Pokemon Scarlet Free Download PC Version

Pokemon Scarlet Free Download is an RPG game that is part of one of the most popular series of this genre. The production was developed by the Game Freak studio, that is, the authors of the previous parts. The title debuted with the twin Pokemon Violet. Both elements have essentially the same content. However, each of them has several unique creatures, so to get them all you have to trade with people with a different edition than ours. Both versions also offer different outfits for our character.

Pokemon Scarlet Download

Pokemon Scarlet Free Download PC Version

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The game was transferred in its entirety from Nintendo to the PC.
This is PC version works like nintendo.

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Nintendo recently announced that Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet have sold 10 million copies in three days since their release. TEN MILLIONS. The huge interest in new Pokémon should surprise no one, but it hurts that they were made with no respect for the recipient. Let’s be clear pokemon scarlet free is in many ways the best thing to happen to the series in years, and at the same time the worst, ugliest, dirtiest game I’ve dealt with from a Game Freak/Nintendo.

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It’s the ninth generation of Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet are the first games of the ninth generation that take us to the region of Paldea. As previously promised, the new Pokemon introduce a revolution in the form of a truly open world. We have already had the first more or less significant attempts at such a change in Sword/Shield and Arceus, but only now can we talk about real freedom to travel the world and face new challenges. Although not quite, but more on that in a moment.

pokemon scarlet free

In the game, one plays the role of a young student (there is a wealthy character designer) of a local academy, in which, of course, everything revolves around pocket monsters. After a boring introduction, we learn that the world is open to us and we set off, to put it mildly, in search of adventure.

What we do is up to us, because theoretically we can spend long hours on activities that the game does not require us to do. And here is the open world – not assembled from several larger areas, but truly open. It doesn’t mean hospitable.

Open world in game Pokemon Scarlet free download

If we feel like it, we can immediately move to the other end of the map and … get high-level pokemon hits, which are full of running around in the wild. That’s the problem with this truly open and free world. On the one hand, you can go where you want and when you want, but it is clear that the creators have traced the “only good” path. We simply cannot reach certain places without previously acquired skills (eg swimming). You also can’t skip a storyline, because at some point you’ll be standing right in front of the wall.

pokemon scarlet pc version

There are three such paths and they refer to: collecting classic badges, hunting “titanium” pokemon, and dealing with another loser gang in the series’ history. The game Pokemon Scarlet full version is designed in such a way that we supposedly have freedom of action, but not on the principle of collecting scattered blocks and building constructions from them as we wish. These blocks are scattered in the intended order. And although at first we may not notice it, over time everything becomes clear.

Challenges and badges

Challenging the next leaders to a duel and collecting badges doesn’t have an imposed order like in classic Pokémon – we go to the first town, defeat the weakest leader, move on, fight the strongest, etc. In Scarlet we can immediately throw ourselves into the sun with a hoe, and after visiting the weakest opponent, who, unlike the player, does not train his pokémons and remains at a fixed level.

Pokemon Scarlet Download PC

Freedom of action kills the fact that sticking to one path, sooner or later you will have to jump to another or a third. We therefore cannot play our way fully, because weaving threads and meeting specific challenges are necessary to progress further. This may not be particularly troublesome if we intend to spend tens or hundreds of hours in the world of Pokemon Scarlet pc version on various activities (not just those in the story). But there’s no doubt that it could have been done better to fully exploit the potential of the open-world Pokémon sandbox.

Pokemon Scarlet PC Download

Opis obrazka


The game has been transferred in its entirety from Switch to the PC.
This is PC version works like Switch.

Especially since the folks at Game Freak have done a lot of good for the player to simply enjoy roaming open spaces in search of the next adventure. Whether on foot or on the back/seat of a motopokemon. In Scarlet/Violet, the ability to release one of the Pokémon into the wild has returned, thanks to which it can automatically attack the weakest opponents in the area and accumulate experience. So there is no need to take dozens/hundreds of obstacle fights just to get to the next level. Pokemon left alone also collects items, so that’s really useful.

incredible adventures

On the other hand, there is no option to catch wild Pokemon outside of battle. And that’s a shame, because each entry into the “arena” means a lot of wasted time. Not so much because of the fights themselves, but because of the long, inescapable attack animations. Overall, Pokemon Scarlet free download suffers from sluggishness, endless dialogue, and unnecessarily long scenes.

Added to this are rudimentary mini-games and arcade challenges that seem like something out of a game for kids taking their first steps into the world of electronic entertainment. Either way, the fights themselves can also be surprisingly easy (not just because of the previous grind) and you have to search hard outside of the plot paths to find a real challenge.

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