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Immortals of Aveum Free Download is a first-person shooter developed by Ascendant Studios – a development team founded by Bret Robbins (creative director of, among others, Call of Duty: WWII, the first Dead Space and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ). The production release – as part of the EA Originals program – was managed by Electronic Arts.

Immortals of Aveum Download

Immortals of Aveum Free DownloadOpis obrazka


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Aveum’s Immortals game review

We have no magic shooters in this world. Perhaps not by chance. Immortals of Aveum Free Download shows that even with great effort, the strength of this genre isn’t too great. Although the game is beautiful, breathtaking and mind-boggling at first glance. On the one hand, I wanted to get through it as quickly as possible, and on the other, I’d had enough.

A word of introduction, if you don’t already know what Immortals of Aveum Download full version is. It’s a magical FPS set in the world of Aveum. A great war is raging between two powerful nations. Each has its own wisdom and claims that its right is the least. In fact, the world of Aveum is suffering greatly from the war, and no one is really interested in stopping it and repairing the world. The use of magic causes great contamination. Do you know this from somewhere?

Immortals of Aveum free

Shooting – Magic FPS, does it make sense?

Although at the very beginning I complained a bit about this genre, Ascendant Studios has done an excellent job of creating a sensible, easy-to-understand weapon system. We have a choice of three weapons, which we use alternately. Each has its own purpose, and we’ll be using them on the battlefield.

Our main character, better known as Jak, has the unique ability to use all three types of magic from the world of Aveum. Otherwise, we’d only have one weapon. Interestingly, we use magic in our hands, but our weapons have recoil. They also have a reload time and require aiming (2/3).

Immortals of Aveum complete version

Immortals of Aveum PC Download greatest advantage as a magic shooting game is the satisfaction of shooting. Magic weapons are not only very powerful, they’re also very powerful. Unfortunately, they can’t break a jug, a chest or even a wall. If it were possible to destroy the environment here, I’d certainly be a blossoming Mage.

Aveum’s Immortal world is decaying like the Earth

Even if it’s pretty cliché, it’s still fun to reference the real problems of our world, even in games. Although many will say that gaming is supposed to relieve them of thinking about problems, there are problems we should never forget. In one of the Palathon’s halls, we’ll find a room commemorating the animal species that became extinct during the Great War.

Immortals of Aveum torrent

The great war, called “Everwar” in the game, which is in fact a war that has been going on forever, is a conflict that’s hard to stop. Its effects are becoming more obvious by the day, and by the end of the game, contamination is already taking on a catastrophic pace. We, too, live in a world that is moving ever closer to catastrophe.

You’ve got to admit, they’ve worked on the graphics

Nothing in free Immortals of Aveum Free Download delighted me as much as the beauty of this world. Even if there are occasional complaints, most of the landscapes are truly magnificent. Especially the Land of Shadows, which is a completely different world from Aveum. Here, wherever you look, there’s a lot of dark magic.

Unreal Engine 5.1 in all its glory. This is one of the reasons I’ve really been looking forward to this premiere: it’s the first big-budget production using techniques like Lumen or Nanite. Even if I’m not entirely satisfied with the game itself, being in the world of Aveum is an experience. Screenshots are probably the best way to describe it.

In fact, each of the terrains features a high level of detail. The creators have already announced this, and apparently they weren’t lying. Unreal Engine 5 with Nanite technology is entering the living rooms – that’s enough to say. Immortals of Aveum Download it saves the resources needed to display distant elements, allowing designers to spend more time on the details that will be right under our feet. What’s more, the world in the cinematics is exactly the same as it is in the game – and that’s also thanks to Nanite.

The world is beautiful BUT here’s another but. Unfortunately, it was impossible to use Nvidia’s Frame Generation technology during the game. Perhaps this was due to the lack of official drivers for the game, or maybe someone failed. Immortals of Aveum PC Download the function could be launched, but with a serious error: the crosshair spilled onto the screen when moving. The tragedy.

Immortals of Aveum PC DownloadOpis obrazka


Where are the flaws? Unfortunately they’re pretty big

Although the game is beautiful and addictive, many problems arise from it over time. The first, and the one that’s virtually irreparable, is a very clichéd plot. To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into detail. However, among the most important problems are: predictability, well-known patterns, well-known problems.

The plot is also very short because… I finished the game in 14 hours. I’m not a speedrunner, but I didn’t have much to do along the way. There are no side missions, and the only thing we can do between acts is defeat the “Six” – powerful Magni, i.e. simply bosses, in search of hidden chests and visit the Temples of Shadow, i.e. later challenges, mainly strength challenges. .

While it’s hard to criticize the acting itself, as the cinematics are well-recorded – facial expressions, character gestures, even eyebrow or lip movement seem hyper-realistic, unfortunately the script is tragic. And this time, I’m not talking about the plot itself, but the dialogue. Immortals of Aveum Free Download our main character is an idiot and his poor vocabulary was probably meant as a joke, and as a result he’s just plain boring. Typical low-budget American humor.

To sum up: a trip to Aveum is a treat for the eyes, but not for the brain or the ears. It would probably make a very good superhero movie, perfect for Marvel fans. With a dose of action, “cool guys”, bad humor, profanity and a bad, bad, angry antagonist. The game didn’t captivate me and I won’t return to it.

Summary of the game Immortals of Aveum

The provided headline, Immortals of Aveum: A visually stunning game with magical shooting, but with a predictable plot and lack of depth”, summarizes the game “Immortals of Aveum” in a concise manner. It highlights the game’s strong points, such as its impressive visuals and unique magic shooting gameplay. However, it also points out the game’s weaknesses, namely its predictable storyline and lack of narrative depth. This headline gives potential players a quick overview of what they can expect from the game.

FAQ for the game Immortals of Aveum:

1. Is Immortals of Aveum a single-player or multiplayer game?

Immortals of Aveum is a single-player game.

2. What are the main features of gameplay in Immortals of Aveum?

The game offers dynamic shooting using magic, with three different types of magical weapons. The game world is detailed and visually impressive, but does not offer an interactive environment.

3. Is the plot in Immortals of Aveum complicated?

The game’s plot is quite predictable and is based on well-known patterns. The game focuses on the eternal war between two powerful nations in the world of Aveum.

4. Does Immortals of Aveum have any technical issues?

Yes, the game has several technical issues, including problems with image quality and shadow-related errors. In addition, the Nvidia frame generation technology did not work correctly during the game.

5. Does Immortals of Aveum have any side missions?

No, the game does not offer side missions. The only tasks that can be performed between acts are defeating the “Six” – powerful Magni, or simply bosses, searching for hidden chests, and visiting the Temples of Shadow, which are later challenges, mainly strength challenges.

Review Headline: Immortals of Aveum: A Visually Stunning Magical Shooter with a Predictable Plot and Lack of Interactivity

As a professional game reviewer, my assessment of Immortals of Aveum is mixed. The game offers incredible visuals and dynamic magical shooting gameplay, but it is burdened by a predictable plot and a lack of interactivity within the game world. While the game is visually stunning, it does not offer players the ability to interact with the environment, which is disappointing. Additionally, the game’s plot is quite predictable and does not offer much originality.

Player’s Perspective Headline: Immortals of Aveum: A Game That Impresses Visually but Disappoints in Story and Gameplay Depth

As a player, my feelings about the game are similar. I enjoyed the visual aspect of the game and the dynamics of magical shooting, but I was disappointed by the lack of depth in the story and the limited interactivity in the game world. Although the game is technically impressive, it lacks elements that would make me want to return and play again.

Guide to Effective Use of Magic in Immortals of Aveum: How to Optimally Use Different Types of Magical Weapons


In the game Immortals of Aveum, magic plays a key role. Players have at their disposal three different types of magical weapons that they can use in combat. Each of them has its unique properties and applications, and effective use of these tools can significantly facilitate gameplay. Below is a detailed guide that will help you optimally use different types of magical weapons in the game.

Understanding Different Types of Magical Weapons

In Immortals of Aveum, three different types of magical weapons are available. Each of them has its unique properties and applications:

  1. Green Magic: This weapon uses rapid-fire magical projectiles that target the enemy. It is an ideal tool for players who prefer to focus on dynamic attack rather than defense.
  2. Red Magic: This weapon is more focused on defense. It allows for the creation of magical barriers that can protect the player from enemy attacks.
  3. Blue Magic: This weapon is the most balanced, offering a good balance between attack and defense. It allows for the firing of powerful magical projectiles that can inflict significant damage on enemies, while also offering some defensive capabilities.

Using Magical Weapon in Practice

Effective use of magical weapon in Immortals of Aveum requires understanding when and how best to use each type of magic. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Green Magic: This weapon is ideal for quick attacks on enemies. Thanks to its ability to target enemies, it is particularly effective against mobile opponents. However, remember that green magic does not offer much protection, so try to keep a distance from enemies when using it.
  • Red Magic: This weapon is best when you need to defend against strong enemy attacks. You can use it to create a magical barrier that will protect you from damage. However, remember that red magic is not very effective in attack, so try to use it mainly for defense.
  • Blue Magic: This weapon is the most balanced and can be used in various situations. Its powerful magical projectiles can inflict significant damage on enemies, while also offering some defensive capabilities. Try to use blue magic when you are unsure what to expect from enemies.


Effective use of magic in Immortals of Aveum Free Download requires understanding and practice. Each magical weapon has its unique properties and applications, and the ability to use the right weapon at the right time can significantly facilitate gameplay. I hope this guide will help you master the use of magic in Immortals of Aveum.

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