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GTA 6 Official Trailer – Let’s start the game

23 details and Easter Eggs from the first trailer. Rockstar is having fun with the community

The first trailer of GTA 6 lasts 1 minute and 31 seconds. Thanks to the material, the creators indicate the atmosphere we can expect, show the city, present the main characters, and at the same time add a lot of tidbits and surprises that are worth taking a look at.

We have to wait until 2025 for the premiere of GTA 6, although the Take-Two report indicates that the production may debut at the very beginning of the analyzed period. The first trailer aroused considerable emotion among many observers and, as befits Rockstar, it contains a lot of references and Easter Eggs. Let’s check out some of them!


GTA 6 introduces 2 heroes

In one of the unconfirmed reports about GTA 6, we could read about the pair of the two main characters. The first trailer shows both a man and a woman, what’s more, Rockstar even confirmed the first name, because the protagonist leaving prison is named Lucia. According to speculations, her lover’s name is Jason. When working on the characters, the studio was to be inspired by the story of Bonnie and Clyde, American criminals from the 1930s.


GTA 6 invites you to Vice City

The first trailer is a small showcase of the Vice City area, and at the same time a confirmation that the game takes place in this city. A place inspired by the real Miami was located in the state of Leonida.

According to still unconfirmed rumors, GTA 6 will probably offer as many as three cities, and the plot will not take place only in Vice City. However, we have to wait until Rockstar presents further materials to confirm such reports.


GTA 6 focuses on modern times

“Where is this real GTA atmosphere?!” – you can come across this type of comments when looking through reactions to the title’s trailer. It is worth noting, however, that the developers drew heavily on the atmosphere of contemporary Miami, which is extremely colorful and filled with positive energy. The material refers to these assumptions, while showing extraordinary diversity – not only among the characters.


GTA 6 will focus on social media

In one of the earlier rumors, we could come across news according to which social media will be included in GTA 6. It is difficult to say whether the characters will share accounts of actions or robberies, or whether the smartphone will serve as a tool for them to learn about important events organized in Vice City. Rockstar focuses on modern times, not forgetting such popular applications as Instagram or Tik-Tok.


GTA 6 Official Trailer

GTA 6 and participation in robberies

Can you imagine the latest part of Grand Theft Auto without robberies? The first trailer does not focus on this type of activity, although at the very end we are assured that there will be no boredom – the protagonists run into the store, where they probably did not come to buy rolls and milk.


GTA 6 will be full of diverse fauna

Alligators falling into our swimming pool, dogs running on the beach, dolphins swimming next to the characters, or maybe flamingos flying next to the car? Thanks to the material, we quickly learn that many types of animals will appear in the game. As rumors indicate, pets may receive advanced artificial intelligence.


GTA 6 will offer a new level of NPC diversity

The footage shows a beach, which is probably the best representation of the diversity of Vice City’s inhabitants. The first trailer indicates that Rockstar will provide very diverse types of NPCs – from skin color, through body type, size, race and even clothing styles.

GTA 6 - reality #1

GTA 6 - reality #2

GTA 6 is inspired by reality

Rockstar has been eager to comment on reality through trailers and even missions in its productions for years. It’s no different in the case of GTA 6 – the first trailer shows “Joker” from Florida and contains references to “Florida Man”.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #1

GTA 6 and Sessanta Nova

Sessanta Nove returns to Grand Theft Auto. The well-known clothing brand from GTA 5 is a refreshed version of Louis Vuitton. The developers clearly display the SN logo on the swimsuit of one of Vice City’s residents.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #2

GTA 6 and Cheetah

Cheetah cars are a must in Grand Theft Auto? In the published material, we see a vehicle that has appeared in every installment since GTA 3. The team has refreshed the appearance of the car, and its latest version resembles a Ferrari Testarossa.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #3

GTA 6 and Go Postal

Already in GTA 5, the post office was called “Go Postal”, and the next part may not receive major changes in this aspect. Sland “Go Postal” can be translated as a term for madness.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #4

GTA 6 and Dolls of Destruction

The latest installment of the acclaimed series will feature completely new bands. In the trailer, we see a man wearing a “Dolls of Destruction” T-shirt, a fake band whose songs we have already heard in other GTA games.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #5

GTA 6 and Patriot Beer

Patriot Beer, a well-known brewery brand that already appeared in Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5, will return in GTA 6.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #6

GTA 6 and Nine 1 Nine

At one point, the developers present the “Nine 1 Nine” banner, which may turn out to be a nightclub. The slogan “Why sixty-nine when you can Nine 1 Nine” is intended to be a lure for potential customers.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #7

GTA 6 will show “crazy Florida”?

The first trailer of the game clearly indicates where the events took place, and at the same time, the creators show more than once the city they were inspired by when creating Grand Theft Auto 6. Vice City is the equivalent of Miami, and Leonida apparently represents Florida – a state in the southeast of the United States full of “crazy people”, which was emphasized by the characteristic phrase “Only in Leonida”, referring to the slogan “Only in Florida”.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #8

GTA 6 full of drugs and sex

Rockstar has not been shying away from difficult topics for years, which we hope will also be seen in the case of GTA 6. In the trailer, we observe the actions of a dancing Latina who is twerking in a nightclub, but the developers also showed an advertisement for an potency drug. Angstipan ‘treats emotions’, but patients must be careful – “If your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, contact your doctor. Results may vary.”

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #9

GTA 6 and Weazel News

Weazel News Television is the news division of Weazel that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA 6 will feature a news channel that is a kind of reference to Fox News.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #10

GTA 6 and car tuning

Rockstar’s latest production will certainly feature many advanced systems, and one of them may be related to car improvement. The material shows a car with “Vice Vinyl” and “Rideout Customs” stickers, which probably refer to showrooms where we will be able to upgrade the vehicles.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #11

GTA 6 with first-person mode?

One of the shots in the trailer focuses on the police officers jumping into the suspects’ apartment – interestingly, this is the only scene that was presented from the hero’s eyes. Will GTA 6 have a first-person mode at launch? Let us remind you that the indicated gameplay variant appeared only in the next-gen version of GTA 5.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #12

GTA 6 and Karen

In one of the fragments from Grand Theft Auto 6, we notice an elderly woman who says eloquently: “Look who’s back?” The scene is most likely a reference to “Karen”, an American meme related to older people who do not understand young people, strongly criticize them and often attack them.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #13

GTA 6 with the first gangs

GTA 6 will feature diverse communities, representatives of various races and groups, but we can also count on a strong representation of gangsters. Players will most likely be able to complete missions for individual factions – during the footage we see “Thrillbilly Mud”, “High Rollerz Lifestyle” and the third, currently untitled biker faction.

GTA 6 - Easter Eggs and Details #14

GTA 6 and hovercraft

A hovercraft appears in one of the trailer’s shots. It is possible that players will be able to jump not only into cars, planes, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, but also use the possibility of a vehicle moving on water.


GTA 6 and when will it premiere?

According to official information, GTA 6 will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2025. The PC version will most likely be released a year after its debut on current generation consoles. However, as we mentioned today, information provided to Take-Two investors suggests that When exactly can we expect production?

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