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God of War Free Download is the seventh installment in the legendary slasher series God of war and the first fully prepared for the eighth generation console. In-house development studio Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica is responsible for creating the game, like the previous parts. Series God of war invariably focuses on spectacular bloody action and an effective model of powerful boss combat. Moreover, their hero, the Greek warrior Kratos, quickly became one of the icons of video games.

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God of War Free Download

The main character of God of war is Kratos again. After the Greek adventures, filled with anger and madness. End with the destruction of Olympus and the death of many Hellenic gods and heroes. Protagonist flees to the Far North, looking for a break. There she finds new love and starts a family. After the unexpected death of his wife, he finds himself alone with a young son named Atreus.

God of War Free Download

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Unfortunately, the peace does not last long, as Kratos finds out when he accompanies his offspring to disperse the ashes of the dead woman. The road to the goal is strewn with pitfalls, and an army of beasts known from Norse mythology await unwelcome guests. During his journey, Kratos also has to deal with the consequences of his past actions and the unbridled anger that still boils in his heart.

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God of war pc game introduces previously missing gameplay elements, and also changes its pace and course a bit. This is seen not only in the change of camera, which is now fixed behind our backs like modern action-adventure games, but also in the storytelling and tone of the story. Kratos abandons his favorite weapon, the chained double blades, in favor of an ax that can be recalled when thrown. We improve weapons by selecting special attacks with various characteristics : thanks to them, we can increase the damage inflicted or freeze our opponents. In addition, we have at our disposal many types of armor, which we can strengthen.

During the adventure, players navigate open levels, hiding many secrets, nooks and crannies, as well as optional encounters with enemies. The game could not miss spectacular boss fights, which are one of the hallmarks of the series. Instead of multi-stage clashes based mostly on fast-paced events, the player has almost all time control over Kratos’ movements. Two bars are displayed above the boss’s head, informing about his health points and the degree of stun.

God of War torrent

Atreus also helps us in the fight, to whom we give orders with a separate button. At the right time, he can support us with for example arrows from the bow. Like his father, the boy acquires better and better armor and new skills and attacks.

The authors of God of war have used

PS4 power to deliver spectacular action and graphics not possible in previous parts of the series. The title also offers fireworks and additional graphics options for PlayStation 4 Pro owners. Again, we’re dealing with some extremely inventive and spectacular cutscenes and multi-stage boss fights. The game’s soundtrack is created by American composer Bear McCreary, whose songs we have heard on many award-winning TV series, such as Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, The walking dead and Outlander.

God of War download

The PC version, released almost four years after the console premiered. Offers a number of graphics enhancements that take advantage of the capabilities of powerful graphics cards. Including support for 4K resolution, an abolished limit on animation frames and support for NVIDIA DLSS technology. In addition to supporting Sony’s DualShock and DualSense controllers,  god of war download takes now also in charge of the orders of the mouse and keyboard.

We had to wait eight long

Years for a full-fledged continuation of adventures. Butcher of Sparta, who after having eviscerated twenty-three representatives of the Greek pantheon. Hid in a small God of War free download hut in the far north to find the desired peace. Kratos managed to avoid any problems for a very long time, but as it happens in his sad life, problems found him on their own. This time, however, it was done without suspicious pacts, betrayals or divine intrigues.

Our protagonist, happy as a concrete pillar, got involved in a conflict. With the natives only because he wanted to accomplish his wife’s will recently. Deceased and scatter her ashes from the top of the highest mountain in Midgard. This seemingly simple task turns into a bloody festival, which the Frozen Lands have yet to see. And have seen – believe me (of theology) – a lot.

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The new God of War puts fans of the series in an extremely interesting position, offering a whole bunch of different questions at the start. We know that by some miracle Kratos escaped death in the “threes”, but the authors do not explain the circumstances of the trip north, leaving this void to be discovered in the comic book accompanying the game’s premiere. not the identity of a Spartan’s mysterious wife and we know little about Atreus – the only son of a butcher whom he takes under his wing after the woman’s death.

We can only guess that our hero

Hadn’t been home for a long time and was not involved in the upbringing of the child. This is demonstrated by the fact that Atreus cannot take care of the basic necessities of life, such as food. Boy, therefore, he undergoes rapid training under the watchful eye of his father and immediately uses the skill of sewing a bow in combat. His son’s constant free pc download games company makes God of War torrent a much deeper product than the previous parts of the series.

God of War pc

The emphasis is on the intrigue and the straightforward relationship of an ice cold father with his loving son. Kratos is not the kind of good-humored uncle who always has a warm word on hand. He doesn’t praise, stifles the boy’s enthusiasm in the bud and berates him all the time, demanding full concentration. The dictatorial tone is felt even in the way the butcher addresses his child. More often than not, a child’s name we hear a formal “boy” from his lips.

The distance created by Kratos is palpable

I am very happy that, with a few exceptions, the developers have kept this image until the end. Dad loves the firstborn in his twisted way – there’s no doubt about it – but the writers didn’t falsify the image of the aggressive morose, which was so well presented by the previous scenes. Kratos is simply Kratos – he gets angry ruthlessly, but in good faith, and you feel his intentions are sincere.

Our hero wins enormously in the new God of war free, it is truly impossible not to love him, despite the fact that he himself does a lot to arouse a permanent dislike. The plot is one of the brightest points in this game. There are so many allies here that the cat cried, but each of them has had enough time to develop an attitude towards them. Despite the extremely serious atmosphere, the writers also managed to cleverly weave a few fun things into the story.

The show is stolen mainly by Sindri

A dwarf blacksmith who hates everything and therefore often feels like throwing up, and yet is co-responsible for creating the most prominent weapon found in the Nine Worlds. These aren’t the stupid intrusive and inappropriate things like in the new free Halo Infinite. The devs just get a little slack sometimes, and the fact that Kratos is the type to never smile, that leads to some pretty funny situations (the Apple scene is the world championship).

I would like to add that God of War free download is a well organized and complete game. Everything fits here, the ending is extremely satisfying, and while the door is ajar in case of a sequel, it doesn’t feel like the story ends at the most important moment. It should be mentioned that this all ties in perfectly with ancient Norse legends. The game bombards us with various information about the ancient beliefs of the peoples of the north, and the events known from the myths are very cleverly integrated into the scenes watched on the screen.

If your knowledge of this

Mythology is limited to the next installments of the Thor film series, you will lose a lot. Hel is in the details and it is extremely satisfying to catch those details yourself. With this knowledge, it is possible to recognize people’s real names long before the game reveals them. The ability of the authors to skillfully adapt known facts to the character of Kratos, an alien in this universe, will also be appreciated.

In fact, I believe knowledge of Norse mythology is the case with the new god of war more valuable than knowledge of previous installments of the cycle. The references to Greek episodes are endless (including one after which fans of the series will have an orgasm), but the amount of work put into this product will be especially appreciated in the first one. God of War free download case. Also check out GTA Vice City

God of War PC Download

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God of War – minimum PC hardware requirements

Processor : Intel Core i5-2500k or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Graphics : Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 or AMD Radeon R9 290X
RAM memory : 8 GB
Disk space : 70 GB of free space
Operating system : Windows 10 64-bit

Recommended PC hardware configuration

Processor : Intel Core i5-6600k or AMD Ryzen 5 2400
Graphics : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 570
RAM memory : 8 GB
Disk space : 70 GB of free space (SSD)
Operating system : Windows 10 64-bit

God of War – Hardware Requirements for Ultra Settings

Processor : Intel Core i9-9900k or AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 or AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
RAM : 16 GB
Disk space : 70 GB of free space (SSD)
Operating system : Windows 10 64-bit

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