PUBG Free Download Game PC Full Version

PUBG Free Download Game PC Full Version

PUBG Free Download

PUBG Free Download is a network-type Battle Royale game developed by Korean studio Bluehole run by Brendan Greene, better known by the gaming community under the pseudonym PlayerUnknown. He is the one who is responsible for the Battle Royale type fashion to games such as Arma Arma II and III; He also worked on the King H1Z1 Hill game modem.

PUBG Free Download

free download games pc
Summary PUBG Download PC

Regarding the type of game PUBG Download singular blend of realism resembles the well-known H1Z1 Arma series and style. As befits a production of the Battle Royale species, and so in all PUBG games a large group of players is thrown on a closed map of considerable size, and the task of each of them to survive longer than the others, which eliminates the people encountered. the fun ends when the life of a single player remains.

Battle Royale game

An additional difficulty is the constantly shrinking area of ​​the game – the player must be located inside the electric barrier limiting the battlefield; otherwise relatively quickly loses health points. The characters are the players on the battlefield transported by air. We choose, from where on the map you want to start the game – just jump with a parachute and fall at speeds above 200 km / h follow the selected region.

After landing, players can choose between primary and third-person view, and immediately explore abandoned, devastated post-Communist buildings in order to acquire weapons, armor and other accessories providing a tactical advantage. on your opponents.

PUBG Free Download
free download games pc

Requirements PUBG Games PC Download

1. Download the game from the host.
2. Decompression exe.
3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Go through the game installation process according to the on-screen instructions.
5. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
6. To play.

Video of the game PUBG Download


Some of the acquired items, such as backpacks or bulletproof vests, have three quality levels PUBG game cracks to provide additional stats of our character. In addition, players can modify the weapons found through upgrades, for example. Magazynkom with increased capacity, faders, kolbom, pockets, etc. celownikom specialist. Each update changes weapon settings and clearly affects the quality of the game.

The key to success is using a tactic that allows you to take out as many enemies for as long as possible and stay alive. Available to get the vehicles to improve traffic after important maps – we can sit among UAZ behind the wheel roadster, old Dacia car brand, modern type of vehicle and motorcycle buggy. Every vehicle needs fuel, a level that the player must take care of before driving.

Fight among yourself

While crawling the map, the player can use a transparent map and use beacons to plan tactics. Due to the effort and the inevitable clashes with opponents our character loses energy and health, presented on separate bands located on the interface. To recover the lost part of health, we can reach for energy drinks, pain relievers, first aid kits and other items for first aid.

For each played the game, players receive points; Additional bonus is allocated for each murder, damage inflicted Cyberpunk 2077 and place in the leaderboard. Points earned can be spent on boxes with random gear, weapon modifications, additional features and change the appearance of the form (gender, face, hair). PUBG Download Network offers single play in multiplayer mode; in one can participate simultaneously up to 100 players.

We can decide to take part in team matches (selectable modes for teams of two and four) or classic FFA (free for all). In games free download team mode in case of loss of the entire character of the health bar does not die – instead begins to crawl and an additional bar activated indicating the time remaining until death. During this time, the injured player must find the closest team member who can heal him.

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