Epic shows off new locations and first skin in Fortnite season 4 chapter pass

Epic showed off some interesting new features as part of its official announcements.

Epic has shown the first skin Fortnite that will likely appear in the next combat pass. The skin is not some amazing one, and was fully revealed through a survey.

This should be seen as the first skin that will definitely appear in season 4, but it is unknown if it will be in the pass. This is for the record, as potentially Epic would have no interest in showing a skin that will simply enter the store.

The skin was probably included in the survey, and since this one was leaked, you can see what it looks like.

First look at the new sites

The developers also dropped some previews showing the new locales. They originally looked more or less like this:

Players have reworked these graphics, giving them more color. This gives you a sneak peek at what it might actually look like.

What are the implications of this? Epic will probably want to go back to some well-liked and well-reviewed themes by the community.

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