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In Osiris New Dawn Free Download players take on the role of astronauts from the Osiris 2 mission, sent to distant regions of space to investigate what happened to the lost Osiris 1 expedition. During the trip, they are forced to make a landing emergency on an unexplored planet.

Osiris New Dawn Download

Osiris New Dawn Free Download PC Game
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Cosmos – big and unexplored. Its vastness constantly stimulates the human imagination, becoming a source of inspiration for authors of books, films and computer games. This idea of ​​exploring the most remote corners of the universe caused a real burst of creativity in the small studio Fenix ​​​​Fire until then unknown. In his new work – an extraordinary space survival titled Free Osiris New Dawn pc much of which can already be seen in Early Access.

The three-person team managed to incorporate an impressive amount of innovative solutions and high-quality Martian aesthetics. Innovative mechanics and great graphics meant that in less than a week after the premiere, the title attracted thousands of players and won top prizes. Although this production is already surprising in its scale, the projects of the developers of Osiris go much further.

Free Osiris New Dawn

Robinson Crusoe in space

Osiris New Dawn PC Download takes place in the year 2046. With the development of technology, people have gained the ability to travel beyond the solar system and explore surrounding planetary systems. Relatively close to the Sun, the Gliese 581 system has become a natural destination for these expeditions. After the fiasco of the first colonization mission, we participate in the second getaway. Unfortunately, fate is not kind to us either. After reaching the system, our ship breaks down and crashes into the planet Proteus 2, and we, dressed in a holey suit and equipped with only a few basics, wake up on the surface of an unexplored red globe. …

Many types of resources can be found on the surface of the globe, which are the basis of a complex crafting system – a key part of the game. Osiris New Dawn full version, we basically have to create everything from scratch. Raw materials are smelted in the forge or subjected to chemical reactions to obtain materials such as steel, glass or plastic, and these are used to build other structures and craft more advanced items. These production chains have many links, and at the end of these are some truly impressive items and vehicles.

Several different modules can appear in our base – a habitat, a laboratory, a greenhouse, a bedroom, a garage for vehicles and many smaller structures and pieces of equipment, such as gas tanks (there are hydrogen, chlorine and oxygen on the planet), a water harvesting station, satellite dishes or containers. In addition, we can build up to five different types of transport – a jet scooter, two types of rover, an armed mech and a life-size spaceship. The latter even makes it possible to go into the orbit of the planet.

Osiris New Dawn full version

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Where two castaways…

In Osiris New Dawn Download, unlike No Man’s Sky, which Fenix ​​Fire’s work was initially compared to, we have a lot of work to do. The creators have included a multiplayer module in addition to the single campaign. The first option is the cooperative mode, in which we build a colony with friends. However, if we decide to play on a public rather than a private server, there is a second option – competition between players, the assumptions of which raise fundamental doubts in me.

Astronauts can belong to two factions – the United Nations of Earth and the Pirates. This division itself seems quite childish, and the idea that some rebels are planning their alternate mission, probably absorbing the budget of a mid-sized country, requiring the latest technology and crashing in exactly the same place as the getaway of the Earthlings United sounds completely amazing.

The absurdities multiply when it turns out that up to 40 players can participate in the game at once, who, depending on the division in the aforementioned factions, fight against each other and can even kill each other. It is quite obvious that if by a miracle several ships crashed on the same planet very far from the solar system, the last idea of ​​the survivors of the disaster and the list of the dangers of the astronauts would be to shoot the companions of the misfortune that they meet. This aspect must be refined conceptually so as not to reduce the credibility of the production in the future. At the moment, the multiplayer performs poorly, aside from lag that slows down the fun, players don’t find themselves in that convention at all, making trolling-prone gameplay a big mess.

Osiris New Dawn Free Download PC Game
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System Requirements Osiris New Dawn Free Download


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Operating System: Windows 10 | 64-bit operating system
Processor: Intel i5 | 3.2GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
DirectX: version 10
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Disk space: 4 GB of available space


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Operating System: Windows 10 | 64-bit operating system
Processor: Intel i7 | 3.8GHz
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
DirectX: version 10
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Disk space: 4 GB of available space

There is a climate

Aside from the underdeveloped multiplayer, Osiris New Dawn Download is simply imbued with a funky and mature atmosphere. This effect consists of both beautiful things, like nice graphics, planet geography or dark nights, as well as details, like a potato in the emergency kit – a humorous reference to the movie The Martian with Matt Damon in the lead role. I hope that the creators will thicken the cosmic mood of the production even more, adding, for example, a few film clips, the possibility of contact with Houston or even a makeshift plot.

Graphically, Osiris looks great, which shouldn’t be surprising, since the founders of Fenix ​​Fire worked at Blizzard as artists – designers of game environments. A well-chosen color palette, a perfect play of light and dynamically changing weather create a truly breathtaking effect. Even details such as the red dust that settles on the suit during a walk around the planet have been refined. Looking at the visual wonders of Osiris, the incredible sunrises and sunsets of the star Gliese on the horizon, and the majestic rock formations, makes you want to scream, “Get it on VR goggles!” “. And the creators have in fact anticipated such requests and are already announcing that one day their game will receive support for this technology.

Game summary

Osiris New Dawn full version free is a game with great potential. Interesting gameplay mechanics and an extremely attractive visual side of the production will certainly attract many lovers of space climates. Although the scale of the world is not as gigantic as in the case of No Man’s Sky or Star Citizen. Limiting oneself to a single planetary system paradoxically creates far greater. Opportunities for creating a detailed, unique and believable universe.

At the same time, the well-thought-out concept of the entire game opens the door to practically. Unlimited enrichment of the title with new elements, even after the premiere. However, to succeed, the creators need to think deeply about the multiplayer formula. Effectively eliminate many technical errors and improve the raw interface, straight out of the 90s. The release of the full version of the game is scheduled for 2017. It remains hopefully a good first impression and a large early access player base will help Fenix ​​Fire maintain the right pace of development and soon Osiris New Dawn Free Download will take us on a cosmic journey into the unknown.

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