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Dave the Diver Free Download PC is a humorous adventure production, in which we find elements straight from genres such as RPG, roguelike or economic games. In the work of the independent studio Mintroket, during the day we explore the mysterious depths, while at night we take care of meeting the needs of our restaurant customers. They are the ones who will consume all the underwater specimens that we catch during each of the escapades.

Dave the Diver Free Download

Dave the Diver Free Download PC

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Review of the amazing game Dave the Diver

It would be unfair to give Stardew Valley all the credit for starting the modern “lifesim” genre, but in part it can be said that it’s the game’s release, the critical acclaim in the press, and the good numbers of sale that reminded consumers, and more importantly, developers, that there was a scam in creating this kind of experience.

Download Dave the Diver isn’t Stardew Valley, and indeed many of the mechanics and structures are fundamentally different, but the feeling of running your life, running your business, is the same, and there’s hardly any other game except maybe Kynseed which comes close to mimicking this quality.

In Dave the Diver, you are… well, you are Dave – Diver. You are a freediver, a fisherman, who suddenly has the opportunity to take over a dilapidated sushi restaurant at the edge of a local attraction called „The Blue Hole”, a lagoon where the landscaping and the endemic flora and fauna change every day. Dave the Diver Free Download now catching valuable fish and serving them as freshly made sushi in the evening, Dave must raise this restaurant and help the locals with various tasks, including possibly discovering a mysterious civilization at the bottom of the ocean.

dave the diver downlod pc

The story is simple, relatable, and humorous, and since there’s no voice acting, you may find yourself pressing the X button too many times without reading any further. Dave the Diver Free Download however, I will say that the folks at MINTROCKET really did manage to use sarcasm, self-awareness, and irony to create some really good times. There are a surprising number of exclusive and unique scenes, and they’re all filled with creative joy, so there’s enough narrative ground to want to continue the main story just for that reason.

Like many other games of the same genre, Dave the Diver full version simulate the day. You have the opportunity to dive twice a day and each evening you have to present the menu and serve your catch to hopefully enthusiastic guests. It’s all in pixelated color graphics, and color makes all the difference.

Dave the Diver torrent is a pretty fun game to watch most of the time. Although The Blue Hole changes a bit each time, it’s not as distinctive as MINTROCKET would like, and especially as you dive into the depths, there seems to be a consistent size, as if the building blocks used to create the layout were a bit too big and a bit too easy to recognize.

Dave the Diver Download PC

Spearfishing is relatively simple, you aim, you shoot, and while it often takes a few shots to shoot a fish, you’ll rarely get in trouble. However, you can try to dance with heavier opponents, such as countless species of sharks. Of course, calling all of this „relatively simple” is an understatement, because underwater you also mix up the resources at your disposal. Weapon crates, O2 canisters, and other tools are scattered in the background, helping you progress, collect different foods, or defend yourself.

Every night, free Dave the Diver turns into Diner Dash where you have to hire staff to keep the restaurant running smoothly. But no matter how many people you hire, you’ll need to set an example by pouring green tea and beer, making sure there’s enough grated wasabi root for upcoming dishes, and cleaning up afterwards. The guests.

This all adds up to 2-3 minutes of intense work, which almost never gets boring. Plus you set the menu and can improve individual dishes over time, you can design the restaurant decor yourself – there’s a lot of freedom and Dave the Dishwasher just tells you the deals as the game progresses around 25 to 30 hours.

Dave the Diver Download

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In fact, it is through side missions that we often access fairly substantial progress. I helped a girl catch a specific species of octopus and thus opened up a rather heartbreaking story about her deceased father, I was given the ability to use fishing nets to catch much smaller species under water, and a whole new side area in the depths has been opened up.

Side mission all in one! This happens several times in Dave the Diver torrent, where the developer has taken an incredibly satisfying ‘more is more’ stance, flooding the player with crafted and curated content just when you thought you were running out of new ideas. .

I would not say that Dave the Diver Free Download is the most complex sim I’ve ever seen, and towards the end you might start to get a little bored of having to finish your dives, just as harvesting in the quasi-industrial fields of Stardew Valley finally became the day that you dreaded.

But Dave the diver knows from the first scene what he wants to be and fires on all available cylinders from the start. You get an incredibly intricate gaming experience here, with a self-awareness that would match many big studios.

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