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PlayStation Portal with a release date. Anyone waiting for Sony’s new handheld?

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PlayStation Portal with a release date. Anyone waiting for Sony's new handheld?

We have learned the release date of the PlayStation Portal. As it was said earlier, we will be able to test the handheld later this year. The hardware is quite unusual, because needs a running PlayStation 5. The device functions on a similar principle to Remote Play, a feature that has made its way to the PlayStation 4. If the hardware idea itself wasn’t already a big enough problem, there’s another hassle, particularly acute for those actively using a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

PlayStation Portal – price and release date

PlayStation Portal will be available priced at €219.99 (about £980). It can already be purchased for pre-order at PlayStation Direct (unfortunately, this store does not operate in Poland). Thanks to this, however, we learned the release date.

PlayStation Portal is scheduled to hit store shelves as early as November 15, 2023.

PlayStation Portal without streaming games with PS+ Premium

If you’ve been using Remote Play a lot (which allows you to run PS4 or PS5 games on other hardware, such as a PC or phone), you may have noticed that streaming games from PlayStation Plus Premium is not possible. PlayStation 3 titles are present in the subscription, which cannot be launched other than through streaming. Besides, the lack of compulsion to install (often very large) games is something that probably more than one platform user has taken advantage of for their own convenience, including newer productions.

The operation of PlayStation Portal is based on the use of Remote Play, along with all the pros and cons of this feature.

Therefore, the hardware does not allow you to run streamed games, but only those installed on the console’s disk – most likely because Remote Play itself is already a kind of streaming. This seems all the worse in light of the other applications Sony offers.

Previously it was PlayStation Now, allowing us to use this subscription on the PC, and today it is PlayStation Plus, which works the same way. Through them we could play all the games available in the subscription, including those that can only be streamed on the console. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions has ever worked in Poland.

PlayStation Portal also has advantages

But let’s move on to the advantages of PlayStation Portal – the ability, as it were, to play the PS5 anywhere in the house is undoubtedly one of them. In addition, the hardware is supposed to take advantage of the DualSense controller’s features, namely haptic vibration and adaptive triggers. On top of that An 8-inch screen that lets you run games in 1080p and 60 FPS. To improve quality, the PSP will benefit from the new PlayStation Link technology, designed to provide lossless audio and minimal latency. However, this means no compatibility with non-Sony Bluetooth headphones – Pulse Elite or Pulse Explore.

PlayStation Portal

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Sony has also shared the prices of new audio accessories that will go on sale at a similar time. These will include:

  • Pulse Elite wireless headset, which will cost 149.99 (about £670).
  • Pulse Explore wireless in-ear headphones, which will be available for €219.99 (about £980).

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