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Scorn Free Download PC is a first-person action game mixing the style of horror and science fiction. Inspired by the works of the Swiss painter HR Giger, known e.g. as the creator of the xenomorph project of the Aliens film series. The game was created by a small independent studio Ebb Software from Belgrade. Despite the failure of the crowdfunding campaign on the Kicstarter site, the creators managed to raise funds to complete the title

Scorn Download

Scorn Download PC Full Version
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Scorn’s gameplay is based on the concept of immersing the player. In a strange and unreal world, balanced on the border between reality and dream, known, for example. From the production of the studio Frictional Games (SOMA, Amnesia: The Dark Descent or the Penumbra series). While playing, we travel through several open and interconnected regions, made up almost entirely of organic matter.

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Each of them is distinguished not only by a completely different style. But also by its own set of unique puzzles and characters. The game mainly focuses on a unique and dense atmosphere and exploration. Which is an extremely important factor here. Because each accidentally overlooked element can completely change the course of the game. During the game, there are also many logic puzzles and the need to manipulate. Various fancy machines and switches.

Game progress

As the game scorn pc download progresses, the character we control gradually acquires more and more new skills. Finds a number of useful objects and weapons that, like the game world. Are made entirely of organic matter. Their appearance and use can make hair on the head of many players.

However, combat is not the main way to achieve this, and during the game we have to use different tactics, especially since the availability of ammunition in the game is quite limited. Interestingly, not all characters encountered have hostile intentions towards us; depending on the mood of the moment, they can just ignore us or tear us apart, which forces us to be vigilant at every step of the Scorn pc game.

Scorn Free

This walk is easy to forget

At this point, you should be warned. It’s not a game for everyone. He will find those for whom the fear is built on ambiguities, euphemisms, dealing with disgusting, semi-organic structures, which make the xenomorph or the main character of Mucha look like an innocent mascot. Even diehards who listen to the moans of Silent Hill on the pillow can feel out of place here. During the game Scorn Download, we are accompanied by a constant and increasing discomfort.

From the first minute, it feels like you’ve landed in a dark room covered in… something. In one hand we hold a stone, which turns out to be the key to the door. The second thing in our possession is a revolver, but not so ordinary, oh no. It looks like a piece of spine has been ripped out and someone made a trigger for it. And this is just a quick overview of what we have at the start.

Scorn Download PC

When you walk out of the first room, you find yourself in a maze of corridors straight out of Prometheus (okay, the movie, to put it mildly, split audiences, but the visuals were brilliant – including the set design ). These hallways seem alive Scorn full version – and not in the sense the artist would like to hear after completing the portrait. It’s just that it’s all covered in organic tissue and it’s often dripping with juice or some other bodily fluid. When we find out what decorations have been used, we begin to feel like we are wandering through the bloodstream in the midst of a living being.

The magic of the Scorn Free Download

The beginning does absolutely no explanation of what or who we are or where we ended up. In the demo, we don’t encounter any creatures we could communicate with – unless we consider lead exchange to be social contact. We only know one thing: we are screwed, and each step in the complex is associated with pain, disgust and even greater terror.

Just look down – our character’s body is a gruesome caricature of a human figure whose lungs have been cut out so they can breathe freely. And then it only gets better. I want game Scron torrent say – worse. Our first adversaries look like upside-down dogs with severed heads, often hiding in heaps of flesh-blood tissue.

Scorn full version

Our gun’s magazine is also alive, which we find out when reloading. Also, the wristband that powers the mechanical consoles becomes part of our hand and sticks under the skin…did I mention it’s pretty much not a dinner game?

Essence Scorn Game Download

Scorn full version belongs to the same family as Penumbra, Soma or Kona – it’s a bit of a walking simulator. The alpha released mostly consisted of traversing the tangle (blood flow?) of dark corridors, moving forward, and trying to survive. The emphasis here is on puzzles. The ones I covered were pretty simple.

It involved finding the right key for multiple doors, turning on the key-provided device, flipping a few switches, and fiddling with levers. I also collected objects that allowed me to move forward game Scron free download. Thus, the gameplay does not differ from the standards of the genre. The only difference is that it more often feels like a full-fledged shooter. You have to kill your enemies a little, and you have to be skilful in confrontations. It is obvious that this aspect was not prepared for the detachment, just to be.


Interestingly, not all monsters immediately attack us. Some act like wild animals, giving the intruder one last chance to retreat from their territory. Since there are pupae, proper tools to reduce the population are also needed. In the shared version of the game, I had said charming revolver at my disposal, and after a while I received something that apparently works like a shotgun, judging by the power and dispersion. The second gun (still not sure if that’s the right word in this case…) doesn’t look so gross anymore, but it’s also impressive. Both weapons have one thing in common – the player definitely feels the momentum of the shot.

Scorn Download PC Full Version
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This detail, which has determined the success of several iconic FPS games, has been produced here with care and emotion. Interestingly, we have the weapon at hand all the time, but we recall it with the right mouse button, game Scorn free Download otherwise our character keeps it down. The one on the left is used to interact with the environment – ​​just a little curiosity and a change in control, which recently comes down to a model. It’s funny that our character can’t jump, at least for now. A pile of bodies, half a meter high, turns out to be an insurmountable obstacle.

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