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GRID Legends Free Download is a racing game belonging to one of the most popular cycles of this type. It was traditionally developed by the Codemasters studio. This is the first episode of the series after the acquisition of the group by Electronic Arts. Like the old installments of the series titled TOCA Race Driver, GRID Legends pc game features a story mode with cinematic cutscenes, stylized as a document. It follows the fate of the Seneca racing team as they attempt to win the Grid World Series by challenging the legendary Ravenwest team. Over the following competitions, we meet drivers and other personalities from the professional racing world with well-defined personalities.

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GRID Legends Free Download

In GRID Legends, the driving model is between simulation and dexterity, the so-called arcade (with indication of it). While playing, one can struggle as well on authentic racetracks (ex: Indianapolis, Bathurst, Brands Hatch) and fictitious installations of this type, as on courses marked by the streets of the big cities (London, Moscow, San Francisco, etc). There are a total of around 130 route variants.

GRID Legends Free Download
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Different categories of racing machines take part in the competition and multi-class competitions are possible, which means that for example a sports car and a truck can race side by side. More than a hundred vehicles and a system for their improvement have been made available to players. Among the GRID Legends free Download competition forms available, there is again drift and eliminator, which were missing in the previous part.

The developers have emphasized “action” during races. Artificial intelligence behaves aggressively and unpredictably, virtual drivers can also crash and crash. In addition, there is the Nemesis system known from the previous part, in which we make enemies on the track, pushing ourselves among other competitors.

GRID Legends PC Download

Oh, “Masters of Code” from Electronic Arts didn’t think through these beta tests. Everything they’ve been doing for over a decade is overshadowed by the shadow of Race Driver: The 2008 GRID. When the series was announced to return in 2019 (after a five-year hiatus), fans held their breath – then, with the first, loudly exhaling from their aching lungs. The game wasn’t bad, but there really was a long way to go before a triumphant comeback.

The game has been completely expanded

Despite the cool reception, Codemasters did not give up and announced GRID Legends pc game, claiming to have learned lessons from criticism. Cars and – most importantly – courses have multiplied, the career mode has been expanded, drift competitions have been restored and the action on the track has been boosted. I would like to talk to you about all this. Sadly, a month before the premiere, the creators put only part of the attractions. Announced available to the media, and instead of the career that fans of the series expect, they decided to show the story mode. And it was a mistake.

GRID Legends torrent

Give me a plot if you (don’t want) my loss

Yes, Codemasters clearly sees the greatest strength of GRID Legends free in the plot. Racing enthusiasts around the world – and I’m one of them – are scratching their heads and wondering what they’re doing in the car. And yet, it is obvious from the point of view of accountants. What universally captures the imagination of consumers, and what isn’t Forza or Gran Turismo? Exactly. Films, actors, dramaturgy, twists and turns. With these “Code Masters”, they have tried to reach new audiences in F1 2021 and will therefore now try their hand at the new GRID.

That’s why the media had to try a story mode. Alright, too bad, I can draw conclusions about the driving mode and other things that matter to him as well. Wait a minute – PR is stopping me before I rush to play – I can finish the whole campaign, but I have to remember that I can only report my impressions from the first six races. Well, you know, spoilers – they knowingly flash. I blink too, rather surprised.

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Therefore, if i could i went through the whole story mode. It only lasted a few hours, and from a certain point, I even lost track of time a bit. But, but – I’m not allowed to tell you about it. I can only understand the boring start where you almost watch cutscenes more than you drive (much like 2015’s Need for Speed). These cutscenes mostly show talking heads, whose acting efforts at this early stage of the game elicit neither sympathy nor dislike (there’s a very clear division of roles here), but only more or less embarrassment. It’s even better, but shh!

The gateway to the world of racing

Let’s leave the nonsense; let’s discuss what’s important. How is driving in GRID Legends pc Download? Nobody should be surprised to learn that this is neither a simulation nor even a so-called Simcade. Although a number of assists can be manipulated here and using the steering wheel is absolutely an option, the cars behavior has little to do with reality. It’s “arcade-like” even in the context of Forza Horizon (not to mention Race Driver: GRID). Oversteer is a rare phenomenon (not to mention drift competition, which I welcome with open arms) and virtually all machines are easy to control – including the most powerful ones, even in the rain, on wet asphalt. In short, it drives like the 2019 GRID.

GRID Legends pc game

Although the physics of the cars is simple for my taste (the vehicles notably lack suspension simulation). The racing does not quickly become tiresome. This guarantees game GRID Legends torrent a well-expressed sense of speed (but not from all the cameras). A variety of competitions, cars or courses, and most importantly, the “action” on the track. 22 drivers participate in the competition, who can (sort of) push each other on the road. They also sometimes make mistakes and succumb to accidents or breakdowns.

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This makes wrestling unpredictable and – to some extent – exciting. This is something that Forza and Gran Turismo are definitely missing. The previous paragraph might have sounded like a huge laurel if not for one catch – 14 years ago the same Codemasters were doing the same things much better. The graphics are better looking (unheard of, huh?) and the content is more abundant, but otherwise hard to find an area that doesn’t show regression. This is especially clear in the case of damage to the car.

Good game – but not good enough

The sheet metal bends very little, the body parts fall reluctantly and unnaturally, and the wheels are permanently attached (even in formulas). In fact, it takes a few solid bells to feel the slightest impact of damage on the behavior of the machine. It’s particularly shabby download GRID Legends compared to the 2008 GRID, which takes into account the dynamic deformation of the bodywork, which marked every contact with rivals. And I don’t care that such a trend is present in almost the entire genre of racing games.

GRID Legends Free PC Game
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GRID Legends – minimum hardware requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit);
Processor: Intel i3 2130 or AMD FX4300;
RAM memory: 8 GB;
Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 950 or AMD RADEON RX 460;
DirectX Version 12;
Free hard disk space: 50 GB.

GRID Legends – Recommended Hardware Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit);
Processor: Intel i5 8600k or AMD Ryzen 5 2600x;
RAM memory: 16 GB;
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1080 or AMD RX590;
DirectX Version 12;
Free hard disk space: 50 GB.

Will it be worth it? Not in a month, that’s for sure (unless someone is a die-hard and very wasteful fan of the previous part). For other track racing enthusiasts looking for something affordable, with a quirky career mode, and at least a little authentic, I’d recommend Project CARS 3 Free PC 2020 instead. It also offers a solid competition experience with AI. And at the same time has a sensational driving model, establishing the perfect contact point between the simulator and the “arcade” (or simcade). Which is not up to what is offered by Forza or Gran Turismo.

Of course, an even better choice would be the Race Driver: GRID, mentioned several times here. However, this item is not obtainable other than in a used box or as a Secondary Circuit Steam Wrench. Luckily it hasn’t reached the price of a white crow yet… So if you’re a racing fan today GRID Legends Free Download on pc.

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