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Big Ambitions Free Download is a game that combines economic strategy with an RPG simulator of life in a big city. The productions were developed by the studio Hovgaard Games known from Startup Company. In the game, we play the role of a resident of New York, who starts with a rented apartment and his first job. His goal is to become the richest person in town. To achieve this, we must create small businesses and then turn them into powerful corporations. Possible businesses include: gift, liquor and clothing stores, supermarkets, law firms and florists.

Big Ambitions Free Download

Big Ambitions Free Download

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Big Ambitions Free Download Graphics

Since this is an indie simulation game, I think we can give them some slack in the aesthetic department. During gameplay, you’ll be looking at your character from a top-down perspective, as is the case with many sims. Big Ambitions Free’s graphics could be better – more polished and polished – but it’s not uncommon for early access games to put this lower on the priority list.

In counterpoint, other simulation role-playing games such as The Sims, for example, are also not known for their graphics or visual appeal. They rarely look bad, but usually focus elsewhere. Either way, the graphics are usually refreshed and tweaked before playing the full edition, so there’s nothing to worry about. It is very likely that we will receive a visual update before the full launch.

Big Ambitions full version

Big Ambitions Download feature

If you’ve ever played the game, you’ve probably noticed how clunky the game feels at times. It often happens that you choose the wrong thing because the pop-ups overlap. The menu commands also feel strange, which is one of the first things many notice about the feel of the game – it’s not as intuitive as Big Ambitions is supposed to be.

Overall, however, the game’s clumsiness can mostly be attributed to the fact that it’s still in Early Access. So far, the devs seem to be very receptive to feedback and feedback from the community, so this seems like something you probably shouldn’t worry about, at least not in the long run.

Big Ambitions Free

The game’s tutorial isn’t perfect either; the way the tutorial walks you through the early stages of the game feels a bit forced. The game Big Ambitions keeps the finger on the pulse a little too much; you are guided along a specific path with very little room to experiment. This is of course unless you want to ditch the tutorial altogether and go your own way, in which case you’ll have to spend time building businesses that might not be worth owning.

Big Ambitions Gameplay

Finally, the gameplay is the part that everyone talks about the most positively and loudly! Aside from the lack of intuitiveness and clumsiness, the game features countless different paths you can take. Flexibility and freedom will be given to you when you stand on your feet, so to speak, very diverse. From restaurant chains to marketing agencies, you can do it all – there are no rules or limits when you go a little deeper into Big Ambitions.

Once you start generating a decent amount of income, you will start to feel the effect of combining a lot by opening different businesses and making new progress. The game brings this aspect of entrepreneurship to life very well – the more you have, the more you earn.

Big Ambitions PC Download

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All of this is done in a way that allows for maximum immersion. This means that you start out cleaning the floors or doing some other equally mundane activity and, with time and good decision-making, you get to the point where you are successfully running dozens of different businesses (or a large chain if you prefer). One thing that could make Big Ambitions even more immersive would be to fill rooms with more interactive content. Some rooms are quite large and open, which makes them seem rather empty.

As an avid gamer, I highly recommend checking out the games Sunkenland and Hometopia. Sunkenland is an intriguing survival game set in a world where the ocean levels have risen so much that water has covered almost the entire planet’s surface. On the other hand, Hometopia is a fascinating game that allows you to create and customize your own home. Both games offer unique experiences and hours of fun.

Overall, this game exceeded my expectations. Half of its problems are nothing more than early access issues – clunky interactions, large empty spaces, and so on. The game Big Ambitions looks very satisfying. Even at the start, when you’re mopping the floor or flipping burgers, each upgrade is highly rewarding. Allowing you to form real bonds with your character as well as the businesses that grow with you.

Game Summary

Big Ambitions is an innovative simulation game that combines economic strategy with a life simulator in a big city. The game allows players to take on the role of a New York resident who starts with a rented apartment and his first job, aiming to become the wealthiest person in the city. The game offers a variety of different paths to choose from, giving players great freedom and flexibility in decision-making.


1. Is “Big Ambitions” available in Early Access?

Yes, the game is currently available in Early Access. The game’s developers are very open to feedback and suggestions from the community, which allows for continuous improvement.

2. What are the main features of Big Ambitions?

The game offers many different paths to choose from, giving players great freedom and flexibility in decision-making. It is possible to run various types of businesses, from small shops to powerful corporations.

3. Does Big Ambitions have any issues?

Yes, some aspects of the game, such as interactions and large empty spaces, can be somewhat clunky. However, most of these issues stem from the fact that the game is still in Early Access.

4. Is Big Ambitions satisfying to play?

Yes, the game is very satisfying. Even at the beginning, when you are performing simple tasks, each upgrade is highly rewarding.

5. Is Big Ambitions available on Steam?

Yes, Big Ambitions is available for purchase on the Steam platform.

Professional Review

Big Ambitions is an innovative and satisfying game that, despite some shortcomings, offers a unique business simulation experience. The game provides players with great freedom and flexibility, making it highly engaging. Although the game is still in Early Access and has some issues, the developers are very open to feedback and suggestions from the community, which allows for continuous improvement. Overall, Big Ambitions Free Download is a game that deserves the attention of every business simulation enthusiast.

Player’s Impressions

Playing Big Ambitions, I feel like a true entrepreneur starting from scratch and gradually building my business empire. The game offers many different paths to choose from, which gives me a lot of freedom in making decisions. Despite some shortcomings, such as clunky interactions and large empty spaces, the game is very satisfying. Every update, even the smallest, gives me a sense of achievement. Overall, Big Ambitions PC Download is a game that provides me with many hours of fun and satisfaction.

Guide How to Effectively Manage Your Business in Big Ambitions PC Download

1. Choosing the Right Business

At the beginning of the game, it’s important to make a thoughtful choice about the type of business you want to run. Each business type has its unique features and requirements, so consider which one best fits your strategy and playstyle.

2. Financial Management

A key element of business management in Big Ambitions is effective financial management. This includes monitoring income and expenses, investing in business development, and maintaining an adequate level of financial liquidity. It’s good to always have a cash reserve for unforeseen expenses or investment opportunities.

3. Hiring Employees

Hiring the right employees is crucial for the success of your business. In Big Ambitions, you can hire various types of employees, each with their unique skills and specializations. It’s important to understand what roles and skills are needed in your business and then hire the appropriate employees.

4. Making Strategic Decisions

In Big Ambitions, you will need to make many strategic decisions that can have a long-term impact on the success of your business. This may include decisions about business expansion, investments in new technologies, or changes in marketing strategy. It’s important that these decisions are well thought out and based on solid data and analysis.

5. Time Management

Just like in real business, time management is crucial in Big Ambitions. The game offers many different tasks and activities that you can perform, and managing your time can be key to running your business effectively. It’s worth applying time management techniques, such as planning and prioritizing, to ensure that the most important tasks are always completed on time.

6. Openness to Feedback

The creators of Big Ambitions are very open to feedback from players, which allows for continuous improvement of the game. If you encounter any problems or have suggestions for improving the game, do not hesitate to share them with the creators. Your opinions can contribute to improving the game for all players.
Remember that Big Ambitions Free Download is a game that requires strategic thinking and planning. Success in this game requires not only good business decisions but also effective time and resource management. I hope this guide helps you better understand how to effectively manage your business in Big Ambitions. Good luck!

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