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RIDE 5 Free Download is the fifth part of a racing series that enjoys a popularity and respect comparable to that of Gran Turismo among motorcycle games. As with all previous versions, the project is the work of Italian studio Milestone, which specializes in various types of two-wheel simulators (e.g. the MotoGP series).

RIDE 5 Download

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Car racing is handled by studios such as Polyphony Digital and Turn 10, while for motorcycles, their undisputed king is Milestone. Every year, the Italian team strives to come up with new games – including those using well-known licenses, such as MotoGP 23 or Supercross. From time to time, however, they opt for something that could be called Gran Turismo on two wheels. And so the RIDE! brand was born.

RIDE 5 review

After spending more than 20 hours on RIDE 5 PC Download. There’s one thing we can say – Milestone has done it again. However, this time they’ve done even better, because this latest iteration of the series is by far the best of all the studio’s achievements. And I say that with full responsibility. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun negotiating corners or picking up speed on long straights, and the regular crashes or accidents in various stages of the races only encouraged me to hone my skills. RIDE 5 Download is both an excellent game and an incredibly demanding production.

RIDE 5 only on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5

As previously mentioned, RIDE 5 Download was released on PC as well as Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles, meaning that Milestone published the first game in the series not available on previous-generation platforms, i.e. Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Was this decision by the Italians justified? Absolutely, because by creating RIDE 5 Free Download from the outset for the new machines, the game has benefited in every way. The graphics are breathtaking, showing a clear improvement on RIDE 4, even if the latter is still magnificent on current machines.

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RIDE 5 Download can impress

Just look at the faithfully reproduced tracks, the motorcycles or the realistic animations of the individual riders’ silhouettes. The cockpits of the machines and the ability to observe the two-wheelers from different angles are also impressive, as the game offers multiple camera angles. Attention has also been paid to surrounding objects off the track or in the distance, which are also of relatively high quality.

It’s just a shame that the animations or the very quality of the cinematographic sequences. In particular the interviews with the racers before the race, have not been improved, giving RIDE 5 Free Download the impression of coming not from the PlayStation 4, but… from the PlayStation 3. Equally incomprehensible to me is the addition of commemorative boards displayed at the end of races. They look mediocre.

RIDE 5 download

Competition between riders, battle against the weather

I’ve already mentioned the sensational visual quality, but Milestone’s expertise is also evident during the races when the weather changes. The dynamic effects, which probably wouldn’t have been possible in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, or at least wouldn’t have been as spectacular, are one of the many elements that make RIDE 5 Free Download hard to leave. We can notice incredibly realistic light reflections in puddles, on various surrounding objects or even on bikes and riders. We ride in scorching sunshine, light rain, torrential downpours, cloudy skies, day and night. Weather conditions and time of day can, of course, change on both longer and shorter runs.

RIDE 4 suffered from what I’d call “Driver’s garage tutorial syndrome”, where the tutorial was so demanding that completing it was almost a miracle. This was one of those situations where the game demanded an in-depth knowledge of the driving model before even starting the game proper. It’s a bit like From Software asking players to defeat bosses such as Vanguard in Demon’s Souls or Genichiro in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice before allowing them to die.

How it behaves!

The Italian team clearly spent a lot of time fine-tuning RIDE 5’s driving model to the max. Take my word for it – the game is far more responsive than “four”, and there are huge differences between the bikes. Making changes in the customization menu also produces desired effects, meaning you could spend hundreds of hours on it. What’s more, you don’t have to manually configure everything for dozens of minutes, as I did, but can choose one of the four default difficulty levels. What’s more, the game lets you set the difficulty level of the AI and the behavior of computer opponents – whether they’re calmer or more aggressive.

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RIDE 5 Download is a game for everyone, because…

A separate paragraph deserves an increasingly common feature in games, such as Forza Horizon 5, for example. I’m talking about the ability to slow down the game, which means everything runs more slowly and we have more time to react. The introduction of this option in RIDE 5 PC Download immediately broadens the group of potential players to include those for whom the pace of the game was too fast. Sometimes it’s hard to take a bend when our bike has to travel at over 100 kilometers an hour. However, if everything runs more slowly in the game, we can start braking and turning in peace, then accelerate on the straight. It’s interesting to see whether this option will also be present in other games, such as “souls-like”.

An entirely new career for a single player

RIDE 5 mainly offers a single-player career with – unfortunately – too much video material that can’t be ignored. But with a pleasant narrator voice encouraging players (as if they needed it?) to walk the path “from zero to hero”. That is, to start as a novice and finish as a master driver. It won’t be easy, but the authors have prepared a variety of competition types to put your skills to the test.

With regard to endurance racing in RIDE 5 Free Download It’s worth mentioning that they can last from 20 minutes to… even 24 hours! While these features were also present in video games at one time, gamers are now using them more readily, as developers have begun to offer the option of saving the game during a session. For example, in the latest free F1 23, we could do so “on the fly”, and in the reviewed RIDE 5, automatic saves are made after every pit stop.

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RIDE 5 online and split-screen

Of course, before the release of free RIDE 5 Free Download, I didn’t have the chance to test the cross-platform (between consoles) multiplayer mode. But that’s not the only competitive option offered by Milestone’s latest work. The game also features classic split-screen. So we can invite a second person to play and challenge them on a split screen, where, for example. One player uses a keyboard and mouse, while his opponent plays with a controller (in my case, the Xbox controller).


To answer the question posed in the title – yes, RIDE 5 Download is Milestone’s best game. Therefore, the evaluation cannot be other than the one you see below. There are a few improvements to be made, but overall, the Italians have taken a huge step forward compared to RIDE 4. By offering an engaging career, an exceptional driving model and numerous customization options, this means we’ve not only received a game for veterans, but also for novices. Add to this a phenomenal audiovisual presentation combined with changing weather conditions and varying times of day… All that’s left to do is drive!

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