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Game Hot Wheels Unleashed Free Download is an arcade racing game based on the Hot Wheels license. Behind the development of this production is the studio Milestone specializing in the genre, whose portfolio includes games such as Gravel or Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo. In Hot Wheels Unleashed, we participate in crazy races of the title cars.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Free Download

Models available include fast and nimble supercars, muscle cars, heavy and fairly slow off-road vehicles, or other vehicles, such as a tractor or tanker. The competition takes place on a variety of tracks, winding not only horizontally, but also vertically, full of all kinds of jumps, loops and accelerators.

The driving model focuses on bravado, taking turns in dramatic slippages and effective yet risky behaviors. A full editor has been implemented in the game which allows you to create your own routes. We can share the tracks designed there with the community. Hot Wheels Unleashed lets you play alone or in multiplayer competition. Two people can play locally (on a split screen), and a maximum of twelve via the Internet.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Free Download PC
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I’m going into town

The main single player game mode is City Rumble. It is a network of interconnected races and tasks for which we are rewarded with various items and coins. The goal of the game is to defeat 5 bosses and find all the secrets on the level map. City Rumble is a mix of regular 3-lap races, one-lap races and challenges where we have to complete a lap under the time limit. Boss fights are races on more twisted maps, where you have to be careful not to fall off the track. This Hot Wheels Unleashed Free mode is neither too complex nor too long, but it presents the game to us well.

The basis of the fun here is racing in the arcade version. It is one of the easiest racing games to learn because we only use a few buttons. We have gas, brakes, turbo and that would really be it. Cornering braking allows us to drift and the right analog stick helps steer the spring during flight. That’s it. However, this should not be seen as a disadvantage. The title is simply very accessible and can be mastered in a matter of moments.

Hot Wheels Unleashed torrent

Of course, there is also room for practice, because good drifting and knowing how to use the turbo quickly become the key to success in racing. In addition to this option, we also have single races, leaderboard time trials, as well as multiplayer. We can play both online and on a split screen. Split screen is only available for two players, and online multiplayer doesn’t offer too many options. However, I had no problem finding people willing to run on the internet.

Fun in the basement

One of the weirdest Hot Wheels Unleashed torrent options for this game is the so called Basement. This mode allows us to modify the elements of our car fan cellar. At first I thought it was a very illogical and redundant patent that somehow serves. Later it was even stranger, because it turned out that in order to win races I am rewarded not only with valuable coins, but also with items for the interior of our basement.

Overall, the modding and building aspect is a big part of this game. We have a pretty comprehensive vehicle appearance editor. This is not a Forza cycle level, but we do have an influence on the colors of the different parts of the spring, as well as the material from which they are made. This gives you a lot of options and the effects of creating skins for vehicles are rewarding.

Hot Wheels Unleashed game pc

There is also a course creation system in our basement. It’s something very easy to learn and reminds me of creating skateparks in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater cycle. We simply organize the course of the race from ready-made bricks. It works great and doesn’t require any knowledge or skill to create. We may share the routes on the internet with other players.

It’s the same with the vehicle skins we create. I feel like the community aspect is meant to be a big part of the game itself. And if so, there will be something really noteworthy with Hot Wheels Unleashed free Download.

Full mouth arch

Hot Wheels Unleashed is one of those racing games where we push the throttle and don’t care. I like productions of this type, because they are a nice springboard from more technical productions like Forza or Gran Turismo. Also, here we have a decent driving pattern which is often a problem in more arcade games without Mario, Crash, or Sonic. Therefore, I am really positively surprised by this title. It might not be an extraordinary production, but Free Hot Wheels Unleashed has a lot of potential and you can have fun with this title.

Parade of chests

Of course, he couldn’t do without his flaws. The game itself is pretty good in every way and I don’t have much to hang on to. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the vehicle acquisition system is terrible. First of all, we have lootboxes and an additional store with the spinning springs available. A light went on in my head right away. I am one of those who is always wary of solutions of this type. We also recommend other games like Forza Horizon 5 free

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Fortunately, at the moment the only currency to pay is coins earned for winning races. Each box with a random car costs the equivalent of winning about 10 races. This means that it may take us a long time to get all 60 vehicles. It turns out it’s a little worse. Bricks are available in different rarity versions. We find this car in common and ultra collector version. Thanks to this, getting all the springs can be a real chore.

There is of course the aforementioned shop

But we have machine rotations there and only a few are available at the same time. The prices are also much higher and the ride costs more than twice as much as a lootbox. I understand the point here is to encourage players to spend as much time as possible in the game. Unfortunately to me, this looks like an implementation of terrible free to play mechanics into a game that we have to pay for.

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This makes bumper cars tiring and boring. I myself was pissed off when it turned out that the third lootbox I bought gave me a repeat of the car I owned. There is of course the possibility of selling a duplicate, but then we get less parts than what we spent on the design of the vehicle. I may be nervous, but such a system upsets me.

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Additionally, we hot wheels unleashed download on pc also have paid DLC, Season Passes, and other goodies, but I won’t go into that as I just don’t know exactly what they will offer players. It’s a shame, because for me this system is such an ugly stain on the game, which is solid and guarantees a lot of fun.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Free Download
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This game has potential

To this day, it’s a bit difficult to judge Hot Wheels Unleashed free Download. It’s a solid product that has the potential to be something really cool. However, it all depends on whether the support from the creators will be more than launching cars every now and then as paid DLC and whether a community will be created around the game. If there is someone to play with online and that people are creating new boards, I don’t see any problem coming back to this game often. It’s such an easy and fun race with a climate and it would be great if it was successful.

Hot Wheels Unleashed on PC: minimum hardware requirements

Processor : Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD FX-6350 3.9 GHz
RAM memory : 8 GB
Graphics : 2 GB GeForce GTX 960 or better
Disk space : 22 GB
Operating system : Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Hot Wheels Unleashed for PC: Recommended Hardware Requirements

Processor : Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz
RAM : 16 GB
Graphics : 6 GB GeForce GTX 1060 or better
Disk space : 22 GB
Operating system : Windows 8.1 / 10 (64 bits)


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