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Lies of P Free Download is a soulful production, a dark adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s novel Pinocchio. The title was developed by the Round8 Studio team (creators of Bless Unleashed) and published by Neowiz.Lies of P Download

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But let’s move on to the game itself, and more specifically to the story it serves. As you probably know, this is a dark adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio. Of course, you don’t need to read the book to easily immerse yourself in the world of Lies of P Download, but even a quick perusal of it will allow you to grasp a great deal of information.

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Characters such as the cat and the fox – in the game it’s the vixen – the blue-haired fairy (here Sophia), the fire-eater, the talking cricket and the foreman Antonio appear here or have their counterparts. There was also a place for the shark in whose belly the novel’s Gepetto spent two years, the latter’s stay in prison and an encounter with a man transformed into a donkey – but only because of his outfit.

Overall, Round8 Studio’s approach to source material seems similar to the way Santa Monica Studio reworked Norse mythology for the last two installments in the God of War series. The game uses many of the motifs and characters from Collodi’s book, some only scratching the surface, others changing completely. The developers have added a great deal of their own content – generally very well-invented elements corresponding to the novel.

Anti-Souls fans will certainly be pleased to learn that the plot of Lies of P Download is presented in a much more straightforward, less enigmatic way than we’re used to from FromSoftware. While it’s worth reading the descriptions of the objects you find, the whole story can be easily understood from the characters’ statements. Not only do the characters sound pleasant to the ear, they also move their mouths, something the Japanese only introduced in Elden Ring Download.

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The story begins in a rather formal way. Sophia, mentioned above, awakens Geppetto’s puppet – Pinocchio’s name is not mentioned here. Lies of P Download – because he’s disappeared. Meanwhile, the other puppets in the town of Krat have inexplicably gone mad, and a disease known as petrification syndrome is spreading through the streets. After choosing the first weapon, we first go to the Krat Hotel – which is our base – and then look for our father.

To my surprise, I found him pretty quickly: if you’ve played the demo, you already know that. However, it turns out that the old man knows less than we thought – or so he tells us – and we have to Lies of P PC Download determine the cause of the phenomena ourselves. It takes about half the game to reach their alleged source. That’s when the show really begins. After defeating the boss of the Opera House building, we enter the backstage area – literally and figuratively – to find out the true origins of the events we’re taking part in. Things get weird and the characters start to drop their masks, so to speak.

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I really liked this approach, the meeting of the metaphorical and the literal. I consider the plot itself to be only, if not good. Perhaps it would seem more interesting to me without the ubiquitous motifs drawn from Bloodborne. If you’ve played FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, you’ll certainly have noticed a few borrowings in the preceding sentences – chaos in the streets, the search for a cure to a deadly disease and so on. Fortunately, in the second half of the story, Lies of P Download stands out a little more from itself, taking a rather predictable, yet surprising direction in a few places.

I pull your strings Lies of P Download PC

While it was good, it wasn’t the plot that made it hard for me to tear myself away from Lies of P Free Download. It was the “polished” and addictive gameplay that did it… but not immediately. First of all, I had to get over the shock a bit after noticing how many traces of Bloodborne there were in it. What I mean here is not just the combat mechanics, but also the character development system or little elements like side quests received from characters sitting at windows or the colorful butterflies that guarantee valuable items, which are the equivalent of Bloodborne’s common beasts or Souls’ crystal. lizards.

Initially, the difficulty level, too low for my needs, didn’t help me with Lies of P Download. The first half of the game requires a little concentration and attention, but is generally fairly straightforward. Perhaps for those who generally avoid souls, the challenge will prove appropriate, but veterans might feel a little let down. I had no problem with the “ordinary” enemies, and it only took me two or three tries to defeat the bosses.

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However, after the aforementioned entry behind the curtain, many things changed. The difficulty level started to increase, forcing me to use anything that could help me survive, such as blocking sword blows. Unlike Bloodborne, Lies of P PC Download offers a lot of freedom in the approach to the game. I decided to strive for my character to inflict as much physical damage as possible and dodge effectively, even though the creators clearly wanted to balance the game in such a way that the guard parry, which restores some of the lost hit points, was an important, indispensable part of the game – which is why they considerably limited the so-called immortality of frames when dodging.

You’re twisting the mind…

Ever mindful of Bloodborne influences – some weapon types can even be disassembled – at this point I couldn’t help but appreciate Round8 Studio’s own solutions or the way the Koreans have developed Japanese ideas. I particularly liked the skill tree called “P-drive”, which is a little reminiscent of Caryll’s rune system in Bloodborne.

…and shatter your dreams Lies of P Download

Lying makes the protagonist more human, which not only slightly affects gameplay, but also the environment and his appearance. However, this is not the only way our puppet gains in humanity. This is also ensured by listening to songs recorded on vinyl records. You can obtain a large number of these, some simply by finding them, and others by receiving them as a reward for completing a side quest – usually one that lasts a large part of the game.

Thanks to the vinyls, we gain even more Lies of P torrent atmosphere, which is quite dense even without them. First and foremost, it’s enhanced by the graphic style. Krat’s dark streets, covered in thick fog, are drenched in rain, the drops of which are illuminated by lanterns and dimly lit signs.

The majestic opera house features waxed parquet floors, long red carpets and richly decorated, often gilded, arches, columns and terraces. As we leave this metropolis, we see rocky hills full of traps, dark forests with trees almost stripped of their leaves, ruined wooden huts and bridges swaying in the wind, threatening to collapse as soon as we set foot on them.

Blinded by me, you can see nothing

I can’t say anything bad about the bosses either. Although most of them gave me no trouble, fighting with them Lies of P Download proved to be simply cool and impressive. The first, slightly more demanding battles begin around the middle of the game: a duel with the Puppet King and several members of the local gang.

However, the real obstacle turned out to be the Swamp Monster. In the second phase, he was doing so much that I decided to call the ghost for help – something I’d never done before – thanks to which the monster died on the seventh attempt. I needed a similar number on the next group fight, while the fight with the penultimate boss – probably the most interesting in the whole game – required eleven attempts. I resisted the final fight more than twice as often – this “boss” can really give you a hard time.

Apart from that, playing Lies of P Free Download I didn’t encounter any major errors. What’s more, in performance mode on PlayStation 5, this production runs at 50-60 frames per second, and at the same time looks really charming.

Lies of P PC DownloadOpis obrazka


Master, master

As I noted at the outset, this is the best soullike that isn’t a FromSoftware work but a remake of Demon’s Souls. The resulting inspirations are very clear – especially at the beginning – but ultimately Lies of P Download shows its own identity. A dark atmosphere, a good storyline, a dynamic combat system, pleasant exploration, several challenging bosses – that’s more than enough to keep you entertained for the forty hours or so it takes to finish the game in its entirety. It’s a pity the creators didn’t concentrate more on their own ideas, but I hope they’ll gain confidence and present them in a sequel or soulslike set in a different universe.

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