Planet Crafter Free Download PC Game 2022

Planet Crafter Free Download is a survival action adventure game. The project was developed by the French studio Miju Games, the authors of Abracadabrew. The game takes place in the distant future. We play the role of an astronaut who is sent to an inhospitable alien planet with the mission of adapting it for colonization by humanity. Our priority is to survive and then carry out terraforming processes that will warm the planet and create an atmosphere with enough oxygen for the settlers.
Planet Crafter Free Download

Planet Crafter Free Download
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Planet Crafter pc game is a survival game in which we observe events from the perspective of the first person. The heart of the game is the crafting system. The player must collect resources and use them to build new objects, machines, and a base. Production offers an extensive tech tree, in which all items can be upgraded and thus increase their usefulness.

Game mechanics

Initially, our efforts focus on survival. The planet has an inhospitable environment that is completely incompatible with human life. The player must avoid natural hazards, deal with aggressive local wildlife, and monitor the oxygen supply to the suit. Our mission is not the first, so the surface of the alien world is full of wreckage that hides useful items.

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Once we are at home on an alien planet, we can begin the process of terraforming it. With the help of modified plants and futuristic technologies, it is possible to create an atmosphere with oxygen, change the atmospheric pressure, increase the ambient temperature and obtain water. This opens new possibilities for extending the base and gives access to new improvements. With this comes new threats, such as climate change.

What is Planet Crafter?

Planet Crafter pc download can be described as “Subnautica on land”. The style of the two productions is almost identical. The game scheme is also very similar – we encounter a planet uninhabited by humans, where we have to collect resources, build bases and take care of our character’s needs.

The very purpose of the game, however, is different. In the production of the Miju Games studio, we have to prepare the place so that it is suitable for human habitation. In Subnautica, we had to flee the planet. During the adventure in Planet Crafter torrent, we explore desert areas filled with various raw materials and the remains of ships that previously crashed on the surface.

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However, it is not a completely similar creation to Subnautica, as we are used to saying recently. At the moment the game is characterized by a much calmer gameplay and we will not come across any opponent ready to kill us. Nevertheless, preparation for expeditions is always very important and without the right equipment, we will die quickly. The following tips will help you survive and optimize your gameplay.


  • Don’t build your first base near the pod

The starting capsule is on fairly low ground. As the terraforming progresses, water will also appear, in which case our first base will be flooded. The best place for the starting outpost is next to the scree which you will see in the distance on the right as soon as you exit the pod.

  • Create a flashlight ASAP

From the early stages of exploration, you will come across wrecks that will be completely shrouded in darkness. Having a flashlight will allow you to visit it easily and get the resources there, including the seeds of plants that produce oxygen.

  • Free Planet Crafter Chest Hunt

There are chests scattered all over the map, with various materials inside. The most important are the golden ones – the most valuable items are waiting there.

  • Don’t make furniture

Although a desk or a bed may seem like a nice decoration option, they are just a waste of resources. Our character does not need sleep or any other form of rest and it is better to leave room for other equipment in the base.

  • Pay attention to the display of your Multitool

Multitool is our main tool for everything. On its panel we can see which mode is active (we can change it using the mouse wheel) – and it is worth keeping an eye on. Otherwise, we could accidentally deconstruct one of our devices by clicking on it with the mouse.

  • Keep your terraforming indicators at the appropriate level

One of the basic devices to be made is “screen-terraforming”. You can see indicators of oxygen, temperature, and pressure. We need to balance the creation of our facilities so that all three parameters increase steadily, because then the terraforming of the planet will proceed more efficiently.

  • Powering up the base is very important

We generate electricity by building wind turbines and solar panels. Each new building requires the construction of a new source of energy. If the current level is too low, terraforming will completely stop and its progress will be the main focus of the game.

  • Where’s the iridium Planet Crafter Free Download?

Iridium is not as easy to find as the basic resources that are found literally everywhere on the surface of the planet. If you’ve built a base near scree, you’re close to iridium. The reference point is the vapors emanating from the rocks. There is a cave below them where you will find your first iridium deposits.

Planet Crafter Free Download PC
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Here are the basic tips for Planet Crafter free Download. Some of them will help you avoid mistakes, the consequences of which you will learn later in the game, and others will show you what to pay attention to in the first place. Please note that this information is for the current Early Access release and may become outdated in newer versions of the game.

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