Dying Light 2 is an open world game. And as it happens in such cases, the player does not necessarily understand all the basic functions and make stupid mistakes. Here are a handful of tips to get you started.

Dying Light 2 Free Download

DYING LIGHT 2 Free Download

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1. Save

Don’t sell any weapons at the very start. The first ones, found in the initial locations, have poor endurance and disintegrate in a few moments. If you want to fight a lot, make sure you have a whole backpack of this crap.

2. Treat yourself in a secluded place

Applying the basic version of the bandages (and only such are available at the beginning) takes a lot of time and there is no point in doing it in close proximity to opponents – it’s better to jump on a car or another balcony and calm down your health there.

3. Measure your forces against intentions

Attacking opponents two levels stronger, if you have poor (read: basic) equipment, misses the point and is generally a waste of time and bandages.

4. Be careful what you use up

Before you can use bandages, they must be placed in the active slot. We do this by putting them in the inventory into the medication menu, and then holding down the 2 key and selecting the desired item in the quick menu. In the case of the console, we will set the bandages as a handy object for treatment with a D-pad. Why am I writing about this? Well, as a help, the game likes to remind you that in order to heal yourself. You need to hold down the H key (X on Playstation, A on Xbox). It does it even when we have not selected bandages, but for example an immune stimulant. It is easy, inadvertently, to lose something valuable in the early stages.

Dying Light 2 Free Download

5. The level of parkour matters

If you are not successful in climbing the windmill, you fall regularly before climbing to the top, then let it go – your hero probably has too few dexterity points. Check on the map – by hovering over the icon of a given structure – what level is required to unlock the building, and simply return at the right moment. You can download DYING LIGHT 2 here:

6. The equipment tells who you are

In Dying Light 2 there are no character classes that we choose at the beginning. The class we play is dictated by the equipment we carry. Each part of the outfit (jacket, hat, shoes, gloves, pants, bracers) is described with a characteristic icon and has specific factors – these are the factors that indicate what we are dealing with. If you choose all items of clothing marked with the same pictogram, their bonuses will be the same and the character will be much better, e.g. in parkour, healing, using a given type of melee weapon or a bow.

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At the very beginning, however, it does not matter and any armor will be a reinforcement anyway. So in the early stages of the game, make assumptions – the rarer, the better. Then it is worth specializing, even at the expense of not wearing the legendary item of clothing.

7. Convoys are an opportunity to fish

Searching for destroyed convoys is a great source of equipment to get you started. But be careful – the gas cylinders lying around them can explode, as well as the infected in coveralls and with cylinders on their backs. Then the noise will attract virals to you, that is, fast, aggressive and able to climb infected. In the early stages of the game, fighting them can be a big challenge. Anyway, even after you clear the area around the convoy, the locks that. Need to be opened to get to the treasures are also secured with some explosions. As soon as you start picking at them with your pick, the explosion will occur again and the virals will appear. So before you start your loot, heal yourself well, just in case.

8. Go towards the light …

At the very beginning, our hero’s immunity is very low, and thus – night trips are short. So if you are going for a walk after dark, be sure to take care of UV mushrooms or stimulants that increase said immunity. Without them, these kinds of escapades end up quickly turning into an infected, that is, death. If you are curious about the world and games, we recommend post Dying Light 2 Free Download Game PC

9. … and if it doesn’t work out, don’t worry

However, dying in Dying Light 2 is not really scary – you just respawn at the nearest respawn point and at best lose any climbing or combat bonuses. If you manage to pick up, for example, a quest item from a given mission before you die, it will remain in your backpack – you don’t have to start the mission from scratch.

Dying Light 2 torrent

DYING LIGHT 2 Download

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10. At night it is sometimes safer

Getting into the infected nests in the early stages of the game is suicide and a waste of time. Then, most of the time, too. If, on the other hand, you penetrate such places at night, make sure to start the whole process shortly after dusk. Otherwise, you may not have enough time to complete the entire operation, and when. For example, you leave for a moment to reverse the progressive. Decrease in resistance under UV lamps (at the beginning it is a very common tactic – see point 8). Then when you return you will discover that that meanwhile it was daytime and the object was filled with essentially unkillable transformers. In this case. Cleaning must be started from the beginning of the next night.


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