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.Evil West Free Download PC game is an action and adventure in Weird West style. The work of Polish studio Flying Wild Hog takes us to a world full of monsters. A member of a secret organization, we fight creatures straight out of myths and horrors. In the early 18th century, the Rentier Institute was founded, a secret group to protect New World explorers from vampires. In an alternate version of the Wild West, people are always threatened by supernatural beings, and a group of hunters are the last line of resistance against the bloodsuckers.

Evil West Free Download

Evil West Free Download PC Game
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Evil West free is a first-person action game with RPG elements, in which we play the role of Jesse Rentier to face the hordes of the living dead. Our monster hunter is good at dealing with any type of weapon, he uses e.g. a quick-firing revolver, a powerful shotgun or an accurate crossbow. In direct combat, we slaughter enemies with hurricane blows from the combat glove, skillfully using dodging, blocking and counterattacking. As the game progresses, we unlock access to new abilities that increase the effectiveness of Jesse’s arsenal or give him new functionality (eg the ability to electrocute).

There are different types of enemies waiting to be pacified. Some of them are dangerous mainly in large groups (Boo-hags), others can dodge small caliber bullets (Nagals), and even attack from the air and summon bats (Highborns). Outside of combat we explore – we visit e.g. abandoned city, canyon or gold mine. In places, there are plenty of opportunities to squeeze through cracks, overcome tight rock ledges, move heavy objects, or slide down a rope.

Evil West game review

The Evil West pc download storyline isn’t particularly outstanding, but adhering to B-horror standards, it fits in well with action-packed gameplay and comedic scares. The creators take us to an alternate version of the Wild West, where vampires are a real scourge.

They have their own hierarchy, they enter salons, and the government. Headed by the president, is supported by a private institute which deals with their extermination. It’s also a world in the steampunk convention. Huge airships in the sky and fancy weapon designs that use gunpowder and electricity.

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None of these elements are exploited too much in the games. So their combination resulted in a truly atmospheric and addictive shell. We Evil west free download have well-executed cutscenes, mission summaries. Concise codex with character and opponent descriptions. May be the start of an interesting lore for possible sequels.

It is also impossible not to mention the main character, a certain Jess Rentier – the son of the head of the aforementioned Institute and a leading vampire hunter. He’s a typical tough guy and a Cossack that you can immediately love, just like his companion Edgar. Together with Emilia, who appears too rarely, they form a team almost like Tarantino’s.

Evil West full version

Sharp carnage at dusk and dawn

In Evil West Download, however, you don’t play for the plot or the cutscenes, but for the combat – dynamic, “meaty”, requiring you to constantly change your attack type and stay on the move. We have a full range of means of inflicting pain at our disposal. From a simple kick, through a special glove with blades, deadly electricity gadgets. Shotgun, rifle, revolver, crossbow, flamethrower, minigun, bombs and area energy attacks. So there’s something for ranged and melee combat, and instead of collecting ammo, there’s a longer or shorter cooldown system for each weapon. Thanks to this, in each clash we alternately use almost all the available arsenal.

None of the weapons are particularly powerful, as each monster requires longer softening. Shortening the health bar, but despite this, the developers managed.To achieve an extremely satisfying feeling during combat. This is mainly due to great sound effects. A juicy slap of a fist with a glove or even a simple “ping” when one. Short window for a critical hit appears, along with visual effects. When electrocuted enemies show a skeleton. Hesse directs a spectacular finish.

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Access to more weapons or gadgets also depends on the progression of the plot. Which means that we regularly get new toys almost until the very end of the game. Along the way, you can improve your favorites with the dollars you find Evil West full version and developing your attacking skills. Which in turn gives you a certain sense of progress. And then there are the enemies and bosses of varying caliber. Diverse, suitably rude, flying, running, with all the abilities to make Jesse’s life miserable. Here, however, I feel like the game is a bit too long and towards the end, fights with the same set of vampires get a bit boring.

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The enigma of archaicity Evil west free download

While the fight itself proves to be extremely “darling”, the aforementioned “adversary sets” are paired with extremely repetitive set design. In evil west pc free, everything consists of more or less large arenas to fight, connected by a linear corridor. As we travel through it, we hardly ever encounter enemies – it’s a time for simple exploration and usually an easy-to-unlock puzzle: moving the cart or pressing a button.

After a while you can see the exit to open space and it’s clear that a fight awaits. In a shorter game it might work, but after several hours of such a pattern. I was happy to welcome a little variety in the form of a cornfield showdown – another arena, of course, but in the end slightly different visually.

Evil West Download PC

During the transitions between the arenas, we also feel the archaic nature of many solutions. Our hero can only walk and that’s it. All other activities, such as jumping over a small obstacle or climbing something, are restricted to designated points. You can’t even look in every corner behind some barrels, because the corridors are made up of invisible walls that mark the limits of movement.

Often overcoming a wall turns out to be a no return road and you can’t go back for a missed collectible. Compared to Shadow Warrior 3 – where there were platforming or jumping elements. Evil west pc game is a step back and you can still feel our hero being constrained at every turn, like a 2D sprite in old arcade games.

Evil West Free Download PC Game
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The adventure with Evil West is therefore a real swing of emotions. The steampunk world of the Wild West, the charismatic heroes. The great massacre of vampires are a lot of fun. At the opposite extreme is the archaic performance, in which there is no homage or nod to old productions. But rather an uneven struggle with the game engine. Maybe that doesn’t interfere so much than that with the fun. It creates some dissonance and raises speculation as to how this stance might spread its wings in a more modern setting. I would love to play Evil West again right now if it was a remake. This game deserves it!

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