Farming Simulator 23 Free Download PC Game

Farming Simulator 23 Free Download is a simulation game that allows us to taste the life of a farmer. Production is a direct continuation of Farming Simulator 22, released in 2021, and although it is largely based on solutions developed for Farming Simulator 22 Free, it also adds a bit of its own. Behind the development of this title is the studio GIANTS Software responsible for the development of the series.

Farming Simulator 23 Download

Farming Simulator 23 Free Download

free download games pc


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In Farming Simulator 23, we assume all the responsibilities related to the management of our own farm. It is up to us to dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of the land, focusing on animal husbandry, dedicating ourselves to the felling of trees, or if we decide to take care of a bit of everything. The game takes place on two vast maps, Amberstone and Neubrunn, inspired by American and European terrains. Just like in the ninth main episode of the series, we can watch them in different settings, thanks to the changing seasons.

Farming Simulator 23 Download – Game Review

I don’t think anyone thought or hoped that Giants Software would truly give owners of PCs and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems a whole new installment in the Farming Simulator series. As you might expect, Farming Simulator 23 is based on Farming Simulator 22 game mechanics and assets, so we are facing the same situation as years ago, when Farming Simulator 20 mobile based on Farming 19 (Numbered Edition) came on the market . 21 never saw the light of day).

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Where did I hear that?

In fact, immediately after starting Farming Simulator 23 Free Download, you can get rid of any illusions, because even the background of the menu is identical to the last part available on computers and stationary consoles. However, we will notice the first change very quickly. Of course, we are talking about the user interface, which has been heavily modified and adapted to the new target platform. While that seemed tolerable in Farming Simulator 22 for PC, it’s evident here that Giants Software was well aware that this element could be done better. Simply in the world, it is much more readable and organized than in the previous game.

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FS 23 with a revised tutorial and…

I remember my first encounter with Farming Simulator 22, when after a short intro explaining the absolute basics of the game, the game left me in one of the farming fields, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. I felt lost, so I hasten to point out that in the case of Farming 23 there is no such problem. Giants Software decided to put together a more comprehensive tutorial, guiding us not only around our plots, but also around nearby facilities.

farming simulator 23 free

We find out where we can sell the crops and how, apart from the obvious, we can earn money, which we will spend over time on the purchase of new machinery and, in general, the development of the whole farm.

…with touchscreen support

Farming Simulator 23 Free Download is likely the same version that will also debut on the aforementioned smartphones and tablets on May 23 this year, so it’s no wonder that touchscreen support has also appeared on the Nintendo console. In this way, of course, we can browse the menu, familiarize ourselves with the map, see the vehicles in the store, etc. There are absolutely no surprises here, but the option I came across looks interesting.

Farming Simulator 23 Download PC

free download games pc


Well, in the tutorial we learn that while driving we can switch between two views: there is a camera behind the vehicle and from the cockpit. In the case of the first solution, however, it is possible to zoom in and out with two fingers (like photos on a smartphone), so that we can see our farm and the surrounding places from a bird’s eye view. This is true in Farming Simulator 23 , especially since the PC screen is quite small, just like most smartphones and tablets (unless someone is playing on an iPad with a screen close to 13 inches), and thanks to this feature we can see more of the land.

PC farming is simply addictive

For the moment, I’ve limited myself to playing on one of the two (only two) maps available, namely Amberstone, inspired by American landscapes, which is a reworked version of one of the spots available in Farming 22. not afraid, however, you will have to move around such large areas, such as on a computer or console, because in Farming Simulator 23, the cards are much smaller. And that’s good, because in general I have the impression that everything fits together perfectly here. So dangerous that over time I will be lost in the mobile FS for hours…

Summary of Farming Simulator 23 Game

Farming Simulator 23 is a continuation of the popular series of farming simulators that immerses players in the reality of managing their own farm. The game offers new maps, an improved user interface, and touch screen support, while maintaining the proven mechanics and elements known from previous parts of the series.

FAQ for Farming Simulator 23 Game:

1. Can I manage different types of farms in Farming Simulator 23?

Yes, in the game you can focus on crop cultivation, animal husbandry, logging, or combine all these activities to manage your farm in the way that suits you best.

2. What maps are available in Farming Simulator 23 PC Download?

The game offers two extensive maps: Amberstone and Neubrunn, inspired by American and European landscapes, which change with the seasons.

3. Are there any new features in Farming Simulator 23 compared to Farming Simulator 22?

Yes, in addition to new maps, the game has an improved user interface, a more comprehensive tutorial, and touch screen support.

4. Is Farming Simulator 23 available on mobile devices?

Yes, the game has also been released on mobile devices with iOS and Android systems.

5. Can I adjust the camera view while driving vehicles?

Yes, the game offers two camera views: from behind the vehicle and from the cockpit, as well as the ability to zoom in and out of the view using gestures on the touch screen.

Game Reviewer’s Rating of Farming Simulator 23

As a game reviewer, I believe that Farming Simulator 23 Free Download is a solid continuation of the series, introducing several significant improvements, especially in terms of user interface and adaptation to mobile devices. The game retains the proven mechanics that are the heart of the series, while offering new elements that should attract both regular fans and new players.

Player’s Impressions of Farming Simulator 23

As a player, I am satisfied with the experience that Farming Simulator 23 offers. The improved tutorial significantly facilitates entry into the game world, and touch screen support is a pleasant addition that improves interaction with the game on mobile devices. The maps are well designed and offer diversity in farm management. The game is engaging and offers many hours of fun, especially for those who appreciate the simulation aspect of farming.

Farming Simulator 23 PC Download Farm Management Guide: Best Strategies for Crop Cultivation, Animal Husbandry, and Tree Felling

1. Crop Cultivation

Crop cultivation is the foundation of any farm. In Farming Simulator 23, it’s crucial to understand which crops are most profitable and how to optimally manage your crop cycle.

Crop Selection: The choice of crops depends on several factors such as seed costs, growth time, and potential profit. It’s worth experimenting with different crops to find those that best fit your farm strategy.

Crop Cycle Management: Optimal crop cycle management involves properly planning the timing of sowing, fertilizing, pest control, and harvesting. Remember that different crops have different requirements, so it’s good to understand the needs of each one.

2. Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is another key element of farm management in Farming Simulator 23. Animals can provide valuable products such as milk, wool, and meat, which can significantly increase farm income.

Animal Selection: The choice of animals for breeding depends on your farm strategy. Some animals, like cows, can provide regular income from milk, while others, like sheep, can provide wool for sale.

Breeding Management: Breeding management involves feeding animals, maintaining their health, and caring for their welfare. Remember that healthy, happy animals are more productive.

3. Tree Felling

Tree felling is an additional source of income in Farming Simulator 23. Trees can be cut down and then the wood can be sold or processed into other products

Tree Selection for Felling: Not all trees are equally valuable. It’s worth understanding which trees will provide the most wood and which are most profitable to cut down.
Felling Process Management: Tree felling requires appropriate equipment and skills. Remember that safety is paramount, so always make sure you have the right equipment and are properly prepared.

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