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Diablo Immortal Free Download is a hack’n’slash, which is a spin-off of the best-selling Diablo series. The Chinese company NetEase, which specializes in free-to-play productions targeting the East Asian market, and the American studio Blizzard Entertainment, which created the brand, are responsible for developing the game. distributed free of charge, but includes optional micropayments.

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Diablo Immortal Free Download

Diablo Immortal Free Download PC Game
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The plot of the game

The story featured in Diablo Immortal Free PC takes place between the known events of the games Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. Archangel Tyrael is believed to be dead, but after destroying the stones of the world, their parts still smolder with the remnants of foul, demonic power, thanks to which more disasters befall people. Also, one of the surviving demons, Skarn, who is a former Diablo adjutant, decides to build a new army of hellish minions and collect shards to summon the ancient evil again. During the game, we take on the role of heroes who find themselves in the world of the Sanctuary, and their task is to thwart its plans.

Game mechanics

The game of Diablo Immortal Download begins with choosing one of six character classes, differing in terms of fighting style, weapons and skills. Interestingly, the decision made at the start is not binding and the creators allow us to change professions during the game. Once the introduction is over, we have nothing else to do but throw ourselves into the whirlwind of adventures.

Observing the action in isometric view, during the game we explore a variety of locations, including the conflicted surroundings of Wortham, the dense jungle known as Yellow Swamp and finally the mighty capital of Westmarch. Going through them, we perform tasks that advance the story and perform various side missions, as well as randomly generated challenges in the so-called Rifts. All activities have been adapted to short sessions with a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

Hordes of enemies

As befits the Diablo title, hordes of enemies stand in our way – from spawning (and dying) in loose cannon fodder, to much more powerful creatures acting as bosses. Depending on the character class selected, we take them out with melee and ranged weapons, various combat abilities, and spells. Interestingly, the developers have given up the mana and other resources needed to use the character’s skills; replaced by cooldowns.

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As we progress, we develop the protagonists by learning new abilities and improving existing ones. After reaching the maximum level of experience, we begin to acquire mastery levels and, with them, new skills that increase our combat potential. In addition, over time, we acquire equipment. Better and better (which we collect from defeated enemies, find in chests, receive as rewards or simply buy from traders or other players) and improve those we already have.

Game Modes

Although we can play Diablo Immortal torrent alone, the title spreads its wings when we partner with players around the world. The game allows you to create teams of eight people, who jointly perform tasks and participate in raids, and fight bloody duels in specially designated areas and PvP modes.

Few games, despite their apparent simplicity, arouse such emotions in fans and the media. Diablo is the title that started the hack’n’slash genre and ruled it until recently. And although Path of Exile has dethroned Diablo III, the Blizzard brand is making an even bigger splash. Therefore, the moment when Blizzard announced the Diablo Immortal Free Download instead of the full-fledged Diablo IV, led to the explosion of the internet. After the storm, we were preparing for failure. Meanwhile, the mobile production from Blizzard and NetEase turns out to be a very neat hack.

Diablo Immortal torrent

And at the same time, it proves that Diablo III’s walkthroughs should stay where they are – as a secondary branch of the series’ evolution. What Blizzard will only return to satisfy casual players or users of platforms where control must be simpler.

Fairly honest devils

At the moment (after alpha testing) it looks like this: Diablo Immortal torrent has taken what’s good about Diablo III, adapted it to smartphones, and shed some unnecessary weight. You won’t find bad cholesterol here in the form of an auction house. Sure, there are microtransactions, like in free-to-play titles, but even this monetization method doesn’t spoil the fun. Paying speeds up your character progression and development, but doesn’t get you anything until you end up feeding (at least not yet).

Considering that we are running the game for free – this is even an understandable procedure. Not that I like it, I would prefer it to be combed cosmetic items (skins, mounts), but that’s it. The current Battle Pass gives faster access to currencies which favors. Among other things, strengthening items (platinum), but daily rewards also help with this, so you will survive. It’s not too bad at the moment, but only playing for a long time. Will show if someone wants to turn players gray again.

And since the most important, that is, the money, is already behind us, we can take care of the game itself. First of all, the architecture of the game has changed a bit. Diablo Immortal Download is more like a mobile MMO. City Hub has similar functionality (trade options, quest boards, craftsmen to boost gear, meeting and gathering place for expeditions) and it does it all, it does its job. So far, I haven’t met too many players in the country, because the tests were also carried out for a limited number of people.

Boss fights

You might accidentally run into someone or call for help to fight bosses or explore the so-called heartbreaks. What is most important is the chop, maintain a high level. Punch and skill decimates hordes of monsters with that pleasurable sense of power and dominance that comes with leading a heroine/hero in Diablo III. Combat is as fast, unforgiving, and spectacular as it can be from an isometric perspective. Sending all those zombies, demons, and fallen humans to the abyss of hell brings the same satisfaction as ever with Diablo. It is very good.

The devil is in the details

In some ways the gameplay has been streamlined even more than in Diablo III, but guess what? This level of complexity is sufficient for significantly shorter and more fun sessions on mobile devices.

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First, the skill system has been changed. As for my lady barbarian – the attacks themselves are similar to what we know from Diablo III. They do a good job, they are so diverse that it is fun to combine them with to fight. Everyone will find something for himself here. However, free Diablo Immortal pc we don’t unlock additional runes. That slightly change the effect, but only strengthen them by using them. Just like in Ultima Online or Elder Scrolls. The more we use something, the better the effects, damage, etc. Normally I’d say that’s an oversimplification, but here it works.

The aspect of trade has also changed. Merchants can buy gems and other reinforcements, and dismantle redundant finds for spare parts. Rather, the iron we use is earned in battle. Crucially, legends no longer smash like needles on a Christmas tree in February. Each one we get changes the way we guide our character a bit. I observed it with my heroine, and the impressions of other participants in the game are similar. It remains to be seen whether the legends. Will prove so useful for the final versions after the release of the full version. But the new material system gives hope that it will be more interesting, and the search for good equipment will reward us with gameplay more varied.

The young devil’s apologies in the name of the old devil

Diablo Immortal Download gives the impression that Blizzard knew it had laid down some important things with Diablo III. Sure, NetEase has simplified the mechanics further. But not enough for the game to lose its sense of affinity with the series. However, in the plot and art layers, some things have been slightly improved. First, the game is a bit darker and hits desperate tones more effectively. Quests and cutscenes are more likely to relate to victims we try to save but don’t quite succeed, as evil is faster than us. It’s fun to amp up the bitterness that must accompany playing Diablo. The experience to be complete and counterbalance the heroic chop.

Diablo Immortal Free Download PC
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And since we’re dealing with heroism – Blizzard had to forget about the stupid nephalem motif. Spoiling those bits of Diablo III history that might have been good. Immortal happens before the “three”, and that was a great discovery and a twist in this production. The story keeps its head closer to the ground, we hunt down the cultists. Who have been stirring up trouble in the region. Slowly unravel the secrets of another great evil, but it’s been done pretty well. Without feeling like someone is selling us a Marvel movie under the guise of Diablo.

As an apology for this dumb story, we get more encounters with classic. NPCs like Deckard Cain or Kashya and they aren’t stripped of their dignity. Sure, it borders on fanservice and cheap recycling, but it also refreshes. The best parts of the Sanctuary world. We just return to familiar places, for example from Diablo II. But we do not observe them Diablo Immortal Free Download. From a new perspective and at a time when the world was trying to come. To terms with the aftermath of the events of Lord of Destruction.

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