Animal Shelter Free Download PC Game Full Version

Animal Shelter Free Download is an animal shelter management simulator, where we deal with a wide range of creatures. Who need our help until we find decent owners. Games Incubator is responsible for the creation of the game and PlayWay SA is responsible for its release. specializing in unusual simulators, including Thief Simulator or Car Mechanic Simulator.

Animal Shelter Free Download

Animal Shelter Free Download PC
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Animal Shelter Simulator gives us the opportunity to play the role of a shelter owner rescuing injured and abandoned animals. Our main objective is to take good care of stray animals, to provide them with comfort. Safety, and above all to find them a home. We have a long but rewarding process to care for and run a growing shelter.

Animal Shelter Simulator download is a representative of the simulator genre in which we observe the game from the first person. We begin our adventure with the management of a small building and even smaller resources. Needed to care for the animals. However, the better we do and the more special tasks we accomplish. The sooner we can invest in tabernacle expansion.

The extension awaits us

Before us, we will expand the area with a pen and a fence, expand and add new buildings, thanks to which more animals will find refuge, as well as the purchase of more and more specialized equipment to facilitate care. However, it all depends on how many four-legged children (and not only!) will eventually go to new homes, where loving owners will be waiting for them.

Free Animal Shelter

Ahead of us is a long process of recovery game Animal Shelter Simulator torrent and adaptation of the animal to life with people. Especially since a large part of the animals that come to us have been abandoned and do not trust humans very much. Caring for animals is at the heart of the game and involves many activities. There are basic things ahead of us, like feeding the animals, preparing them for a cage and a place to sleep.

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Ensure good hygiene by bathing and cutting or dressing wounds, and taking care of general health. There will also be a walk or run for the animals to vent their energy. And become happier, and control the aggressive behavior that can occur between four-legged creatures. Especially if they share a cage and it’s all about fighting over territory. All this will make the animal cheerful and playful, which will automatically increase the chances of finding a home for it.

Animal Shelter Download

Initially, the game is not a very demanding task, since we have a small number of animals in our care. But as the shelter grows, we have more tasks and responsibilities. While each of the little ones needs our attention. Animal Shelter free Download is a game with three-dimensional graphics and effective animations of various animals.

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