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EA Sports FC 24 Free Download is a sports game focused on competitive interclub and national soccer, and the heir to the series FIFA launched in 1993. The new brand – like the aforementioned series – was developed by the EA Sports studio. The change of title is the result of a lack of agreement regarding further cooperation with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The production’s cover features Erling Haaland, striker for British club Manchester City.

EA Sports FC 24 Download

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EA Sports FC 24 game review

Fifa is dead, long live EA Sports FC 24. It has to be said that, be that as it may, here we have an entry into a whole new level where we have over 19,000 fully licensed players and over 700 teams from 30 different leagues at our disposal, which certainly makes free-to-play EA Sports FC 24 really exciting and at the same time shows the potential of the modern soccer we’re dealing with here.

It’s worth adding that, despite everything, this is a realistic soccer experience and, whatever the case, we can say EA Sports FC 24 Download is a whole new level of gameplay, which is at the same time actively supported by the HyperMotion engine that certainly provides a superbly rendered experience, showing at the same time that the Frostbite engine that handles the graphics here is perfectly combined with the animations, giving us at the same time a real soccer event and a high-level spectacle.

EA Sports FC 24 PC Download

This way, in EA Sports FC 24 Free Download free full version, we can see min, all kinds of interesting information about the ball itself, which at the same time also shows that the most famous footballers have the right playing style and their own skills, which they often show on the pitch, which at the same time makes the immersion and realism enter a completely unprecedented level and that’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at the many extra or other additions we find in the game EA Sports FC 24 Download.

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It’s certainly an excellent representation of everything we see on authentic soccer pitches around the world and we have to admit that this soccer in all its glory looks completely different and, anyway, this way we’re also able to improve our players, especially if we play in the Ultimate team mode where we’re able to build our own dream team, which definitely looks very interesting and engaging, especially if we want to play at a high level with our friends in the network.

Crossplay and excitement during online play.

This is simply an example of the fact EA Sports FC 24 Free Download certainly enjoys a great reputation, while showing that such a large and well-known brand is always capable of surprising us with something, especially if we’re talking about minor changes in the match setting or other more visible graphical changes that really build the atmosphere of a full soccer show and, no matter how we look at it, the cross-play option used in a product like EA Sports FC 24 Download allows us to play on any platform regardless of circumstances, encouraging further experimentation at the same time.

EA Sports FC 24 complete version

All of which goes to show today that soccer matches can be completely different, especially as this time we’re dealing with a fully refined graphics and physics engine, which does indeed play a very important role on the pitch and, be that as it may, additional elements such as ambassadors for hire or additional playing styles available in clubs are certainly options worth paying more attention to.

In all of this, it’s also worth noting that we’re dealing with a five-star coach, whom we can hire solely to improve our team’s style of play, which undoubtedly influences changes in certain tactics, which also largely translate onto the pitch.

EA Sports FC 24 free

Weaker teams win too.

In many cases, we must also take into account that weaker teams will be much more difficult to manage than those made up of top players, but the treatment applied in EA Sports FC 24 PC Download makes matches much more realistic and unpredictable, especially if we decide to play with a weaker team, we must take into account that victory is only possible with the good cooperation of all the players, and not on the use of individuality as is very often the case with top teams who occupy the best positions.

This also proves EA Sports FC 24 Free Download becomes much more stimulating in this respect and is no longer just an arcade game, but a complete soccer pitch simulator, where you actually play a specific match that arouses certain emotions, especially if you see some of the best action on replays or other games that make it clear that we’re dealing with something really special and amazing in every respect.

EA Sports FC 24 PC DownloadOpis obrazka


EA Sports FC 24 – hardware requirements


Operating system : Windows 10 – 64-bit
Processor Intel Core i5-6600K at 3.50 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.2 GHz
Memory 8 GB RAM
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB or AMD Radeon RX 570 4 GB
Disk space: 100 GB available


Operating system : Windows 10 – 64-bit
Processor Intel Core i7-6700 at 3.40 GHz or AMD Ryzen 7 2700X at 3.7 GHz
Memory 12 GB RAM
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 or AMD RX 5600 XT
Disk space 100 GB of available space

Many features have been improved.

It’s fair to say that the various fan chants or the comments themselves completely underline the atmosphere of the show and, however you look at it, these are elements that largely influence the development of the whole brand, which also shows that, despite everything, it’s the latest EA Sports FC 24 Download episode that deserves attention today, not least because it’s a great soccer show simulator, beating the previous edition of FIFA in every respect, which will certainly please many series veterans who feared the changes would take a negative turn.

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