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Final Fantasy 7 Remake free download is a new version of one of the most popular JPGs in history. The project was developed by Square Enix. The creators of Final Fantasy VII Remake tried to reflect the concept of the original as closely as possible, although in some ways they allowed themselves to be more divergent from the original. So we get a classic Japanese RPG, in which we explore locations, lead conversations, develop stats, and fight.

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Some elements have been adapted to modern game design assumptions – even the combat is much more dynamic. With the complete reconstruction of the graphic side, a better balance between realism and style has been put in place. In order not to miss any of the original production, it was decided to release the game in several parts.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake free download

There are two ways you can make game remakes. The first is simply to recreate an old game. Use the advantages of modern technology, graphics, and physics engines to faithfully transfer the old storyline, characters, and locations to the present day game final fantasy 7 remake for pc. In such cases, as far as possible, the mechanics are hampered, at best, by tweaking a few wooden solutions or introducing small adjustments here and there.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Free Download
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Such an approach usually works well for die-hard prototype fans… and almost no one else. New Shadow of the Colossus, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy or MediEvil They wowed people high on their original versions, but the feelings of new players (which many did not attract) were more varied.

Rebuild Final Fantasy VII

The second approach is to take off your gloves and go crazy. Reversing the original gameplay, adding entirely new chapters to the story – creating an almost entirely new game. A great risk that will always arouse resistance among fans of the original, remembering it with nostalgia. But – as Capcom has proven with the Resident Evil 2 remakes and, to a lesser extent, Resident Evil 3 – also a chance to give the game a whole new life. To come back to it not only from former fans, but also to attract a complete new generation of players.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake download

Final Fantasy VII Free Remake definitely focuses on option number two. The changes to the combat mechanics, which were most discussed by fans before the premiere, turned out to be the least controversial of the changes introduced. These new threads that Square Enix has infused its creation with are a surprise. They give the impression that the original FFVII script is just a general outline of a story being told. It’s a shame that while some new stuff really makes it better, the rest are ordinary pranks used only to artificially extend the length of the game.

Even before the premiere of the new version

Final Fantasy VII game, I was among the disappointed people. That this is not a remake of the entire original game, but only its first. Location, which in the original only provided lessons for a few hours. Having seen the finished product, however, I understand and buy this decision. First, because Square Enix was really not exaggerating, to say that recreating the entire game in one fell swoop would be just financially unrealistic. The scale, ambition, and momentum of this project are truly impressive.

I also buy this selection for scenario reasons. It’s true that too much milk poured out when, for reasons I don’t understand, the final game trailer came out, but I’ll try to write it as vaguely and as spoiled as possible. The new storylines in Final Fantasy 7 Remake pc go beyond simply expanding the original story. Square Enix has shown that it has a lot of cojones, and I have no doubt that the subject of this review will generate a lot of controversy among fans.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake torrent

Before there is a revolution, however, we have a lot of nostalgia to play. A few familiar notes appear, and the introductory film, slightly modified from the original, but also containing iconic fragments, plunges us into the very heart of the action. Here, as the silent mercenary Cloud, we help a group of Avalanche eco-terrorists detonate a reactor that. Takes life energy from the planet and uses it to power the giant city of Midgar. A dangerous mission puts Cloud on a collision course with the powerful and greedy society.

Most of the time, the plot recreates

The events of Final fantasy vii original, developing them strongly here and there. Many of these changes are successful – already in the original dialogues. With well written (apart from occasional flaws when translating from Japanese to English) appear. Now even more natural or fun, and the Barely sketched Wedge, Jessie and Biggs became complete. size characters. What the creators are offering Honey Bee Inn players is absolute madness, for which I wasn’t even ready to complete five different installments of the Yakuza series.

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Unfortunately, not all the new features hit the mark. I understand if a few hours of material turns into jRPG for 40 hours then you have to stuff it with cotton here and there, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake torrent sometimes exaggerates greatly. I can take bad side quests, but when in the middle of the main story. At a pivotal moment, the game suddenly has me chasing the sewers for almost. An hour after a rat-like creature stole an important key , my hands are falling.

Another time we have to fight the main enemy, and here instead we suddenly have to face a two hour environmental puzzle. The rhythm of the story, especially in the chapters preceding the finale, can be very poorly distributed. Despite these obstructive gaps, the plot definitely defends itself.. And contrary to fears, it delivers a pretty satisfying ending

The main characters

Were perfectly represented, and progressive construction. Relation between them is presented in a very believable way, new intrigues – those which are not only. Used to artificially extend the time – are of great added value to the story. And the moments which must evoke emotions, even. If they are expected in relation to knowledge. From the original game, and they still work. They operate like hell.

The game is divided into 18 chapters. Based on my prediction, the average player will take 30-40 hours to complete them. The bigger players will likely get an extra 20 hours. Why is the spread so big? The creators have prepared a lot of side attractions. Many Chapters have a fairly simple hallway structure that can evoke associations with the infamous Final Fantasy XIII.

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We go from point A to point B, of course we fight monsters along the way, time. In time there is also a small path leading. To the treasure or a simple environmental puzzle, which diversifies the gameplay. Some of these hallway locations have a rather non-obvious layout and quite skillfully hide their linear structure. Under a multitude of bends, dead ends and ramifications towards nowhere. Also check out the game Halo Infinite.

From time to time we also meet

More open locations which are hubs. There, we can let go of the main plot for a moment and focus on activities and side quests. The former are often fun mini-games – known from the original (although of course much improved), doing squats in the gym, fighting in the Colosseum, or throwing darts at the bar. On the other hand, side quests are the worst thing you can find in Free Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

I admit bluntly that I didn’t complete all the side missions available in the game. I didn’t have the strength because the ones I completed were the worst kind of work the RPG genre could offer. The lion’s share of the challenges is the trite “go ahead, kill that monster (or a few monsters) and come back for your reward”. If something more ambitious is found, it usually involves running madly around the location looking for specific unmarked objects on the map.

Massacre. And that at least these missions have a great story, fun twists and turns, whatever. But no – the writers give us challenges as sophisticated as killing feral dogs, taking out rats that roam the city, or – my favorite—catching cats for a little girl. Fortunately, all of these tasks are optional, so you can just give them up. But we’re also dropping some extra experience points and making the main game difficult – so at least some of these are likely to feel compelled to complete them.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Free
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The lion’s share of Final Fantasy VII

Both old and new – is obviously a struggle. This aspect caused the most confusion just before the premiere, because instead of the previous U-turn system, this time final fantasy 7 remake for pc we have fully dynamic duels. A special classic battle mode supposed. To be a tribute to the supporters of the original, but here I will tell you bluntly that it is better to drop. It, and immediately try to get to know the new one.

This mode does not change the game interface Final Fantasy 7 Remake free download in any way. The only difference from the normal mode is that when we do nothing. The active character is controlled by artificial intelligence. It also sets the level difficulty of opponents at a low level. It is more of an autopilot than even a substitute for a true classic combat system.

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