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The last game Rune Factory 5 Free Download is here. I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to play a combination of Stardrew Valley and something somewhat similar to Dragon Quest. Admittedly, such unusual combinations can turn out to be a bull’s-eye, which also shows that Rune Factory 5 today is a production that draws heavily from the two aforementioned games. First of all, we can clearly see how much emphasis has been placed on adventure, which in this installment of Rune Factory 5 pc game is even better than in the fourth edition. After all, it’s still a game that relies heavily on years of developed formula, only slightly changing some elements.

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Rune Factory 5 Free Download

Rune Factory 5 Free Download
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Rest in the field

Regardless of everything, the so-called farm additions are to be rented, where we have the opportunity to run our own farm. Who does what Rune Factory 5 game buy stands out from the background of fighting games, where many of these elements simply do not exist. Surely it’s just an add-on, but in this case it works perfectly and is exactly what some people lack in Harvest Moon. Is based on managing a farm as a whole. Game pc Sniper Elite 5

In this case, it is not such a short game, because Rune Factory 5 is enough for more than 60 hours with the hook, especially if we like exploration and spend time doing many activities. Certainly, what we can like in the aforementioned production, it is the dynamics of pleasure. This is what I missed in Rune Factory 4 due to the fact that the dungeons only appear after several hours of play. Here this element has been clearly accelerated, which makes that Rune Factory 5 full version shows a better game approach.

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Fight monsters and destroy runes.

Our task in the game is to destroy runes to return evil monsters to your dimension. But you have to admit that Rune Factory 5 free himself really shows a lot of creativity, as can be seen in the story itself. This one seems to be much more extensive and more specific, as can be seen in many threads. Certainly more cutscenes are noticeable or the story itself is also a lot here. It should be emphasized that the adventure benefits a lot.

In Rune Factory 5 we can romance other characters or many other elements in our spare time. Growing turnips or your own field is always an interesting game, which is a perfect springboard from the main plot mentioned above. Changing the view of characters is also one of the many benefits that Rune Factory 5 Download PIt has to offer us. In the end, the isometric projection was abandoned, in favor of the classic back view, it definitely improves the quality of the game.

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When time counts Rune Factory 5 Download

The passage of time is certainly an important element. No wonder that if we don’t spend time on en, we may have a problem with low stamina, which will result from hero fatigue. It’s definitely one of those flavors that shows that Rune Factory 5 full version is a very good production.

Complete exhaustion renders the character unconscious and ends up in the clinic, so there are many things to pay attention to. Of course, the calendar helps a lot in planning the game, so it is worth using this kind of help in planning the game so that the mentioned character has time to sleep. We will certainly find in rune factory 5 pc game a lot of side quests that can appear on the city board. In this case, the tasks are ordered by the residents themselves.

These are the typical standard activities we see in many other games. It’s worth pointing out that the controls in this game have never been the nicest. In the end, we can say that the creators ignored this problem, copying the ideas of the previous section. In this way, I hope that the PC version will eventually correct the errors in the controls and that the game will become more pleasant in its perception.

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Zelda-like atmosphere.

If we can say anything about the dungeons in which we will face ordinary monsters and larger bosses. It resembles Zelda style, which makes Rune Factory 5 torrent really enjoyable. I have some concerns about the game optimization, as the game didn’t run perfectly on Switch. But in the case of powerful PCs, I hope it won’t be so troublesome. The not-so-current graphics will certainly be improved as well. Here you have to take into account the resolution increase and other cosmetic changes.

However, in this case, the graphics are not so important, come on. There are indeed elements in Download Rune Factory 5 PC that still need to be modified. It is certainly worth pointing out that the problem of the sudden drop of the object is annoying. Greatly annoy us during the fight, which certainly affects the sensations of the game itself quite strongly.

Rune Factory 5 Free Download
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System Requirements Rune Factory 5 PC GAME


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 8.1 or later
Processor: Intel Core i5-6500
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660Ti
DirectX: version 11
Disk space: 9 GB of available space


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 8.1 or later
Processor: IntelCore i5-9400
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1660Ti
DirectX: version 11
Disk space: 9 GB of available space

In summary, no matter what, the mixture of two known gameplay formats always guarantees us long hours of fun and Rune Factory 5 Free Download is the confirmation. Certainly, in a time free from tasks, we will go fishing or organize a party, all in a cool atmosphere. The possibility of using team attacks is certainly one of the elements that distinguishes this title from the previous production.

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