Expeditions Rome Free Download PC Full Version 2022

Expeditions Rome Free Download is a tactical RPG game enriched with clearly defined strategic elements. The production is the third installment in the series launched in 2013, which includes the games Expeditions Conquistador and Expeditions Viking. The title was developed by Logic Artists, a studio developing the series, and was released by THQ Nordic, which took over the rights to the brand in November 2018.

Game details

Expeditions Rome Free Download

Expeditions Rome pc game takes us on a journey to ancient Rome in the first half of the 1st century BC, when Gaius Julius Caesar triumphed. The production offers us three vast story campaigns, the action of which takes place in picturesque Greece, North Africa scorched by the sun and Gaul invaded by forests.

Free Rome Expeditions
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By participating in the expeditions organized by an extraordinary Roman leader, you learn about the fate of the main character (or the heroine, because you can choose the sex of the character). This is Legatus, a child of a Roman dignitary murdered by a political enemy. Not wanting to share his father’s fate, our ward (or ward) must leave the Eternal City and join the army. Returning to his homeland and regaining his lost heritage will only be possible for him when he becomes a widely respected commander (or evoking general fear, as the plot is not linear and depends on our decisions).

Game mechanics

We start the game in Expeditions Rome torrent by creating a hero. Interestingly, at this point we only decide on the gender and appearance of the characters; We only choose its class after completing the tutorial and first familiarizing ourselves with the possibilities of each of the four available professions.

Expeditions Rome pc download

During the game, we observe the action in an isometric view. Roaming the lands conquered by Caesar, we perform tasks that advance. The plot and many side missions, we meet characters who decide. Joining us (there are five of them, and each Rome Expeditions pc download of them has their own story, character traits, and combat skills). As well as we participate in clashes with opponents. The fights take place turn-based, in arenas covered with a grid of hexagons, and during these we must both position our team members well and skillfully use their abilities.

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As you progress, the combat potential of the protagonist and his companions increases, gaining new levels of experience and unlocking new skills. Compared to Expeditions: Viking, character development has been simplified a bit and made more transparent. More Free Rome Expeditions Class-specific abilities, responsibilities related to a specific weapon type are waiting to be discovered here. We acquire new weapons and armor from expeditions or produce them in camps.

Expeditions Rome torrent

Addicting RPG game

The title also allows us to lead the entire legion on the strategic map and decide where they should go and what battles they should participate in. These come in the form of interesting mini-games, and the biggest of them, combined with skirmishes in which we participate directly with our team, are the culmination of every campaign. In addition, it is up to us to recruit new soldiers and improve the war camp. New game download GTA 5 free

During the pauses of hostilities, for our glory and that of Caesar, we visit Rome. Our family villa is a kind of hub and base for the hero and his charges. Moreover, the Senate debates in Rome, whose members must often be persuaded to be right, whether by force and intimidation, or by using our talents as a speaker. Visuals Expeditions Rome free Download are of a high standard. Particularly full of details and various places attract attention.

Expeditions Rome Download
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Hardware requirements for Expeditions Rome

Minimum requirements
Operating system : Windows 7, 10 (64 bits)
Processor : AMD FX-8350 X8 or Intel i5-4690K
Memory : 8 GB of RAM
Graphics : AMD R9 380 4 GB or GTX 960 4 GB
DirectX : version 11
Disk space : 30 GB of available space
Soundcard : DirectX compatible

Recommended configuration
Operating system : Windows 10 (64 bits)
Processor : Ryzen 5 3600X or Intel Core i5-9500F
Memory : 16 GB of RAM
Graphic card : AMD RX Vega 56 8 GB or GTX 1070 8 GB
DirectX : version 11
Disk space : 30 GB of available space
Soundcard : DirectX compatible

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