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Sons of the Forest Free Download is above all a game that is a continuation of The Forest released a few years earlier. It should be noted that once again we find ourselves on a desert island full of cannibals and other mutant adversaries who want to do us significant harm. First off, the production itself is still heavily grounded in the survival horror genre. Featuring the fate of a castaway who, for some reason, following a helicopter crash , is trapped on an island surrounded by a large and mysterious forest. Of course, we weren’t alone on this journey, so as survivors we are forced to check to see if our comrades are still alive.

Sons of the Forest Download

Sons of the Forest Free Download

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This makes finding other companions a direct task for us, which makes Sons of the Forest much larger and richer in content than the previous game, which exhibited similar themes. The main task, of course, is to escape from this nightmarish place, especially when the hero realizes that there is a herd of bloodthirsty and dangerous enemies around, just waiting for a little slide.

Mutant creatures and other strange enemies.

In this case, we must take into account that the mutated creatures that abound on the island. Do not have friendly intentions, which is why the escape route will not be easy. And the hero himself will have to face many tasks before succeeding. To achieve the desired goal. In all of this,sons of the forest is able to offer us a completely open world that we can explore in all ways.

free sons of the forest

Which makes this type of gameplay much more realistic and we are actually able to put ourselves in the shoes of such a surviving traveler. , who wants to get out of here at all costs. In this way, having many different ecosystems to explore, we are able to pay attention to many objects, including dark caves, which require appropriate equipment allowing free exploration.

Exploration makes survival easier Sons of the Forest Free Download.

In this case, it will not be easy, because opponents in such places can be especially dangerous, especially since darkness is their special ally. This is why the crafting system plays such an important role in Sons of the Forest PC Download, allowing us to create weapons and many other elements that will simply help us survive this difficult time.

Sons of the Forest full version

In this case, the game offers a much better and more precise crafting model. Which allows us to create more things, and for this reason it is worth paying attention to the many different resources that we can collect in the world of game, as they may be necessary for this experiment.

It should certainly be noted that just building a specific base seems like an important task, especially since this way we are able to protect ourselves from enemy attacks, and these can be really dangerous, especially if our base is not well equipped.

Good base expansion.

It’s no wonder we spend so much time expanding the base of Sons of the Forest PC Download and therefore the way of obtaining individual resources can be particularly important when we realize that our areas are attacked by increasingly aggressive and stronger opponents who are capable of killing our character, especially if we are not careful enough.

It should be added that the mutants do not attack alone, but it is a compact attack with the whole herd, which makes repelling such an opponent not really easy. The more we advance in the forest, the more enemies we encounter, which makes Sons of the Forest able to delight us with its diversity. Is certainly the element that was so lacking in the previous part of the game. Another similar game you can play Metal Hellsinger 

Sons of the Forest PC Download
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True survival with a challenge.

The challenge is certainly also one of the most important aspects of the game, so whatever happens we will not have to try this type of space ourselves, since we can always activate the cooperative mode at any time , which will certainly make it easier for us to survive. In this case, if we talk about the environment of the game, it is really reproduced with a meticulous quality. Which is particularly visible in the case of the vegetation and many other specific details that we can observe in the free space.

Opponents do not sleep.

The opponents themselves also move realistically, having different types of attack animations able to convince us that we are under attack from a veritable herd of mutants. True, the ability to defend themselves and use the help of allies Sons of the Forest seems to be an important issue here, especially since the system of caves, which are connected to each other, requires proper exploration in order to obtain specific needs for further development.

This is why, over time, when the resources start to run out, we have to dig deeper and deeper in less explored areas, where the danger is much higher than in the first places. This means that not everyone will return to base alive.

Sons of the Forest Game FAQ:

1. Is there a cooperative mode in Sons of the Forest?

Yes, the game offers a cooperative mode that allows you to play and survive on the island with other players.

2. Is Sons of the Forest Download a continuation of The Forest game?

Yes, it is a direct continuation of The Forest game, offering a larger world to explore and new survival challenges.

3. What are the main tasks in the game?

The main task is to survive and escape from an island full of dangerous mutants and to search for missing companions.

4. Is there a crafting system in the game?

Yes, Sons of the Forest has an extensive crafting system that allows you to create weapons and other items necessary for survival.

5. Does the game offer an open world to explore?

Yes, the game provides an open world with diverse ecosystems, including dark caves that require appropriate equipment for exploration.

Reviewer’s Rating

Sons of the Forest: A New Dimension of Survival Horror

As a game reviewer, I believe that Sons of the Forest Free Download is an excellent continuation of the series, which successfully develops the concept of the original. The game offers a deep and engaging world that encourages exploration and survival. The crafting system is intuitive and satisfying, and the ability to build and expand a base adds another level of depth to the gameplay. Cooperation with other players in cooperative mode significantly diversifies the experience. Rating: 8.4/10.

Player’s Impressions

Survival Among Wild Nature and Mutants

As a player, Sons of the Forest provided me with unforgettable experiences. The struggle for survival among hostile mutants and building a shelter are challenges that keep you on edge from the first minutes of the game. The realistic environment and opponents who can surprise make every moment in the game full of emotions. Exploring dark caves and gathering resources add an element of strategy and planning. Sons of the Forest is a game that forces you to think and react quickly, and every achievement gives a great satisfaction.

Exploration and Crafting in Sons of the Forest: A Comprehensive Guide


Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that places players on an unknown island filled with dangerous mutants. The key to survival is exploring the game’s open world and utilizing the crafting system to create tools and items necessary for survival.


The game offers an open world for exploration, encompassing various ecosystems such as forests, beaches, caves, and mountains. Exploration is crucial for discovering new resources, building sites, and potential threats.

Caves are particularly important to explore as they often contain valuable resources not available on the surface. However, they are also home to some of the game’s most dangerous mutants, so you should always be prepared for a fight before entering a cave.



The crafting system in Sons of the Forest Free Download is intuitive and allows for the creation of various items necessary for survival. You can craft tools such as axes and hammers, weapons for defense against mutants, and various structures like shelters and fireplaces.

Crafting requires resources that can be found while exploring the game world. Some of the most commonly used resources include wood, stone, hide, and food. A fireplace is one of the most important items you can create. It allows for cooking food, which is key to maintaining your character’s health. To create a fireplace, you need wood and stone. Once the fireplace is built, you can light it using wood as fuel.



Exploration and crafting are key elements of gameplay in Sons of the Forest. Exploration allows for the discovery of new resources and locations, while crafting allows for the creation of tools and items necessary for survival. Remember, you should always be prepared for potential threats, especially when exploring unknown areas or caves.

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