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GTA Vice City free download is the next installment in the hugely popular criminal world game series. And literally speaking, a sort of development of the previous installment – Grand Theft Auto 3. The action is set in the 80s of the twentieth century and is set in the new town of Vice One. City where Tom Vercetti (the player) is sent by Sonny Forelli to “clean up” the gangs there. Cuban gangsters and corrupt cops.

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Tommy Vercetti arrives at Vice City to close the drug deal. After arriving at the agreed location and beginning the standard procedure of exchanging “drugs” for cash, the previously peaceful meeting is interrupted by a series of gunfire. The thugs of the enemy gang not only kill three members of the reunion, but even worse, take property and money. Tommy miraculously copes with life, and this is just the beginning of his problems. After contacting his boss – Sonny Forelli, it turns out that our hero needs to recover the stolen items as soon as possible.GTA Vice City Free Download

The world that appears to us should not disappoint. The graphics are not only much better than GTA 3, but also much smoother, also on weaker hardware. Play on: Athlon XP1700 +, 256 DDR and GF4 Ti4200 with a maximum resolution of 1600 × 1200 with 32-bit color – it’s blinking, it’s cool to watch :-). Detailed models of buildings, vegetation, and people are the first to see.

GTA Vice City Free Download

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To be able to admire the light reflections, just direct the protagonist’s eyes towards the sun or wait for it to start to get dark. Only the evening at GTA Vice City free allows you to discover the richness of this city. Lanterns lighting up the darkness of the city, neon lights in nightclubs and shops, lights in the windows of skyscrapers, traffic lights, the sky lit by stars… you have to see with your own eyes. The set is even better in the rain.

Colorful advertisements and traffic lights

Cars are reflected on the wet surface of the streets, lightning flashes from time to time and there is a fuzzy glow around the light sources. Rain is the only precipitation we will face and it’s no surprise, after all, that the snow in Miami in the height of summer would be a strange weather anomaly. Refining the look of the city in bad weather is a real masterpiece. You can also download the latest installment of GTA 5.

GTA Vice City torrent

Raindrops appear on the screen (especially when driving fast), which flow and scramble in a very natural way. The raindrops falling from the sky and the general humid atmosphere mean that in this weather you just don’t want to leave the car covered. Compared to GTA3, a lot of progress has been made in presenting the organic life forms that inhabit the city. Residents of gta vice city free download represent various social classes that can be distinguished, among other things, by their clothing.

We will therefore meet tourists stripped of swimsuits and tourists almost naked, women with shopping. Gang members, costumed businessmen, police officers, old ladies. Women with light manners, young people roller skating, workers, drunks, homeless people, etc. live. It turns out that this wonderful land is not just made up of beaches, villa districts and rich commercial areas with skyscrapers. More than once we will visit slums or the port area.

In this regard, the city is really diverse

At the start of our adventure, we will certainly get lost in the crowds of the city more than once. A map then becomes useful, because it presents in detail two huge islands connected by bridges, on which we will have a life of gangster. The loudly free download game pc advertised opportunity to enter the city’s most important buildings were not just bragging rights. These buildings aren’t as numerous as we would like, but the ones that are open to the public certainly aren’t a disappointment. A new version of the game is here GTA San Andreas Free.

GTA Vice City download

It is worth mentioning here, for example, a huge airport or a large multi-storey store with escalators, people stores and security guards. In town, you can for example visit a store where the latest model of the motorcycle has been exhibited. Nothing stands in the way (well, except maybe the police) to smashing the windshield and simply covering up the latest model of the racing car. Well, I told you about motorcycles, so it’s not appropriate that I don’t go into this further.

As I mentioned, in Vice City

We have the opportunity to drive what we have missed so much in Liberty City – two-wheelers. There are up to five different models of these vehicles, namely: scooters, Harleys (two types), motocross and speeders. Their appearance in the game is a real automotive breakthrough. With these nimble vehicles, we can reach places where a car tire will never be present. New possibilities for suicide stunts are also opening up. A scooter is a vehicle for novice riders – it will perform poorly for us after a while.

free download game pc

Harleye, apart from its high speed and natural charm, does not offer as many possibilities as the other two motorcycle models. The racer, or the so-called superbike, is a true demon of speed. Riding the highway against the current, at full speed and literally avoiding other cars by a few millimeters – it’s an experience comparable to the spectacular motorcycle feats Trinity achieved in the last Matrix. Motocross, on the other hand, is a fast, manoeuvrable bike that’s even built for dizzying stunts.

The driving physics mapping in all five cases is truly impeccable. In the case of cross and racer, with a little practice you can stand on the rear and front wheels, it is also easy to show burning rubber. Riding motorcycles also gives us the ability to easily and accurately shoot the Uzi during chases. Of course, motorcycling is only fun for real men. While driving madly, it is not difficult to be involved in an accident, which with a small number of health points can be fatal.

Seven competing gangs manage

The entire gta vice city torrent, and members can be identified by clothing, cars and neighborhood. During the mission, we will have contact with each of these groups, which will not always be good for us. We are not the only ones who have enemies; in the streets constantly listen to the sounds of fighting against hate gangs. Criminals don’t like uniforms either; in the dark alleys, a pedestrian police patrol is exposed to the brass knuckles and knives of mafia thugs. You can find all full versions here Pc Games

GTA Vice City

I keep mentioning gun types, so I won’t keep gun enthusiasts in the dark anymore. There are over 30 types of pain relieving equipment in the game. From standard revolvers, rifles and submachine guns, to bazookas, miniguns, M16s and flamethrowers, to katana, hammer, game gta vice city free download gas saw, screwdriver and cleaver. In this regard, the game is truly psychopathic, and it can boldly compete in this category with titles like Postal (this applies especially to the fall of the heads and hands of our victims – it really is bloody).

The atmosphere, that is to say the ambiance

The whole game is one of the most important aspects of the game. GTA’s opponents raise the mafia atmosphere to the sky. The folks who work on Vice City have probably taken it to heart and you can see that they’ve done their best to let the player dive completely into the Roaring 80s. That’s when the action takes place. of an interactive film, that is Vice City.

The whole design of the environment is just a cosmetic affair (of course also very important), fans of the GTA series know that it is the music that has the most impact on the atmosphere of the game. As in the previous parts, here in almost all vehicles we have the possibility to turn on the radio and listen to one of the 9 radio stations. All of them are, of course, kept in the ’80s vibe.

But if we don’t like this solution

We can still “launch” our mp3 collection – like in GTA3. The music from my parents’ youth never appealed to me, but after a while the atmosphere took hold of me so much that I got into the cars just to turn on my favorite radio. I could drive for hours and without much reason around downloading free pc games, listening to music and enjoying the view of the city.

Perhaps the most important part of GTA 5 download is the missions we are given. Tommy’s story is a quintessentially American model of character development: “from zero to hero.” In the first few missions, we work as a shopping boy, only after gaining respect in the gangster world of Vice City. The tasks that we are going to perform are very varied and interesting. The following controls are so diverse that the game does not bore us with the monotony.

So we will work as a courier, driver, paid murderer and security guard. There will also be suicide missions to recklessly demolish or rescue your friends from deadly fire. In some events, we will have to show dexterity and often also creativity. One of those missions is the task in which, while controlling a small helicopter, we have to plant bombs in the skyscraper under construction. Game new Poppy Playtime free download

In addition to taking care of orders

You have to watch out for attacks from the police and employees guarding the building. This is one of the first missions that can cause us manual problems. Overall, the tasks are fairly straightforward and the average player is able to complete most of the first try. The centerpiece of GTA remains the apparent freedom in the choices we make. Although we have some influence on the order of the tasks given to us, the game is quite linear.

The most important thing, however, is that you can only feel it when you replay the game. Either way, completing side quests and even seemingly driving needlessly around town continues to drive the action forward. As always, it’s all about money and Vice City torrent is a haven for the rich. In addition to the standard missions, we can win (as in the previous parts) catch criminals (missions with police cars), drive a fare (taxi), rescue people in missions with an ambulance and extinguish fires as that firefighter.

The most spectacular

Are the waterfalls, and in Vice City there are really a lot of places (including the jumps) to do these kinds of sports. Of course, you can also make money by robbing locals, but then you have to commit murder. Having an inheritance, it is tempting to spend a few dollars somewhere. At GTA Vice City free Download, we’re no longer limited to a few gun stores. The ability to buy new clothes (from suits to well-known tracksuits) and to buy real estate was introduced. There are many houses, factories and clubs for sale.

Money Makes Money – Savings well invested pay off quickly. The businesses that are purchased earn for themselves and the profits they make go straight into our pocket. However, the benefits don’t end there. We can save the game in each of our areas, most of them also have garages where we keep our favorite cars safe.

GTA Vice City Download

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System requirements for the game

Minimum requirements

Graphics card: 32 MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers (“GeForce” or better)
Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz or 1.2 GHz Intel Celeron or 1.2 GHz AMD Duron processor
Memory: 128MB RAM
Hard Disk: 915 MB of free hard disk space (+ 635 MB if the video card does NOT support DirectX texture compression)
Operating system: Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 SP3 / XP SP1
DirectX: DirectX 9.0

Recommended requirements

Graphics card: 64 (+) MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers (“GeForce 3” / “Radeon 8500” or higher with DirectX texture compression support)
CPU: Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP processor
Memory: 256 (+) MB of RAM
Hard Disk: 1.55 GB of free hard disk space (+ 635 MB if the video card does NOT support DirectX texture compression)
Operating system: Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 SP3 / XP SP1
DirectX DirectX 9.

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