Leaked skins for season 4 and possibly season 5 of Fortnite chapter 4. Here may be the skins from the pass


Once again, leaked skins from the survey have appeared online. A total of dozens of different skins for everyone to see.

There is a chance that you see here the skins that will appear in the new Fortnite seasons. All in all, it’s practically certain, but it’s also possible that Epic has shown the theme of the next season or seasons here.

There are dozens of skins. They come from a survey that Epic conducts from time to time. In theory, it shouldn’t get out, but it gets leaked one way or another every time.

New skins for Fortnite

Youtuber Happy Power using a leak has created potential breakdowns of the next passes. It looks as follows:

fortnite skins fortnite battle pass

This is what it may or may not look like at all. The full leak was found at Imgur. If it is as it has always been, these skins should sooner or later appear in the game. Now, with the very end of the season, there will surely be more leaks of all kinds. Also, one should be prepared.

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