Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Free Download

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Free Download First of all, it is the full-fledged eighth installment of the series, which is also a direct continuation of the game Like a Dragon. The game was produced by Ryu Ga Gotoko Studio and published by Sega. This is also another installment in which we abandon the classic fighting game in favor of a turn-based game.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Download PC

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Free Download

free download games pc


Game review

First of all, I must say that the free game Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is simply gigantic. It cannot be denied that to fully understand the story, we must play the previous game as well as the spin off of the Like a Dragon Gaiden series, The Man Who Erased His Name, in order to understand what is happening on the screen.

You could say that there’s a lot going on and, among other things, as Ichibana Kasugi, we have to leave Kamurocho directly for sunny Hawaii, all in search of her missing mother.

An unexpected twist.

There was also the second hero of the series, Kazuma Kiryu, who this time is struggling with a fatal disease and has little time left. All this means that during the game we experience an emotional multitude of events that bring us closer to many interesting tasks, both main and side ones. It must be admitted that the creators made every effort to fully develop all important elements, including combat.

Of course, it must be admitted that replacing the combat system from real-time to turn-based was a real refreshment for the series itself, which is why the game Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth PC Download continues this trend. Certainly, the above-mentioned transformation was perfectly received by most players, because the feeling of the game is still at a high level.

Yakuza in a bigger version.

First of all, it is good to learn the threads from the two games previously mentioned in the text, in order to fully experience the quality that the new Yakuza offers us. Of course, it should be noted that Ichiban is discredited at the very beginning by certain recordings, which is also an important element of the main plot. The change of setting in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is certainly a real hit. We have a completely different atmosphere here, very different from the more gloomy Kamurocho.

The change of colors is important here.

Here we are dealing with bright and distinct colors, which provide the perfect contrast. In this situation, the main plot itself taking place in a completely different place forces us to change our gameplay style, which is definitely a plus. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that in this case the combat system in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth has been significantly expanded, so its turn-based nature is intertwined with an effective combat game in which we can use various additional powers. However, there is no denying that this is the game’s plot Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Free Download however, it is the first violin in the whole game.

It can be said that there are threads that will make us laugh and make us sad, which means that during the game we often experience changes in mood. This is what makes us treat certain more serious topics as we should, i.e. seriously. It is worth adding that some of the threads may seem a bit too long, but in this case the whole thing is compensated by a well-told story that surprises.

Lots of new and returning side activities.

It is clear that the creators of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth did not take the easy way out, but added a lot of new activities, including various types of tests in many areas of life, which we can pass or fail. This also shows how much the entire available world has been expanded, with a lot of side quests and simple activities waiting for us. In the game itself, Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Download PC, we can easily use slot machines, play dating with girls, or sing while seeing all sorts of distracting memes in the background.

As you can see, the creators of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Free Download simply had a lot of interesting and successful ideas that were perfectly implemented in the game. It cannot be denied that in the production of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth some of the errors from the previous game were fixed, which makes it a complete product. This can be seen, among other things, in the fighting style of the main character, who is not static and has a limited area in which he can move during combat. Something that was impossible in the previous version has been improved here and this is an important plus.

This introduces a small tactical element that makes us have to think for a moment before attacking. In this case, character development itself will take us a lot of time, which is also an advantage of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth PC Download. It is worth noting that the environment is interactive in some way, so we can pick up some items just to use them in the appropriate fight. The game itself also includes the aspect of taking care of the expansion of the island, which should also be considered an interesting change.

My rating of the game.

To sum up the game Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Download from a player’s perspective, despite so many hours spent, I didn’t feel bored for a moment. which seems like a great recommendation for the game itself. The improved quality of the environment and the elimination of significant bugs make it a completely new quality in the world of Yakuza. Many interesting attractions, such as fishing or driving customers in the style of Crazy Taxi, seem so crazy that the assessment seems only a formality.

If I were to rate the game itself, it gets 4 with a big plus and a quality mark. I can’t give it 5 stars due to some delays during gameplay. This is simply an important game for gaming fans JRPG this title should be received anyway. If you want to play this game, as well as another part from YakuzaTo stay up to date with the plot, visit our download section and download the game.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth PC Download

free download games pc


Game FAQ

  1. How to gain access to the northern part of Yokohama? The northern part of the Isezaki Ijincho map is initially blocked. In the game you will find information on how to gain permanent access to it.
  2. How to unlock Honolulu, Hawaii location? The game will tell you how long it takes to unlock the Honolulu city map and whether you can travel freely between Hawaii and Japan.
  3. How to use fast travel? The game explains how fast travel works, whether it is free, and whether there are alternative ways to move around locations faster.
  4. How to save the game? You’ll find information about when you can create manual saves and in what situations the game may temporarily block the save option.
  5. How to change character professions? Each playable character has a default job, and the game will tell you when you can change it and what the requirements are.

Additionally, the game offers many other features such as mini-games, dungeon exploration, various activities and secrets to discover. A full gameplay of the main story can take over 80 hours, and this time can be significantly longer if you decide to explore additional activities. The game also includes 65 trophies/achievements that can be earned by completing various in-game tasks.

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