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7 Sins Free Download is a human life simulator dedicated to adults, based on the mechanics of games such as The Singles or The Sims. In the Monte Cristo studio program, virtual society, just like in the real world, takes part in a permanent rat race, a race for fame, money, full of greed and the bad sides of human nature.

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7 Sins Download

7 Sins Free Download
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The essence of the game is an extensive seven-stage campaign, consisting of more than sixty small missions. In each of them, the main goal is to achieve success in life (material and professional). During the game, the player will experience seven deadly sins (and the title sins – 7 Sins): pride, anger, greed, envy, lust, laziness and lust. The user takes control of one of the many heroes (envious, false, living by the principle: the end justifies the means) and, in addition to fighting for positions, must also take care of his house.

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More than two hundred different devices and objects are available to the builder and organizer of his “four corners”. The non-linear style of the game allows great freedom – journeys into the depths of a modern and relatively large city (more than twenty places to visit) are on the program here. An advantage of this production is also, as the authors themselves claim, a realistic depiction of human emotions and addictions (in 7 Sins Free we encounter more than 100 NPCs, each with their own psychological profile).

Gaining trust takes a lot of sacrifice – you can lose it in seconds. Thanks to the technology used, the virtual “me” was equipped with more than two thousand movements and animations. The interesting solved issues related to the lighting mean that no one can complain about the lack of visual positives, however, the artistry and sublimity of the discourse cannot be here. Also note the audio side, on which the sound engineers have devoted many units of time to the preparation.

7 Sins Free

A simulator like no other

There’s a corner in the game market where you can find erotic games – sometimes, like the Larry series, with a bit of humor. This category includes 7 sins, although here bed pranks are not the only form of succumbing to temptation. If anyone is looking for an amoral game in which the only way to win is to sin as much as possible, this is what they have found. 7 Sins Download teaches the seven deadly sins through negative examples. We recommend the Sims 4 free download.

When you start the game, you play as a guy who goes towards his goals by pretending to be a nice, decent guy who isn’t and doesn’t want to be. Instead, he is greedy, lazy, jealous and dissolute – as befits a sinner. His modus operandi is simple: to know and use the most secret weaknesses and desires of the people he meets for his own ends and to achieve his private ambitions. Nasty enough, you can’t hide it.

7 Sins Download

Seven Incredible Missions

How does this look in practice? The game is divided into seven missions, each telling the story of one of the main sins, although harm is done there in different ways. For example, on the subject of greed. Game of 7 Sins pc games is a question of money, anger, in turn, leads the hero to a school of martial arts. And the place where immoderate consumption and drinking flourishes is the restaurant. Of course, you can have sex in any setting, even the most remote!

7 Sins Free

With each sinful activity, there is a text informing the motivation of the hero so that one knows what sin is committed. For example, stealing is motivated by jealousy or greed. An association comes to mind with a cynical saying: don’t kill, for murder often leads to theft and theft leads to lies. Interestingly, the hero does not go as far as murders, which, after all, are not classified as deadly sins.

Lots of dexterity in the simulator

By the way, I wonder why killing isn’t such a big sin, but it’s better not to talk about it, so as not to be accused of the sin of pride. After all, a game reviewer has no theological training. Well, but that’s such a little digression; I’m already going home, that is, to play 7 Sins torrent.

For those who like to combine and achieve goals through their own ingenuity, the downside is also excess dexterity. In advanced missions, the strategy enthusiast feels disappointed, because it is not tactics that determine victory, but reflexes. You expect great challenges, meet people resistant to seduction and overcome their resistance, and here are schematic mini-games, the rules of which you already know from the first stages of the game. It’s a pity.

7 Sins PC Download
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In general, however, one can say that 7 Sins Free Download is a fun, satisfying game with enough inventive plot to keep the player in front of the computer. Too bad there are only seven deadly sins, because a few more ambitious missions were worth it.

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