Star Trek Resurgence Free Download PC Full Version

Star Trek Resurgence Download PC Full Version

Star Trek Resurgence Free Download
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Star Trek Resurgence PC Download game review

It’s safe to say that Star Trek has fallen out of favor when it comes to video games, with only a select few standing out in recent years, Star Trek Online being the most obvious example. On the other hand, 2013’s Star Trek also stood out for all the wrong reasons. One title that I haven’t been able to try and would like is Star Trek: Bridge Crew. One thing’s for sure, Star Trek lends itself well to all kinds of games, and it’s time for the old TellTale alumni of Dramatic Labs to bring their adventure to life. Star Trek Resurgence Free Download.

That’s certainly the goal, and for the most part it’s been done with great success. Star Trek: Resurgence PC Download falls right where Star Trek is often at its philosophical and human best. Impossible to imagine a series without Encounter at Farpoint, The Next Generation starter and Jean Luc Picard, or episodes like The Measure of a Man (TNG), Duet (DS9) and even The Andorian Incident (Enterprise). Star Trek can always bring action, but that’s what happens in episodes like the ones about humans (or androids or andorians) and avoid unnecessary “action” sometimes.

Star trek resurgence full version

Being an adventure game where choices and consequences are in the same vein as Telltale’s greatest games, you’d rightfully expect something more in line with Trek’s more challenging episodes. That’s not to say there’s no action, something Telltale’s The Walking Dead was happy to show off over a decade ago. Dramatic Labs put even more effort into the gameplay by giving you limited control of the phaser, tricorder, and other tools. Adventure games are developing slowly.

Of course, most of the time you’ll be doing the same things you’d expect from these choice-based adventure games. You will do minimal exploration in confined areas, check a few items, and talk to a few people. There are several puzzles where you can realign the whatchyamadoodle transporter, set the tractor beam heading correctly, and more. Some of these puzzles are also optional, which gives you a little side to complete and potentially affects later play.

Star Trek Resurgence Free

Of course, the real impact is your decisions at key moments. Whether it’s deciding whether to send a crew member back to the ship first, or moving forward with your love interest – in this case, Carter Diaz -, or taking on the role of Jara Rydek, to choose between two rival factions you are forced to make do with. These decisions and many more will shape the fate of your story. They will shape how others view Carter Diaz and Jara Rydek, two playable characters.

Taking place right after the conclusion of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Resurgence Download also has the opportunity to showcase some things fans of the franchise know and love. The two returning characters are Spock (as seen above), voiced by Peter Michael, who sounds a lot like the late great Leonard Nimoy. Another guest star is none other than Jonathan Frakes as William T. Riker, one of the best characters to ever appear on the sci-fi screen. Fortunately, none of these characters replaced the well-written newcomers.

Star trek resurgence full version

Overall, Star Trek Resurgence Free Download is well written and feels like something Trek has. He forgets his way around his little corner of the universe, but is inseparable from everything else. It also requires the delicate balance you expect.

It’s got enough magical space science you can do with Wesley Crusher by your side, ready to explain or solve MacGyver. Unique ion storms that hold you in place, factions within factions threatening all-out war between two neighboring planets, covert actions threatening to upend everything, it’s exactly what you expect.

Star Trek Resurgence Download
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The way the story is presented is where I found the game. Aesthetically, I can’t complain. It’s not, and I wouldn’t want it to be photorealistic. I particularly like the design shown here, with colors that make things pop, even if the animations can be overdone. There are also some minor issues where characters run through tables during scenes, and even though it’s Trek, I know that wasn’t intentional. None of this takes away from the game, but it does set the stage for the technical issues that do.

Voice acting in an adventure game like this is perhaps the most critical element. Everyone does a great job here; I can’t fault a single line I heard, the actors should be proud of their performance and the writers should be proud of their screenplay. My issue is about the technical issues with delivering these lines. I had shortened lines; it happened to me that they joined, where the beginning of a word ended in the end of another.

Star Trek Resurgence PC Download is arguably one of the most accurate games to capture the Star Trek universe in a more contemplative way, and the adventure game format is particularly appropriate for this. With a gripping narrative, interesting characters (new and returning), and a well-played game, there’s a lot to love here, despite the PC version’s many technical issues.

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