Horizon Call of the Mountain Free Download PC Version

Horizon Call of the Mountain Free Download PC is a spin-off of the Horizon series launched in 2017, designed for virtual reality sets. The production is the result of a collaboration between. The teams of Firesprite (creators of the game The Persistence) and Guerrilla Games (authors of the main series).

Horizon Call of the Mountain Download

Horizon Call of the Mountain Free Download PC

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It is a title absolutely unmatched by any other development studio so far. I have to admit that I was hoping for a budget and tech capabilities from Sony that would rival Valve’s title, but unfortunately, although Horizon Call of the Mountain free is generally a solid game. There are too many moments there when we got out of immersion by the too binary interactivity of this world.

A great adventure in a beautiful world

The gameplay is in general a combination of several other proven games. I’m thinking especially of The Climb, a production about rock climbing. I think almost 80% of the fun in Horizon in VR is grabbing ledges, ropes, and other metal beams. In general, this is done very well, especially in combination with the haptic capabilities of the PS VR2 controllers. The more firmly you grip the edges, the more the haptics are felt. When rappelling, the controllers give very realistic feedback. We feel that it is a “first party” production in this area.

horizon call of the mountain pc free version

It’s also great to see all the work that’s been done on accessibility. Many Horizon Call of the Mountain full version games shy away from more dynamic scenes. Like jumping or sliding, as it can cause nausea. However, at such times, the glasses greatly stabilize the image and also reduce the field of vision. I myself have some experience with this technology and I usually have no problem with longer sessions. But thanks to these types of solutions, I still felt great comfort. Also, the preferred type of control is to perform circular movements with the controllers. Along the axis of the body, which simulates running. And in fact, our brain then adapts to the “movement mode” and immediately gets used to what is happening.

Horizon Call of the Mountain free

An amazing installment from PS straight to PC

It is a pity that for this type of game production Horizon Call of the Mountain Download, so little attention was paid to combat. Especially since it was very well implemented, although the creators clearly compromised for people who have never played in VR. Each confrontation takes place in an arena, where one moves only to the left or to the right in a circle. By holding down one button, you can do a slight dodge, and by holding down two buttons, you quickly change position.

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We have a bow and several types of arrows (incendiary, heartbreaking, precise, etc.) as well as a slingshot. Enemies, as it should be in the Horizon series, have weak points which we eliminate first to weaken them. Although more experienced players may feel limited by this circle system, I admit that attacking enemies quickly to destroy the weak points on their backs gave a lot of satisfaction.

At the end of the review

The use of the eye tracking system in the glasses is also very interesting. We see it in three places: in the menu, where we can control menus with our eyes; during combat, where the point we are looking at is auto-targeted (a great idea!); and when rendering objects – the point we are looking at usually has the greatest sharpness. This can be observed in the screenshots. Where I was looking when the screenshot was taken is in focus, while the rest is blurry.

Horizon Call of the Mountain PC Download

free download games pc

There are also times when the game Horizon Call of the Mountain pc version robs us of our ability to move freely, setting us up for an earlier cutscene. Unfortunately, all of this detracts from the overall immersion of the game in VR. I didn’t expect to reach the level of Half-Life: Alyx in this respect, which is (for the moment) perfect, but at the same time you can see that the technology used by Guerilla Games and Firesprite can handle physics individual elements. Thus, it is all the more unfortunate that these boards cannot simply be removed by hand or knocked down. It lacks such a physical combination in many places.

I also think this free games to download is hard to judge as a lot depends on your experience with VR so far. If you’ve never used VR glasses before, this is a must-have. If you’ve tried VR before but haven’t played a modern linear production, you’ll enjoy this game too. Horizon Call of the Mountain Free Download. If, on the other hand, what you expect from this type of game above all is interesting fun on several levels, then it will simply be a solid title and not much more. It will not enter the pantheon of VR games nor justify the purchase of the PS VR2 glasses. If you’ve already purchased the goggles, however, play Horizon first, as it’s simply a great demonstration of this gear’s capabilities.

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