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Outriders Free Download a dark sci-fi shooter with RPG elements from Polish studio People Can Fly (creators, among others, of Bulletstorm). In Outriders we play the role of the crew of a spaceship sent to a distant planet with a mission on which the fate of humanity depends.

Outriders Free Download

Outriders Free Download PC
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Outriders is a dark sci-fi third-person shooter enriched with clearly defined RPG elements. The production was developed by Polish studio People Can Fly, whose portfolio includes games such as Painkiller, Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment. Square Enix is ​​responsible for its publication.

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The action of Outriders Download takes place in the distant future, when Earth has been destroyed, and humanity’s only hope for survival is the distant planet Enoch. A huge spaceship called Flores was sent to the site, aboard which was the title Outriders, meaning soldiers well trained to deal with the potential threats lurking on the surface of the new world.

Although initially the planet Enoch seemed an exceptionally friendly place, after a while the colonizers received a strange signal; when they tried to reach its source, a powerful anomaly was released. The cataclysm killed many settlers and seriously injured others, destroying almost all technology taken on Earth. Among
Free Outriders survivors there is a hero in which we play during the game. In order to keep him alive, the others were forced to subject him to a long hibernation.

Outriders Download

Shooter with RPG elements

The protagonist awakens after more than thirty years and quickly discovers that Enoch has turned into a barren wasteland where settlers must fight to survive every day. As if that wasn’t enough, the Anomaly has given many people supernatural abilities, which they use to their advantage. Fortunately, our ward has also acquired powerful powers, with the help of which he can investigate the source of the mysterious signal and fight for a better future for people.

Before we start the adventure with Outriders torrent, we choose one of the four character classes. We have at our disposal, among others, a Pyromancer who enjoys setting everything in sight on fire, an agile trickster capable of manipulating time, and a heavy-weapon devastator who feels best on the front lines. There is nothing else to do but start having fun.

Outriders free pc

The authors have prepared a number of locations, among which large poles play the main role. In the latter, we can talk to the settlers and accept quests from them (both to advance the story and for side quests), as well as learn more about the world presented.

Adventure on the planet Enoch

The mainstay of the game is the implementation of mission objectives and the fight against hordes of enemies; all kinds of monsters and hostile people stand in our way. Battles Outriders free download are dynamic, and although the game has a cover system implemented, aggressive behavior is often more profitable.

Determined by the profession of our character; for example, a Pyromancer heals. When he sets an enemy on fire and a Devastator heals when he manages to kill an enemy at close range.

During skirmishes we use a large arsenal of firearms and a wide range of combat capabilities. For example, a trickster can teleport to the battlefield and create “bubbles” that slow down opponents, while a pyromancer can create a destructive wall of fire.

Choose from four character classes

The game has a character development system. During the game we receive experience points and gain new levels. Every few promotions we unlock new abilities, Outriders Download, however, although eight of them have been prepared for each class, only three can be active at the same time.

However, on subsequent “levels” we receive what are called class points, which we can spend on special modifications that provide us with additional buffs in the form of bonuses to hero stats or specific skills. We also increase our combat potential by collecting better equipment and modifying our weapons and armor pieces.

Outriders pc game is based on Unreal Engine 4 technology. The developers have made good use of its abilities, and the effects of using hero skills, detailed enemy models and the environment are full of detail. Game PC can be played alone or with up to two people in cooperative mode. During the multiplayer fun, the level of difficulty of the game is adapted to the level of experience and the quality of the equipment of the whole team.

Outriders free pc

Complete your goals and fight hordes of enemies

Outriders is a three-person co-op shooter with a loot collection theme. A shooter that theoretically wants to resemble Destiny. But at the same time cuts out similar “game services”, showing off a more aggressive and direct People Can Fly style. This is what Outriders pc Download wants to be. The question is: are we going to remember this name any longer? After all, the market for similar games has grown significantly recently. There are examples that show that strong marketing is not enough to be successful. After playing the first version for a few hours, however. I can say that the producer is on the right track, although not always hitting the target.

Contrary to what the start of the prologue suggests. It won’t be a simulator of cosmic grain growth and dealing with settler races. A group of eponymous Download Outriders, elite soldiers and researchers, intercept. Mysterious signal on the planet and decide to study it. On the way to the source, however, a bizarre storm erupts, which literally dissolves all life in its frozen path. Our hero, touched by a mysterious power, acquires powerful abilities, but faced with a cataclysm, he must retreat to the ship, where he is frozen in a cryogenic chamber.

Outriders pc Download

Play with two friends

Outriders Download is one of those games in which heroes with impeccably trimmed hairstyles fight for the survival of the entire human species. The Earth is destroyed, therefore humanity sends two ships into space to the planet Enoch. Only one of them arrives and the colonization process begins. Go on an unforgettable adventure from Valheim.

The adventure itself begins thirty years later, when the daredevil. Wakes up from his sleep and discovers that as a result of an anomaly part of planet has turned. Into a post-apocalyptic desert and the settlers remaining fight a brutal fight for their survival. Now shaking up the local Outriders free Download pc game communities. The main objective of the game is to reach the signal in the hope of learning the secrets of an alien world.

Outriders PC Download

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Requirements Game PC

1. Download the game from the host.
2. Decompression exe.
3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Go through the game installation process according to the on-screen instructions.
5. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
6. To play.

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