we play the part (or actually two) of a pilot named Nara. The woman is pursued by a mysterious and dark past that we do not yet know; except that she had to make some key choices, possibly weighing on someone else’s life and death. Under unknown circumstances, Nara returns to her years-abandoned Forsaken battleship to wrest the path to redemption from her command. To do this, he travels half the galaxy to join the rebels fighting against the group called Circle led by the Great Prophet.

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Forsaken and Nara are one, literally and figuratively. Literally, because the player cannot (voluntarily) leave the vehicle deck , and figuratively speaking that the machine has its own “soul” – it’s equipped with something like artificial intelligence that allows you to create your own consciousness. The title is inspired, by the creators themselves, by the classic of the genre of space games in which we fly with fancy ships, that is to say the X-Wing. And in practice, that’s what it is.

In the next Fishlabs work,

We get some heavy sci-fi on a shelf somewhere next to Star Wars, in which, apart from the classic armed conflict, there is someone else – an ancient civilization (with its remains). And it’s that low-key aspect, almost imperceptible on first contact, that will likely be a solid pillar of explaining the most important things about the plot.

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This enigmatic and forgotten civilization is linked to several features of the game itself. First of all, their additional temples will be a kind of huge environmental puzzles, in which our task will be, among other things, to maneuver the Forsaken through narrow corridors full of traps. And this is just one example that we were able to see. In addition to them, in the game world we also find the so-called Memories – a kind of relay of messages from the past scattered throughout the galaxy.

And while we probably won’t have access to the open world in Free chorus (the creators did not specify this aspect), it appears that large areas of the place without loading screens are fully accessible to us. The key aspect here is finally to fly in space.

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What do we find in the places we visit?

First of all, the NPCs who give us extra tasks. These may be issues on the verge of life and death (saving someone / killing someone). But the creators have also shown moments where they humorously approach this somewhat worn convention. l One of the side quests was, for example, some sort of race or a mocking streak with the assistance of drones.

However, we won’t always have to go to a specific point, grab some information. Start a task – we also have a radio for NPCs to use when asking us for help or just texting through. radio channel. Then we can check where the message was sent and go there.

The vehicle we use for almost 90% of the playtime is fully modifiable. This not only applies to visual elements such as colors, paint, ornaments, etc. First of all, we can board a wide variety of weapons and equipment: from various types of cannons, lasers. To more or less conventional armor modifications, etc. Additionally, Forsaken has its own development tree. On the show, one of the producers explicitly announced that it would be possible to bet only on weapons or active and passive skills. Of course, the best effect will come from mixing the two tactics.

Chorus Game Download PC
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It was also confirmed that in

Chorus, we will meet different types of boss fights: from classics, where we are transferred (we get there ourselves) to a special arena dedicated to this clash; by smaller ones, resulting from the course of the game; mini-bosses, that is to say pilots a little more powerful than our ship (distinguishing between different types of enemies).

After almost an hour of show, I drew two conclusions about Chorus. Will be an efficient production full of explosions, where something. Will constantly happen, and all accompanied by a rich and pompous soundtrack. How do I know the soundtrack? On the stream, a multi-minute segment was devoted only to music, inspiration, and samples. From multiple songs – and that’s a rarity.

A bright spot can be a story that is intriguing from the start – just don’t sit down. Somewhere in the middle of the game. My attention was also drawn to a lot of variety in design. Despite the cosmos and seemingly typical design, various locations did. look really distinctive and look imaginatively created. The Chorus free download premiere download on December 3 for PCs and Xbox Series X consoles | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4!

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