Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Free Download PC Version

Game Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Free Download is a complete remake of the RPG Pokemon Diamond, released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS system. The production, created for the Nintendo Switch platform, was developed by the ILCA studio. The title debuted with the twin Pokemon Shining Pearl.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Free Download

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Free Download PC
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The game was transferred in its entirety from Nintendo to the PC.
This is PC version works like nintendo.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond takes us on a journey to the island of Sinnoh, inspired by Japanese Hokkaido. During the game, we take on the role of a newly created trainer who dreams of becoming the champion of the Pokemon League. Our service (or service) not only travels, catches Pokemon, and gains valuable experience, but also faces off against the sinister Team Galactic – a group that plans to destroy the world and create their own on its ruins. A kind of icing on the cake is to catch the legendary Pokemon, which in the depicted production is Dialga (while in Pokemon Shining Pearl – Palkia).

Game mechanics

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond torrent, we observe the action from a bird’s eye view. We start the game in the hometown of the hero. The actual adventure begins when we come into possession of the first Poke Ball and Pokemon. We have nothing else to do but embark on a long journey.

Traveling through Sinnoh throughout the game, we mainly perform tasks that advance the story and complete various side missions, as well as many clashes with wild Pokémon and other trainers. When we manage to defeat a wild Pokémon and we have a spare Poke Ball in stock, nothing prevents us from trying to catch it and use it in the following battles.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond pc version

However, it’s not easy, as success is determined by how many health points the captured Pokemon has and the strength of the Poke Ball you have. The Poketch watch deserves a separate mention, which not only displays the date and time, but also monitors the health of our Pokémon, and also has a built-in navigation, calculator and pedometer.

Duels in the game

The duels take place on a turn-by-turn basis, in separate arenas, and their progress is presented from different “movie” shots. Each Pokemon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so the key to success is battling a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond pc version given with a natural advantage over him. In addition, you need to use monster abilities skillfully. By winning duels, our Pokémon gain experience points and advance to the next levels; then their stats increase, and thus – their combat potential. Moreover, most of them, after passing a certain “level”, evolve into their higher form.

During breaks between chores and duels, we can spend time on the so-called Pokemon contests, in which our pets take part in various competitions. In the visual competition, we dress a given creature. Trying to make her as beautiful as possible, in the dance competition, we push some buttons. Rhythm to the music, and our Pokemon shows off its dancing skills, while in the acting competition, our pets have to perform intricate trick moves.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond free

The biggest change from the original is the addition of Grand Underground. A large underground terrain where you can encounter slow-running Pokémon and dig up treasure. The biggest fans will spend a few extra hours there to find the rare creatures needed for the next fights.

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A game that never gets boring

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond free are remakes in the full sense of the word. Original ideas, characters, pokémons and other elements have been transferred to the modern graphics. Engine (according to what you can read on the web, it’s Unity). The creators, however, decided on a rather controversial procedure – to maintain the original chibi style (loosely translated from Japanese – “low”). As in the 2006 edition, the characters in the new editions are comically small. With large heads, giving them a cartoon character.

Series veterans should immediately feel at home, at least on the world map. It looks like what we could already see on the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. All textures are now pleasingly high-res, objects have a slightly more pastel color palette. Additional effects and increased terrain detail add depth to it all.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Free Download
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The game was transferred in its entirety from Nintendo to the PC.
This is PC version works like nintendo.

The ILCA studio even tried to improve the engine over what the Game Freak had, and added advanced reflections. Various surfaces and reflections on water to the clashes. Thanks to this, the battles look really cool, and I don’t understand. Why it was not decided to make a bolder remake of the entire game. As a result, the appearance of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Free Download is a very heterogeneous. Subjective thing – after all, everyone can like something else.

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