South Park Snow Day free download full version pc

South Park Snow Day free download is an action game, developed by Question studio (authors of the game The Blackout Club) and published by THQ Nordic. As the title suggests, South Park: Snow Day! takes us on a journey to the world created for the South Park series. Although the city is covered by a thick layer of snow, and lessons have been canceled due to the snowstorm, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and New can’t fully enjoy their day off from school. After all, the protagonists have to face hostile factions and try once again to save the world.

South Park Snow Day free download

South Park Snow Day game review

I think every game series or franchise has its fans. EA Sports FC 24 geeks keep track of all the rating changes on players’ cards, superhero followers wait for the next titles, such as the recently announced Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, and Star Wars fanatics follow the news about Star Wars Outlaws. I, on the other hand, like few series as much as South Park.

So the question arises: is it easier to please a fan of the series, or is it simpler to spice it up? South Park: Snow Day download is certainly not what I expected after another playthrough of the brilliant South ParK: A Stick of Truth. It’s a completely different game, aimed at a different type of audience, only featuring the same characters and, in part, jokes. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? See for yourself.

South Park – mountains of potential reduced to lowlands

For many, the town of South Park is a silly cartoon for kids who are entertained by farting and vulgarity. However, viewers who are up to date with the cartoon and try to see the other bottom, know well that future episodes will contain a huge amount of references, political and pop culture commentary. The humor itself, based on the goofs and silly ideas of kids from the local elementary school, is just a nice cover.

Released in 2014, South Park: A Stick of Truth was, for me, the perfect game for the possibilities the franchise offered. Almost as good was South Park: Fractured But Whole, but I personally don’t like the superhero theme performed by Cartman, Stan and company. Anyway, in these productions it was hard not to appreciate the references, jokes and atmosphere of the original. Choosing the level of difficulty by adjusting the color of the skin, searching for Jesus with the character class Jew, or visiting an abortion clinic were coarse themes, but perfectly balanced.

South Park Snow Day torrent

On top of that, these games drew you in with well-executed turn-based combat, RPG elements, a large number of items to collect and even a not too bad storyline. So what happened to make South Park Snow Day torrent something totally different? Certainly a new producer and publisher. I also watched an interview with one of the creators, Trey Parkerm. He mentioned that in terms of games, he likes the ones where you rather mindlessly click buttons and fight blindly. And unfortunately, it shows.

Fight, fumble and collect cards

South Park: Snow Day! is by design a cooperative game with teams of four. It’s even possible to play alone, in which case companions are replaced by not very smart bots. Subsequent missions are trivial exploration interspersed with several recurring arenas, where we fight battles with kindergarteners, sixth graders and bosses, including Stan or Princess Kenny.

Seemingly, the combat itself is varied. We have melee and ranged attacks, as well as cards chosen before each task and later upgraded with additional bonuses. The opponent can also temporarily block our most important attacks. On paper, it looks pretty good. In practice, however, the chaos on the maps is so great that we are running around like headless chickens, battering blindly and trying to take actions every now and then to renew our life bar.

South Park Snow Day torrent pc

It was supposed to be ugly, but not that ugly

South Park was created in 1997. The possibilities then were what they were, and the creators themselves at the beginning cut models out of paper and made animations that way. Hence, no one expects a game based on the series to be beautiful. The aforementioned A Stick of Truth simply maintained the style of the original and did it brilliantly. South Park Snow Day free download on the other hand, is just plain weak.

When I see this 3D with fuzzy textures and lack of any detail, I am reminded of images from the game Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, which I played back in the last century. I say right away: I don’t have a good recipe for transferring a 2D world to a 3D environment.

South Park Snow Day pc download

Maybe cell-shading could have been used, maybe artificially “flattened” textures, or maybe a shot at realism (like at the end of South Park Season 18 Episode 7, where the guys discover that their entire adventures are in the VR world) would have been a hit.

Anyway, what I was given in the game South Park: Snow Day! is, in my opinion, a graphical tragedy. On the plus side, I can count the few movie interludes and the ability cards, which are created as if they were drawn by a child’s hand.

Fortunately, the sound design is quite successful. The developers have made an effort to have voiceovers as if from a TV series, and the musical themes are familiar cartoon sounds. Even the sounds of battle aren’t that bad, except perhaps for the overly insistent fart attacks and a fair number of unnecessary, loudly spoken curses.

South Park Snow Day free download pc

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How to download and install South Park Snow Day game for free on PC

  1. Click on the button Download South Park Snow Day.
  2. The installer will be downloaded, run it.
  3. Follow the instructions in the installer.
  4. Wait until the installer will download and install game.
  5. Once installed you can run game for pc.
  6. Have a nice game.

South Park: Snow Day! – Is it worth buying?

I admit, I had a few good moments with South Park Snow Day free download a few good moments. There were some missions that drew interesting reinforcement cards, the combat even drew me in, and a few jokes managed to make me laugh. Mostly, however, I was disappointed – poor graphics, shallow humor and monotonous and chaotic combat. Maybe it will be better when servers are launched after the release and it will be easier to play with live companions. Only will you persuade your friends to buy this production? I probably won’t succeed.

With us you always have the opportunity to download and test the game by downloading it by clicking on the Download button above. We also invite you to discuss the game and what you think about the game.

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