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Barotrauma Free Download is a simulation game in which we take control of the submarine crew. The production was developed by independent Finnish studios FakeFish and Undertow Games, and published by Daedalic Entertainment. Beneath the icy crust of Europa, Jupiter’s fourth largest moon, lies an ocean estimated to be nearly ninety kilometers deep.

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Barotrauma Game Review

The decay of radioactive isotopes in the core generates heat. Responsible for the production of hydrothermal vents that keep the water in a liquid state. Some hypotheses suggest that these are favorable conditions for the emergence of life. Which is why Europa is an extremely promising place to look for it beyond Earth.

Developers from FakeFish and Undertow Games studios decided to take this idea even. Further and created Barotrauma Free Download a two-dimensional cooperative game in which we will direct the fate. Of the crew of a nuclear submarine, crossing the depths of Europe.

Barotrauma, or a space submarine

It’s an interesting idea because it could just as well be a spaceship management game. In which we would check the state of superluminal training, lasers to destroy asteroids or navigation. Systems responsible for define the most optimal route through the dark void. In general, the creators of all kinds of space operas are very much inspired by the modern navy. Is best seen in the way space cruisers are depicted and the crew are presented.

Darmowa barotrauma

Mass Effects, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare or the four-volume novel Depth by Marcin Podlewski. Each crew member plays a specific role, without which the ship could not function. In Barotrauma Free Download we are only dealing with a submarine, but believe me. There are enough emotions and action for many films or novels.

Moving on to the background, the first production from two small Finnish studios (recently, we’re Team Scandinavia on Gamereactor) focuses. Primarily on micromanaging a submarine that moves between stations scattered across the European ocean. As of now, there’s no specific goal or story behind it – the game launches into Early Access in a few days – but honestly, that’s not necessary.

Tasks and pleasure of swimming

It’s fun to just swim and do simple messaging tasks, reminiscent of the iconic Star Wolves or the newer Rebel Galaxy. We’re not tied to any particular faction, so we can feel like a freelancer trying to make ends meet.

Darmowa barotrauma

Then we have the standard – we spend the money we earn to fix the ship, supply it, expand it, or hire new crew. However, Barotrauma it is worth taking care of your loads, because the game offers a character development system, thanks to which our teammates perform their tasks more and more efficiently with each subsequent journey. The system itself resembles that known from The Elder Scrolls series – the more often our character does something, the faster his level of specialization increases.

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Gather the crew before leaving port

As on a boat, everyone has their task and there is no room for stowaways. In Barotrauma PC Download, we will have to manage a group of specialists – mechanic, engineer, doctor, gunner and captain. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain them, because once they’re – so clichéd that everyone knows what’s going on; and two – the developers have prepared a really brilliant tutorial in which they explain everything in detail.

Pełna wersja Barotraumy

It’s no secret that Barotrauma isn’t easy and when I sat down to play the game, I was mostly worried that its complexity would overwhelm me. We have prepared five introductions – one for each specialization – from which we will learn all the most important things to enter the game without any problems.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that crafting fins is still very difficult, especially if you’re playing alone. Due to playing Barotrauma before the launch of early access, I had no one to check how this segment was doing (and no one from the editorial staff wanted to join, traitors…), but I think it would be much easier to play with live companions.

Barotrauma PC Download

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The artificial intelligence in charge of controlling the other members of the crew is simply weak; the characters get stuck on the slightest obstacles, they also often have trouble with the simplest commands. In fact, the Crewman is only useful if the player controls it. And it’s not always so obvious, because Barotrauma can discourage you with the fact that everything has to be done manually and there are not many facilities.

Right now I’m the worst at controlling the boat – it’s very easy to hit it on protruding stones, and new problems pop up all the time. Combined with the crew, who spend most of the time wandering aimlessly through the sections, I had to restart the mission more than once.

Fortunately, there is an autopilot option, but you still need at least one person to keep an eye on the sonar. Barotrauma PC Download is an extremely complex game, but when you master all its mechanics, it suddenly turns out that each subsequent expedition is simply a lot of fun. I hope I can convince some friends to play together, because that’s when the production of the Finns will take off.

Which boat to choose Barotrauma Free Download?

There are different boats available in the game – from small shells that we are able to drive alone, up to giants of twelve people. Nothing prevents you from building the U-Boat of your dreams yourself – a very complete creator is at the disposal of the players. Designs can be shared via Steam Workshop. I’m not much of a creator myself, but given how popular mods are, I’m in the minority.

Sections on the ship

The ship has been divided into several different sections where absolutely anything can happen. A fire caused by a short circuit of electrical equipment, no problem. A leak that slowly begins to flood our metal coffin more and more, of course. Attack the big Kaiju-style monsters from the Pacific Rim series, who have no qualms about eating away at the boat and blasting even more holes in it, of course. However, all of this means developers don’t have to create history because, as you know, life writes the best.

Summary of Barotrauma Game

Barotrauma is an underwater survival horror simulator that takes players into the depths of an alien ocean on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The game offers both cooperative and single-player modes, where managing the crew and the submarine becomes key to survival. Inspired by titles such as FTL: Faster Than Light and Space Station 13, Barotrauma combines elements of RPG, ragdoll physics, and combat with sea monsters, requiring players to cooperate and think quickly.

Barotrauma Download Game FAQ:

Q1: Does Barotrauma offer a single-player mode?

A1: Yes, Barotrauma can be played solo, although it is challenging due to the need to manage the entire crew and ship.

Q2: Does Barotrauma have a character development system?

A2: Yes, the game offers a character development system where crew members become increasingly efficient at their tasks.

Q3: Does Barotrauma have a storyline?

A3: The game primarily focuses on micromanaging a submarine and performing tasks, without a specific narrative goal, especially in the Early Access version.

Q4: Is Barotrauma difficult for new players?

A4: Yes, the game has a steep learning curve and can be challenging for beginners, but it offers detailed tutorials for each specialization.

Q5: Does Barotrauma offer cooperative play?

A5: Yes, Barotrauma is designed for cooperative play, where players can collaborate or compete, managing various aspects of the submarine.

Barotrauma Game Review

Barotrauma is a unique blend of simulation, horror, and cooperation that stands out among other games. As a reviewer, I appreciate the depth of mechanics and the challenge it presents to players. The game is demanding and rewarding, especially when its complex aspects are mastered. Cooperation with other players is key and can provide many emotional and exciting moments.

Personal Impressions of Barotrauma

As a player, I find Barotrauma to be a thrilling and immersive experience. The game’s complexity and depth create a sense of real danger and urgency, making each successful mission feel like a significant achievement. The cooperative aspect adds another layer of enjoyment, as working together with other players to survive in the harsh underwater environment is both challenging and rewarding. Despite its steep learning curve, Barotrauma offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that I highly recommend.

Barotrauma: Guide to Character Development and Effective Skill Use

In the game Barotrauma, character development and effective use of skills are key to surviving in the hostile underwater environment. Here is a detailed guide to help new players understand these aspects of the game.

Choosing a Character and Specialization

At the start of the game, it’s important to understand the different roles in the crew:

  • Captain: Responsible for navigation and overall command.
  • Mechanic: Handles the repair and maintenance of equipment.
  • Engineer: Manages energy and propulsion systems.
  • Medic: Takes care of the crew’s health and treats injuries.
  • Gunner: Operates onboard weapons and defends against threats.

Choosing the right character class depends on your preferred style of play.

Skill Development

In Barotrauma, skills develop through their use. Here are some tips:

  • Practice often: The more you perform tasks related to a skill, the faster it develops.
  • Specialize: Focus on your character’s key skills to become more effective in your role.
  • Learn from others: Observe and learn from experienced players who can share knowledge and techniques.

Crew Management

Effective crew management is crucial for survival. Each crew member has a specific role, and it’s important to ensure that everyone is performing their tasks efficiently. If a crew member is underperforming, it may be necessary to reassign them to a different role or provide additional training.Remember, Barotrauma is a complex game that requires strategic thinking and effective teamwork. With practice and patience, you can master its mechanics and lead your crew to survival.

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