FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Free Download PC Game

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Free Download is a revamped version of the classic tactical RPG, released in 1995 on the 16-bit SNES console. This new edition was developed by the Polish studio Forever Entertainment.

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Download

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Free Download

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FRONT MISSION 1st Remake game review

This year, Square Enix has decided to throw players their gems (or ones they have acquired the rights to) from the past as a goal. Although refreshing them, according to the title, is often debatable, but it is always better to have them than not to have them. After the recent relative success of Live A Live’s remake on Nintendo Switch, the company is following suit by launching another resurrected classic – Front Mission 1st Remake PC Download – in global markets. Is there a reason to celebrate again and what do the Poles have to do with this title in the review below.

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The joys of being a soldier in Front Mission 1st Remake Free Download

Thanks to Switch and us Poles, fans of the series in Europe can finally officially get acquainted with this classic in understandable languages ​​(also in Polish). The action of the game takes place in the distant future and is a tasty morsel for fans of futuristic alternate histories and militaria. The game takes us to the year 2090 on the fictional island of Huffman in the Pacific, shared between two powers: OCU (an alliance of Australia and the countries of Oceania and South Asia) and UCS (bringing together the countries of the two Americas). The plot, as in the PSX and NDS versions, offers us two interesting scenarios to choose from.

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake pc game

The first will be followed through the eyes of OCU Captain Royd Clive (you can change the name yourself), involved in an armed border incident. Unfortunately, his reconnaissance ends in personal tragedy, and he himself becomes the scapegoat for a failed operation and expelled from the military. However, he soon returns to the military and, as a member of the Canyon Crows mercenary unit, willy-nilly supports his former managers (at least at first), seeking revenge against the UCS soldiers.

The second story revolves around one of UCS’s special forces officers, Kevin Greenfield. During an anti-terrorist operation in Colombia, the course of events leads him to be arrested by the military police. However, he resumes his duties after fulfilling certain conditions, and the outbreak of war also sends him to Huffman Island as the leader of the Silver Lynx group.

War in Front Mission 1st Remake Downlod has the color of steel

Both gentlemen, of course, dream of ending the war as soon as possible, with as few casualties as possible, but unfortunately it is governed by its own rules without black and white, but with many shades of gray. Playing through both storylines is necessary to understand all the intricacies of the conflict, especially since each features almost completely different events except for a few commonalities. As befits the old school, both stories are described succinctly without chatter and without going into unnecessary detail as befits the military.

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake full version

The same goes for the characters in the drama, who fit perfectly into the created realities, their personalities are quite realistic and the variety of characters is great, but one can forget about their exuberance or their more extensive relationships with each other. Nevertheless, FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Free Download as a war drama has stood the test of time and still garners attention today, especially since mature climes have been a long time coming.

The main assumptions of the game have remained the same as years ago, so as befits a Japanese tactical RPG, its core, as fans of the series know, are turn-based battles between robots from combat, here called Wanzers. Between missions, however, we visit various towns, military bases or other halts. There, in the moments of break, we can exchange a few words in the bar, fight in the arena, modify our machines and, above all, visit the “shop” with weapons and parts, which will be discussed later in the review. Just a typical old-school classic – fast, efficient and concise like in the army.

Front Mission 1st Remake full version – Wanzer fires the bullets God carries

The aforementioned fights of the Wanzers also take place in a classic way, although not entirely, because here is the first thing introduced by the remake prepared under the care of the Poles. This is a battlefield roll to choose from. We can choose the traditional mode typical of tacticians, that is, the angle view, or the modern mode with the camera released, an overview map available and other modern equipment. Each works well, although the modern one can use a larger camera zoom.

Again, there is no great philosophy in combat. The weapons of our Wanzers determine how effectively we can hit the enemy. At the start of the game, if we don’t have a rocket launcher mounted, we will almost have to climb on its back to reach it, this will change when we get our hands on a better arsenal. The clash, as in Fire Emblem, not to look far, is depicted by a battle scene. In FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Free Download, the random element always plays a big role, it’s a pity that sometimes it’s too much. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that our machines and those of the enemy are notoriously lacking, which irritates and unnecessarily prolongs the clashes.

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Free

In my opinion, this problem did not occur on such a scale in the Nintendo DS and SNES versions I played, so the Nintendo Switch version could use a proper fix. Someone will probably say that you should invest in gear that improves accuracy, or use battlefield features, yes you can, but that still doesn’t eliminate the essence of this downside.

Enemies and allies – beware of one and consider the other

For balance, it happens that two hits directly to the body and it’s Wanzer, so you have to approach the opponent carefully because (like us) he can counterattack. Another issue is the rare but still times when the AI ​​goes dumb. The fact that opponents can attack each other is always bearable, but the cases where I was attacked by independent allied units (the plot then had nothing to do with it) were not pleasant at all. Well, when working with AI-controlled heroes, you constantly have to have the possibility of “friendly fire” from them in your head.

Surprisingly, although the AI ​​going crazy during clashes can be frustrating, FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Download still had fun, feeling a lot of satisfaction destroying Wanzers – or other more or less traditional means of the battlefield – of the enemy. Either way, those looking for a challenge will be satisfied, as the difficulty level considered normal in the game will not be included in the journey from college to the mountains, and beyond that there are still a few left- ones to unlock.

As in the original, we will be spending a significant portion of the time in our own garage or in a workshop modifying our machines. There are still plenty of pieces left to play and it’s still great fun to mess around with Mechs. The only limit is basically the lifting capacity of the machine, so we can easily create our dream “case” even from parts from several different fictitious companies. We will take rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, various types of clubs, or nothing at all, fighting with “bare fists”. On the shoulders we will launch rocket launchers, shields or other similar devices. As before, lots of fun.

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Download PC

free download games pc


System requirements for the game:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Operating system : WIN7-64 bit
Processor : Intel I5-2300 / AMD A8-5600k
Memory : 4 GB RAM
Graphic card : GeForce GTX 630 / Radeon HD 6570
DirectX : release 11
Storage space : 7 GB of available space

Front Mission 1st Remake – fun honey, but with a big dollop of tar

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake Free Download is an excellent refresh of the strategy-jRPG series with huge combat robots, but in the version received for review, it suffers from a few shortcomings. Despite the effort, it’s hard to overlook them, so the rating is what it is. Nevertheless, I hope that a fix will appear soon to eliminate the aforementioned drawbacks, and then you can safely increase the rating by at least one point. Although slightly disappointed, I recommend giving the game at least a chance.

Detailed Game Summary: FRONT MISSION 1st Remake

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake is a revamped version of the classic tactical RPG that debuted in 1995 on the 16-bit SNES console. This new edition has been developed by the Polish studio Forever Entertainment. This year, Square Enix decided to gift players with gems from the past, some of which they have acquired the rights to. Although the idea of refreshing these titles is often a matter of debate, it’s always better to have them than not. Following the relative success of the Live A Live remake on the Nintendo Switch, the company continues on this path by introducing another revived classic to global markets – Front Mission 1st Remake.

FAQ for FRONT MISSION 1st Remake:

1. Does FRONT MISSION 1st Remake offer different story scenarios?

Yes, the game offers two different story scenarios. The first presents the story of OCU captain, Royd Clive, and the second focuses on UCS special forces officer, Kevin Greenfield. Completing both scenarios is necessary for a full understanding of the conflict presented in the game.

2. Is FRONT MISSION 1st Remake available in Polish?

Yes, thanks to the work of the Polish studio Forever Entertainment, the game has been made available in versions understandable for European players, including in Polish.

3. What are the main gameplay elements in FRONT MISSION 1st Remake?

The main gameplay element is turn-based battles between combat robots, known as Wanzers. Between missions, players can visit various cities, military bases, and other locations, where they can modify their machines, chat in bars, or fight in arenas.

4. Can you customize your mechs in FRONT MISSION 1st Remake?

Yes, the game offers extensive mech modification options, where players can create their own “suits” from parts from various fictional companies, choosing diverse weaponry and equipment.

5. Is FRONT MISSION 1st Remake a difficult game?

Yes, the game offers a challenge even for experienced players, and the difficulty level considered normal is not among the easiest. Additionally, after completing the game, additional difficulty levels are unlocked.

Reviewer’s Rating: FRONT MISSION 1st Remake

FRONT MISSION 1st Remake is a successful remake of the classic tactical RPG, which despite a few shortcomings, such as the issue with accuracy in battles, still delivers a lot of satisfaction. The game deserves attention due to its strategic depth, extensive mech modification options, and two interesting storylines. Despite some disappointment, it’s worth giving the game a chance, especially if the aforementioned flaws are eliminated.

Player’s Impressions: FRONT MISSION 1st Remake

As a player, FRONT MISSION 1st Remake PC Download provided me with many hours of engaging gameplay. It was fascinating to follow two different story perspectives and uncover the complexities of the conflict presented in the game. The extensive mech customization options allowed me to experiment and adapt the machines to my own play style, which was extremely satisfying. Despite frustrations related to imperfections in the combat mechanics, overall the game made a positive impression on me and I enjoy returning to it to refine my strategies and uncover all the secrets of the FRONT MISSION world.

Guide: Optimization and Personalization of Wanzers in FRONT MISSION 1st Remake


In FRONT MISSION 1st Remake, the key elements of the game are the combat robots known as Wanzers. Optimizing and personalizing these machines can significantly impact your gaming experience. This guide will help you understand how to effectively modify and utilize Wanzers in the game.

Choosing the Right Parts

In FRONT MISSION 1st Remake, you can modify your Wanzers using various parts from several fictional companies. Each part has its unique stats and properties that affect your robot’s performance. Choosing the right parts is crucial for optimizing your Wanzer. Remember, the only limitation is the machine’s lifting capacity, so you can easily create your dream build, even with parts from several different companies.

Choosing Weapons

Choosing a weapon for your Wanzer is equally important. You can choose from various types of weapons, such as rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, various types of clubs, or even “bare fists” combat. Remember, different types of weapons have different ranges and effects, so choosing the right weapon can significantly impact your strategy.

Utilizing Battlefield Features

In FRONT MISSION 1st Remake, the battlefield plays a significant role. Utilizing terrain features, such as cover or height, can give your Wanzer an advantage in combat. For example, standing on higher terrain can increase your weapon’s range and improve accuracy.

Engaging with Enemies

During combat, remember that enemies can counterattack. Therefore, it’s important to approach the enemy with caution. Additionally, the element of randomness plays a significant role in FRONT MISSION 1st Remake, meaning that sometimes your attacks may miss. Investing in equipment that improves accuracy can help minimize this issue.


Optimizing and personalizing your Wanzer is key to success in FRONT MISSION 1st Remake. Choosing the right parts and weapons, utilizing battlefield features, and cautiously engaging with enemies are just some of the aspects to consider. Remember, experimenting and adjusting your Wanzer to your playstyle is part of the fun in FRONT MISSION 1st Remake.

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