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Cities Skylines Free Download is a strategy and economy game produced by the team at Colossal Order, who previously created two productions – Cities in Motion: Simulator of Urban Transport (Cities in Motion) and Simulator of a modern metropolis: Transport and public transport (Cities in Motion 2: Modern Times). This time, the developers decided not to limit themselves to the sole subject of urban transport and challenged the SimCity projects.

Summary Cities Skylines PC

After a huge blame, which turned out to be Cities XXL, the eyes of all city-builders turned to Cities: Skylines, a brand new production of this type created by a small Finnish studio Colossal Order. Has the experience of two fairly successful works – Cities in Motion – on the management of public transport been useful for the development of this title on a larger scale? Here, public transport is only a tiny part of the game, very thoughtfully planned and just as well done, although a few minor slippages were not avoided, ultimately affecting the foundations of this virtual urban empire.

Cities Skylines free Download

The creators from the start and quite no coincidence have referred to the works of the competition, with the latest SimCity in the foreground. The Finns wanted to meet the expectations of the players, among other things, by correcting the errors that greatly disturbed all city planners and virtual mayors. No internet connection required? East. Full editor? As well. Large maps to let your imagination run wild? Checked. Indeed, by comparing this third element with what we saw in the last production of the late studio Maxis. It sounds like the authors of Cities Skylines showed a team.

Cities Skylines Free Download
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Experienced that you can easily do great things in this aspect. There are over a dozen huge maps, each kept in a slightly different reality, both in terms of natural conditions, resources, and terrain. Above all, we are not immediately thrown into deep water. At the very beginning of the game we only have a fraction of the area at our disposal, while the following ones as our metropolis grows. We can buy for a nominal amount. I can assure you that you will spend several dozen hours with the game before you fill the whole board with buildings, roads and attractions. There is a lot of work here.

If you have already dealt with others

Productions of this kind, you will not be surprised by what the title Colossal Order offers. In the game, of course, we build the city from the first street to the monumental skyscrapers that are the centerpiece of our metropolis. Fortunately, the Finns have managed not to screw up what is basic in city-builders. The interface used in Free Cities Skylines is both very comfortable and minimalist. We get to the right options and buildings very quickly. And that’s a key issue, given the fact that there are a large number of items in the game.

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The development of the city is based essentially on three zones: residential, tertiary and industrial, supplemented by public buildings and a download free full version pc games reasonably constructed road network. It is the good arrangement of transport links that determines whether one can properly use the neighborhood and design a city that is simply pleasing to the eye – the prerequisite is to locate said areas right across the street. Another cool simulator is The Sims 4 Download.

Highway to the center

It should be considered in advance for what purpose we are building the next lines of the road. Whether it’s one of the city’s main thoroughfares or a side street for owners of single-family homes. The authors offer a wide range of possibilities in this regard, making it possible to locate about twenty different types of roads, from the usual two-lane road to the highway. When we add the possibility of building roundabouts, flyovers and bridges, the creative possibilities will turn out to be very great.

Cities Skylines torrent

The road builder works very well, although extend it later in case of too much congestion. No longer the simplest and usually requires redesigning almost the entire street, including adjacent areas and public buildings. Bigger streets are not just the difference in capacity – they are also roadside parking spaces. Or the Cities Skylines Free Download possibility for the bus docks to improve. Considerable traffic when planning a complete public transport system.

The creators don’t immediately overwhelm us with a huge amount of possibilities, gradually unlocking access to new structures and options. The city’s development system is based on what are called milestones, that is, times when our metropolis exceeds a certain number of inhabitants. Then in the building menu we have the option to build more buildings and meet the needs of the people.

Cities Skylines games

These in turn can be known in two ways

Or through something called Tweeter. Which is a bit like the popular Twitter, in which one finds the opinions of the citizens of the city on various subjects, ranging from questions. Basis such as access to drinking water or electricity, and ending with comments on our current activities. An alternative is a series of icons that appear on individual houses and symbolize the problems that occur there. While it is sometimes difficult to avoid notifications, it is difficult to imagine a better and more efficient form of interaction with the player.

The budget must be respected!

From the very beginning of the game we have at our disposal a number of tools that allow us to maintain financial discipline and at the same time to Cities Skylines PC Download satisfy residents at the appropriate level. The creators come up with some pretty smart ways to budget. We can maneuver tax rates for individual areas or determine spending for specific services. Operating in public space, such as healthcare, garbage collection or police. Regulations adopted in the districts.

Cities Skylines download

What we created can also have a significant impact on finances. With their help, we can decide, for example, to install an electric meter in each house. Which will save electricity, ban smoking or introduce free public transport. Of course, this is all straining the budget. But in the long run the benefits of introducing these regulations should certainly be noticeable.

Your decisions matter

I’m glad that in fact every decision and action we take in Cities Skylines torrent is cause and effect.. I will try to show it on an example of a very mundane situation. When the sewage pump is placed too close to the source of drinking water. After a while the locals begin to complain of a disease of the digestive system. Soon this incident becomes an epidemic, and we must respond to the threat. By constantly increasing the number of beds in clinics and hospitals.

Certainly, however, we will not be able to reach every person in time – then caravans set in motion, which unfortunately must transport our citizens to a place of eternal rest. As you can see, all actions taken have consequences, which allows you to learn from your mistakes. And that it will prove to be necessary, we can be sure – it is very difficult Cities Skylines Free Download to use resources efficiently the first time around and certainly many of us will have to start the whole game over again.

Cities Skylines Free Download PC

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Hardware requirements for the Skylines PC

Minimum hardware requirements

  • Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ 3.2 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphic card : 512 MB GeForce GTX 260 / Radeon HD 5670 or better
  • Free disk space: 4 GB HDD
  • Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 64 bit

Recommended system requirements

  • Processor : Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 GHz / AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz,
  • RAM memory : 6 GB of RAM,
  • Graphic card : 2 Go GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870 or better,
  • Free disk space: 4 GB HDD,
  • Operating system : Windows 7/8 64 bit

Game modes

  • Solo: Yes
  • Offline cooperation (hot seat): No.
  • LAN / Internet cooperation: No.
  • Multiplayer: No (possible in the future)

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