Master of Magic Free Download PC Full Version

As you can see, Master of Magic Free Download is nothing more than an interesting combination of an RPG game with strategy. Which at the same time is a refresh of the game from the 90s and there is no denying that in this case the creators have tried to do everything to make said refresh look modern and up to date. Master of Magic game pc is above all no less than 14 unique and playable wizards, who can be directed according to the situation. Learn new spells or other alchemical arts, rituals, and other arcana of power that can be useful in achieving specific goals.

Master of Magic Free Download

Master of Magic Free Download PC
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Interestingly, everything is on an open map, which is full of various types of activities. Which allows us to increase the power of our heroes. In this case, we can use up to five schools of magic. At the same time gives us the possibility of freely developing the wizard so that he is stronger during the fight itself.

Wide variety of spell races and units

In this way, the Master of Magic game itself gives us the possibility of controlling. Up to 14 different races, in which we will not only find trolls or gnolls. But also elves and many other interesting nations. In this way, in the Master of Magic pc download itself, we have access. To up to 196 different unique units that we can control during the game itself. In addition. Master of Magic also offers us more than 250 unique magic items that we can even craft ourselves if we have the right materials for it.

Master of Magic full version

Nous passons la plupart de notre temps à regarder la carte stratégique. Divisée en hexagones (hexagones – c’est un changement par rapport au jeu original, qui utilisait une carte avec une grille de carrés). Et à prendre des décisions sur le mouvement des unités. Lors d’affrontements avec des ennemis, nous pouvons utiliser plusieurs dizaines de capacités. Spéciales et plusieurs centaines de sorts répartis en cinq écoles.

Un grand nombre d’unités Master of Magic free download

Nous avons également un grand nombre (près de deux cents) d’unités différentes à notre disposition. Et ce sont souvent des créatures fantastiques connues dans des livres ou des films. Comme des orcs, des elfes ou des dragons. Au fur et à mesure que nous progressons dans le jeu. Notre personnage devient de plus en plus fort – nous pouvons acquérir l’une des dizaines. Capacités spéciales, ainsi que trouver et équiper plus de deux cents objets magiques.

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Fast and dynamic military confrontations.

On top of all that, it all takes place in fairly fast-paced gameplay, which just goes to show here that the creators of the game itself took heavy inspiration from tactical RPGs. Var this is clearly seen in the very formula of the game, which is extremely complex. In this way, the fights are quite intense and, whatever decisions we make, often the strength of our army is able to determine victory.

Master of Magic Free Download PC
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2.2GHz dual-core
GeForce GTX 660 2GB or better graphics card
10 GB hard drive
Windows 8/10 64 bit


Quad Core 3.5GHz
4 GB GeForce GTX 960 graphics card or better
10 GB hard drive
Windows 8/10 64 bit

An important advantage in Master of Magic free is the number of slots, which strongly affects the size of the army that we are able to lead into battle. This is what makes big battles where it’s hard to control the flow, especially if the opponent has equally powerful fighters.

A classic in a new setting.

As you can see, Master of Magic Free Download is very similar to the Heroes title, but there are subtle differences, even in the combat itself, that make it a unique title worth playing. In this case, efforts were made to reproduce the classic game and integrate it into more modern graphics, which certainly succeeded.

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