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10 reasons why you should skip buying Starfield

Goldmund Todd Howard, one of the greatest visionaries in the gaming industry in the 20th century
first century. It sounds proud, but it must be admitted that IGN still lists it as one of the top 100 game developers. It must be admitted that this is a really great distinction Regardless of everything, each of us gamers appreciates games like The Elders Scrolls 2 Daggerfall. Of course, these titles also include the cult ones Skyrim. However, from the other side we also have the unsuccessful Fallout 76, which has only a few releases months after the premiere and after adding specific content, it begins to resemble a playable title.

10 reasons why you should skip buying Starfield

It ends with promises.

It’s no surprise, then, that Todd’s subsequent promises in the case of Starfield resonated widely among many players. It is worth noting that the very vision of a space opera is comparable to the Mass Effect games evoked enthusiastic emotions in players. Of course, promises are promises and reality turned out to be completely different, so in a moment you will receive the answer to the question Why not it’s worth buying Starfield.

The binding is uneven.

Despite the fact that the visuals seem decent, we will still find places where in fact, the textures are different from each other and it must be admitted that we are dealing here with a lot uneven setting in this respect. This also shows that Starfield was in fact created by some years ago and unfortunately some archaisms in the graphics themselves appear despite the nice views, when it comes to the main cities that we will visit during the game.

Intrusive loading screens while playing.

The second reason not to buy Starfield is the notorious loading screens. How it is possible that in a game from 2023 this type of element may be so bothersome and making the gameplay difficult. There was no attempt to mask this type of element, as in mine In my opinion, it seems like a very bad choice for a modern game. On another point, it’s worth it pay attention to the fact that every now and then the loading screen can effectively break us out of immersion gameplay, which is not what we expect from a modern RPG that relies heavily on precisely on the mentioned immersion.

No interesting content on empty planets.

The third reason not to buy Starfield is nothing else than how empty it is the number of planets we will visit that do not have any additional content, but. We are talking here about practically barren areas where, despite everything, no diversity exists contents.

This is a serious matter because how is it possible that in over 30 years already Daggerfall had a variety of dungeons that really stood out the number of enemies, but also their type and even the treasures that could be found there types of places, not counting the many secret hidden rooms. It is clearly visible that the creators of the game did they simply decided that it was not worth investing in various objects that could interest the player
while playing.

10 reasons why you should skip buying Starfield

Weak plot.

The fourth reason why it is not worth buying the game seems prosaic, but nevertheless. The main drawback of the game is the plot itself. Admittedly, the main plot of the adventure is not it is well outlined, and in addition it looks relatively tendentious, which makes it not fun it captivates us, or at least it doesn’t give. Something that would allow us to get absorbed in the whole thing history. It’s bad that today many creators do not treat history as an integral part of the fun, but it is often added by force, which makes the game itself more enjoyable monotonous and repetitive.

Too much repetition of places.

The fifth reason why you should skip buying this game is primarily genetic Random places with practically the same opponents and similar loot as means that when we visit one planet. We may be slightly surprised when we visit some other planets In a few hours we will encounter practically the same instance to visit with exactly the same one arrangement of opponents.

This is what makes us ill-prepared random algorithms that would be able to in any way create instances that would be different. From each other in such a significant way that it would be easy to discover new places the player was entertained. There are many games that have achieved this feat, including the one mentioned above Daggerfall or Skyrim was able to do what Starfield. Could not do many years later, which is why this can be considered a strong regression compared to the studio’s previous games.

Poor lifting mechanics.

The sixth and most important reason why it is worth skipping the purchase of Starfield is simply this weird lifting mechanics for our hero. This element is not only irritating during fun, but it significantly discourages collecting all the things, about 70% of which are simply worthless.

Major restrictions on planetary exploration.

The seventh argument why we shouldn’t buy Starfield is nothing else than what it is nothing more than a significant limitation in relation to the planets we visit. This means between others are that no matter what, that no matter what, we cannot fully traverse the planet, but only a selected part of it, and then an invisible wall appears, that prevents us from going further.

So this is one of the elements that limit us free exploration, which seems unthinkable, especially when games use
from modern physics engines, where one could actually afford larger ones planets large enough so that the player does not feel embarrassed. Starfield is missing simply freedom.

Poor weapon feeling.

The eighth reason why it is better not to buy the game is, first of all, a very weak system shooting. You don’t feel the recoil of the weapon at all, which is why you don’t feel it when shooting with one rifle difference when we switch to any other weapon mode. This way alone the fight is not that exciting, which seems to be a significant disadvantage, strongly affecting the combat itself game.

Poor intelligence of opponents.

The ninth reason is the average intelligence of the opponents. In this case it is this noticeable especially on generated instances, where despite our presence being detected by the AI does not react to our actions. We can say that we are dealing with typical sponges for bullets, which makes the game stand out as absolute mediocrity and far from it even in this aspect is a hit like Skyrim or other games from this studio.

Price and numerous bugs

The tenth and specific reason is the price of the title itself. For purchasing the game in good shape premium, the creators ask for almost 110 Euro, which is unacceptable due to the nature of the game itself the game is poor in additional content and, above all. Unique content that would be in able to interest anyone and encourage them to complete the game itself. It is also worth mentioning numerous bugs and problems related to the collision of characters or objects, which is effective makes the fun more enjoyable.

Do you want to find out if Starfield is really that bad? Don’t buy the game, download Starfield for free.

No hit, just average.

To sum up, despite all the flaws mentioned, Starfield is still a typical game an average game worth seeing, but not at the full price of the game. So it’s worth waiting for promotion and buy the title cheaper than the current price. It’s also worth remembering that this is still a game that it will certainly be patched by modders, but that doesn’t excuse the creators because they published itsimply a game full of holes, which makes the title a waste of time for many people.

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