How many people played Fortnite at the start of the new season? It will be a surprise

How many people play Fortnite on a daily basis? This question is now finding its answer. This data does not come directly from Epic, but from the website, which is considered quite trusted.

New seasons of Fortnite always generate much more excitement among players than standard updates. This is also evident from the servers. But does Fortnite score as big a jump in player numbers as it used to?

The answer to this question is not available, at least officially. Thanks to, however, you can see what it all looks like, at least indicatively.

How many people are still playing Fortnite?

If this data is to be believed, the peak for the new season was about 2.8 million players at one point. This is far from Epic’s production records, but of course we’re talking about the season, not the event.

It can be seen that the number of players is constant over the last month. Before the very end, the number of players dropped a little in the vicinity of 1.5 million. Then there was a strong rebound. Whether this is a lot or a little – it depends on what your reference point is. The site is cited by major leakers:

To the glory days of Fortnite is certainly a long way away, but on the other hand, you can see that the community is constant and every day people are eager to log into the game. There are no drops, everything seems to have stabilized at one level.

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