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Horizon Forbidden West Free Download is the sequel Horizon Zero Dawn – the best-selling action game with an open world and RPG elements, released in 2017. The production was developed by the Dutch studio Guerrilla Games, the authors of the original. At the same time the creators of the popular FPS series called Killzone. The action Horizon 2 takes place after the events featured in the studio’s previous game. Balance has reigned in the post-apocalyptic world, and people, animals, and machines try to coexist.

Horizon Forbidden West free download

Horizon Forbidden West Free Download

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The romance did not last long, however, as a new danger appeared on the horizon in the form of a mysterious plague that threatens all living creatures. In her face, the main character – Aloy – must undertake a long and dangerous journey to the West of America.

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In Horizon Forbidden West free download, the action is shown from a third person perspective (TPP). As was the case before, the authors give us a vast world. The map features densely covered areas, frosty wastelands, a sandy desert, and countless ruins of an ancient civilization, including the remnants of San Francisco. We can cover the terrain on foot and on the back of selected machines. Exploration is facilitated by new tools available to Aloy and new functions of the equipment known from the first part of the series.

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Focus can now show where the girl can climb, Pullcaster. That is, a rope with a hook, allows the protagonist to quickly get to heights. And also to easily jump between platforms, while thanks to Shieldwing. A kind of energy parachute, jumps from a great height are not a major challenge for our student. Another novelty is the ability to dive, which is aided by a special mask that allows Aloy to venture to great depths.

Horizon Forbidden West game pc

Locations and weapons

The game is driven by tasks that advance the story, accompanied by numerous side missions and activities. As before, dynamic battles with opponents now play an important role in Horizon Forbidden West pc download. On our way there are both hostile people (led by the warrior tribe Tenakth, whose members have found a way to tame even the biggest robots) and machines.

These include unreleased ground machines such as Clawstriders, which can be used by Aloy as mounts. Mammoth-like, airborne Tremortusks (Sunwings). Underwater (Giant Snapmaw or a slightly smaller but equally dangerous Burrower). We eliminate our enemies not only by using the already known murder tools. Like a bow, spear, and various traps, but also using new weapons (like grenades covering targets with glue that slows their movement). There’s also the option to silently take out enemies or use heavy cannons dropping from bigger machines in combat during the turmoil of battle.

Even more realism

As we progress, we gain experience, move on to the next levels and unlock new skills. In addition, we are increasing Aloy’s potential by acquiring better and better equipment and improving the existing one, based on the crafting system. Horizon Forbidden West pc game version is based on the Decima technology that powered the first part of the series. The engine, however, has been heavily modified to provide the highest quality graphics. Character animation and facial expressions have been tweaked, vegetation has been leaned over, and machine models have been enriched with lots of detail.

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They are, of course, correctly distributed over time and gradually dosed into scripted missions. And even if between them we are accompanied by many sandbox elements seen in all other games, here they work more like good proven solutions that make the gameplay more fluid and comfortable. The Guerilla Games developers have also applied a few patents less seen today in open-world games and put a lot of effort into many other things, not just limited to the usual “copy and paste”.

The plot of the game

In addition to the obvious items, such as question marks on the map. Yellow-colored climbing points or crates containing scrap metal. Aloy has a base at her disposal, which changes visually as the plot progresses. Download Horizon Forbidden West PC does not immediately open up all the regions of his world to us, and the map is only revealed gradually along the path travelled. So much so that each journey turns out to be a journey into the long-awaited unknown and reserves its share of surprises. After complete freedom from the start, typical of Ubisoft sandboxes for example, this was a truly refreshing and engaging experience.

Horizon Forbidden West pc download

It is impossible to briefly describe what is happening in the universe Horizon Forbidden West Download, where space technologies collide with the simple life of the indigenous tribes that make up local communities. The creators of the game also know this, that’s why they have. Hidden so much information in the optional dialogues with secondary characters and if we want to ask them everything. We will spend a lot of time listening to the conversations. It seems to me that there are a lot of unnecessary complications or just pouring water, because even some optional.Tasks are accompanied by many long and often unexciting discussions.

You won’t see a prettier end credits

The plot is also captivating thanks to its “cinematographic character”. The camera in cutscenes “works” all the time, you can see the fun with what’s in frame, changes in depth of field and field of view. In a mission, where Aloy is accompanied by a team that follows completely different paths. I had the impression that the whole place was specially built so that one could. Sometimes see in the background tiny figures running and fighting somewhere far away on some ridge. It’s like a noticeable detail for a second, but at the same time showing how much work and commitment has gone into producing the game.

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It’s the same throughout the dialogues. There are only two talking heads, which is a lot in progress compared to “one”. If the conversation is prolonged, the angle of view changes. And the characters sometimes get up, take a few steps, then sit down again, behaving very naturally. This natural Horizon Forbidden West torrent is also enhanced. By the extremely realistic faces of the characters, especially Aloy, Zo, or the antagonist Regalli. The who can express tremendous anger and hatred with her eyes and facial expressions. However, only the key plot characters were made with such care.

An ingenious climb to the arena of the Colosseum

Every moment of the game feels like a movie here, which is largely due to the game’s beautiful universe. These are sort of the norm for open-world biomes, complete with snow-capped mountains. Deserts, hardwood forests – all the way to the tropics, but given that Aloy roams a compressed American map. Probably somewhere from the state of Colorado through Arizona and Nevada to the beaches of California. No, you have an impression of the artificiality and the generality of the region crossed. We immediately feel where we are, and the superb textures delight whatever the environment.

Under nature’s beautiful circumstances, all sandbox tasks are done much better, even the most tedious and repetitive ones. Corn Horizon Forbidden West free also stands out here as a plus, at least for the first 30-40 hours. This production allows us to adjust the HUD, the level of difficulty. The number of clues during exploration to our preferences.

Many types of additional activities or collectibles require you to unlock them first in a story. Either in an optional quest or in the game world. In the menu, we can see a clear division into secondary missions. Orders or favors, which makes it possible to initially assess the quality and importance of such a challenge. So you can understand the situation of an NPC who needs help or deepen your knowledge of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Download

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Such missions often lead us to interesting places that we might otherwise miss, and there. Addition to combat machines or people – all kinds of platform puzzles are also important. Aloy and I sometimes have to figure out how to climb, where to dive, how to open the door. Where to look for a wetsuit, what to shoot or bow to. Some of the different locations encountered along the way will remain unavailable. Until the heroine unlocks her spear in story missions Horizon Forbidden West free Download which last almost until the end of the story.

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