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Game Life Is Strange True Colors Free Download is the third major installment in the popular episodic adventure game series, which launched in 2015. The production was developed by studio Deck Nine – the authors of the warmly received prequel to the first part of the series, titled Life is Strange : Before the Storm. Unlike previous episodes in the series, LiS True Colors has not been broken down into episodes.

Life Is Strange True Colors

The main character of the game Life Is Strange True Colors pc game is Alex Chen. The protagonist has been endowed with a supernatural power that allows her to read and absorb the emotions felt by others and to manipulate them. When the feelings of her interlocutors, which she perceives in the form of colored auras, are too strong, Alex is unable to deal with them and surrenders to them completely. All this makes him perceive these abilities as a curse.

Life Is Strange True Colors Game Download PC
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Summary Life Is Strange True Colors Full Version

We meet the girl when she arrives in Haven Springs. This small mining town in the US state of Colorado is soon shaken by news of the unexpected death of its brother, who was allegedly killed in an accident. Not believing it and trying to uncover the truth, Alex connects with the people of Haven Springs and earns their trust, while following the many secrets hidden by the local community.

The plot of the game

Is not linear, so how Alex’s fate will unfold, who he will befriend, who he will be his enemy and fall in love with, as well as how he will be perceived by the community. locale is determined by the choices we make during the game. Life Is Strange True Colors Free, the action is shown from a third person perspective (TPP). While playing, we explore scenic (albeit hiding dark secrets) Haven Springs and lead lots of conversations.

Life Is Strange True Colors Download

The dialogue options we choose affect the course of the story and affect Alex’s relationships with individual characters, led by Ryan and Steph, each of whom can become friends or even more to the protagonist. In addition, we often have to use the supernatural abilities of the girl; it is worth doing it with caution, because the use we make of it often has a big impact on the lot and the lives of others.

During breaks to follow a personal intrigue, we can devote ourselves to a little more mundane activities, such as dressing (the wardrobe includes more than 20 outfits for Alex) or listening to music.

Life Is Strange True Colors Free Download

The game’s soundtrack includes both mxmtoon and Novo Armor compositions, as well as licensed songs, incl. by Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers and Gabrielle Aplin. Life Is Strange True Colors game stands out from the previous parts of the series thanks to its much nicer graphics. The locations have become more detailed, as well as the faces of the characters, which have been enriched with much more detail than in the previous installments of the series.

On material provided by Deck Nine Games studio

We can see the very beginning of the game, when the main character – Alex Chan – talks to a social worker. She answers a series of questions about her upcoming move to the small town of Haven Springs, Colorado. This short video shows that the graphics of the game have improved considerably compared to the first, the production of which was developed by the studio Dontnod Entertainment.

Life Is Strange True Colors torrent

Even the most subtle emotions are visible on Alex’s face, and players can. Easily read how the heroine is feeling at any given moment, even when she is silent. The developers used modern technologies, such as performance capture, when Life Is Strange 3 Download production of the game and were able to accurately reproduce the subtlety of human facial expressions, taking into account, among other things, eye movements.

For the first time in the Life is Strange Deck series

Nine Games has decided to simultaneously record games free download body and face animation with voice acting. Zak Garriss of Deck Nine Games said in a recent interview that the process reminded him to “shoot a TV show”. Erika Mori, the actress who played Alex Chan, also spoke about the experience associated with producing the game.

Life Is Strange True Colors crack

She said the possibility that only one person is WRC 10 responsible for both the physiognomy, face and voice of the character made his performance more authentic and organic. Life is Strange: True Colors pc download will tell the story of Alex Chan who is endowed. With the power to read and absorb human emotions. The heroine will use her abilities to investigate the mysterious death of her brother. Who is believed to have died in the accident.

During the game, players will have the opportunity to explore picturesque Haven Springs Life Is Strange 3 game. To conduct many conversations with the inhabitants of the city. As in the case of previous installments in this series, the choices of the players will determine the story. Which will have an impact on the course of events. A novelty in the series will be the lack of division of the game into episodes.

Game PC Free Download
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1. Download the game from the host.
2. Decompression exe.
3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Go through the game installation process according to the on-screen instructions.
5. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
6. To play.

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