Dark Light Free Download PC

Dark Light Free Download an action-packed game with a combination of a platform game and a typical metroidvania, produced by Miraii&Co and published by Maple Whispering. There are many horror elements in the game, including various supernatural phenomena.

Dark Light Download PC Free

Dark Light Free Download

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Game Review

Dark Light is certainly one of the most interesting titles in which we have the opportunity to travel around an unusual world set in a cyberpunk atmosphere. In this way, we have a strong combination of side-scroll games with a typical platformer, where dexterity is the most important thing. Please note that at the beginning we will not see everything the game has to offer.

A lot of unexplained phenomena.

According to the typical metroidvania method, we will get to some places much later. Of course, this forces some back tracking, but it should be noted that in Dark Light Free Download this was handled well. The game itself is also full of additional references to paranormal beings. It must be admitted that often combined action sequences are intertwined with the general atmosphere of harassment and fear, which gives us an unusual combination.

Ruins of the former city.

Exploration in Dark Light is well done, so fans of classic metroidvanias will have a lot to do while exploring some rooms. This is mainly about numerous secrets that can give us additional things useful in the plot. When it comes to enemies, the Dark Light Download game gives us many opponents at our disposal.

Thus, they are divided into smaller and larger rivals. However, do not be fooled by appearances, even smaller enemies in larger numbers can still pose a threat to the hero. The game is made in an interesting and typically urban setting, which definitely influences the atmosphere of the city we visit. In this situation, we are talking more about the ruins that we will have to traverse, but the atmosphere changes depending on the part of the location we are in.

Dark Light for free

A helper drone is a useful tool for the hero.

This makes it in the game Dark Light we can’t complain about being bored. The main character of Dark Light is primarily one of the elite members of the Dark Hunters. It is a secret organization dealing with tracking and eliminating threats, including supernatural ones. We have at our disposal not only the weapon itself, but also a properly prepared drone, which helps us detect these phenomena, making the creatures visible to the hero.

This is certainly an important element of the game, because in this way we can fight the previously mentioned opponents. Only then do they become fully susceptible to the damage we actually deal to them.

Numerous sections full of platforms and other obstacles.

In the Dark Light Free Download itself, there are many larger and smaller platform sections, where dexterity often determines our survival. Additionally, some of these types of arenas are also full of enemies, which makes it even more challenging. In larger crevasses, we can use a jetpack, which will allow us to increase the distance we cover.

It may seem like a small addition, but it can often save our lives, especially if we time the jump incorrectly. Interestingly, in the Dark Light PC Download itself, we have various types of paths that are invisible to us at first. Only after some time do we gain the opportunity to improve the drone and discover completely new paths.

Weapons and their use Dark Light PC Download

In this way, we plunge into darkness, where we will find a list of key items worth unlocking. Our hero uses various weapons. In this way, we are not forced to use only hand weapons, because the game also gives us ranged and firearms, but in this case we have a limited amount of ammunition.

This is why we must use a more powerful weapon wisely. In such situations, it is a good idea to leave better weapons for numerous bosses who, in addition to proper weapon accuracy, require us to plan our movements. First of all, we need to learn the opponent’s movement pattern in order to overtake his movements.

Dark Light PC Download

free download games pc


Traps and other surprises.

It is worth noting that the game often surprises us, and the enemies themselves can attack us from hiding as soon as we get too close to the place where the trap has been prepared. Therefore, we can say that we are dealing with a constant threat and the low visibility of the area makes it even more difficult to navigate the paths. In this situation, however, we have the opportunity to improve the robot, which will make it automatically warn us of a lurking threat in some situations.

Game rating.

My rating for the game as a player is a strong 3 plus. It is worth noting that the Dark Light Free Download game has a more classic character animation; some people consider it a disadvantage, as the game suffers greatly from the smoothness of our hero’s movement. It must be added, however, that this gives a much better response to the player’s keyboard commands, but some people may simply not like this approach.

Another problem with the game is that there are too many dark places. Yes, it enhances the fun atmosphere, but in practice the game can often be less readable than competing metroidvanias. Nevertheless, I encourage you to play this title, which you can find in our Download section. Have fun.

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