Supermarket Simulator Free Download PC

Supermarket Simulator Free download is a seemingly simple game in which we run our own supermarket. The studio is responsible for the game Nokta Games which is also the publisher of this title.

supermarket simulator free download

SuperMarket Simulator PC game review

It must be admitted that the possibility of building your own supermarket is a very cool option that allows us to largely optimize this type of place in terms of sales. Of course, any supermarket visualization is also a great advantage of the Supermarket Simulator game for free, which makes it look different every time.

It can be said that the aesthetics and appearance of such a place largely depend on our management, but the mechanics already included are fully optimized for the player. Taking this opportunity, we recommend checking out other interesting games such as Expeditions A MudRunner Game

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Easy to place additional shelves.

Even planning shelves with assortment seems to be a very interesting solution, because the creators of the Supermarket Simulator game focused on full transparency and intuitiveness of the arranged elements. This is what makes the game not complicated in any way, and what’s more, the process is so simple that it won’t be problematic in any way. Of course, in addition to shelves, we also need to buy various types of refrigerators or cash registers so that our store can ultimately develop.

Just organizing the store can take us at least a few hours, especially if we want to make the Market much more friendly to future customers in a detailed way.

Scanning items and selecting prices.

In the game itself Supermarket Simulator torrent we can also scan items or improve credit card payments, which makes customer service in the game largely dependent on the system we choose. In this case, we will also set the prices of the products and we must do it in a wise way so as to make money on the goods and at the same time not to set too high a price and discourage customers from continuing to buy in our store.

Continuous development of our market.

In this way, Supermarket Simulator constantly encourages us to develop freely, giving us many different improvements that we can use later in the game. This is very important, because this type of options work perfectly in practice, so the game gives us the opportunity to transform the market into a larger sales facility, which takes the fun to completely new limits.

Of course, the Supermarket Simulator download pc game at the very beginning had some minor or major bugs, such as quite serious ones, such as duplicate lights, but the problems have already been solved, so I cannot use this argument to evaluate the title in any way.

supermarket simulator free

A few things that are still missing.

The floor gets dirty over time, so we have to think about hiring completely new staff who will keep our store clean, which will certainly improve the image of our store. When looking at the Supermarket Simulator game itself, we can see many interesting solutions that have been used in the game, which is why it is great that many interesting options have been developed, which in the future can be used to further improve the title itself.

However, there are no people in the game who could sell the goods, which means that the immersion is not fully preserved. Moreover, it is not possible to use a hot dog stand as an integral part of our store.

Supermarket Simulator Free Download PC

free download games pc

How to download and install Supermarket Simulator for free on PC

  1. Click on the button Download Supermarket Simulator.
  2. The installer will be downloaded, run it.
  3. Follow the instructions in the installer.
  4. Wait until the installer will download and install game.
  5. Once installed you can run game for pc.
  6. Have a nice game.

My review of Supermarket Simulator

So there are some minor issues and the lack of some improvements means I can’t give the game the maximum rating. Yes, the Free Supermarket Simulator title boasts nice and realistic graphics, but in my opinion, the Supermarket Simulator game itself receives a 3 out of 5.

It’s a nice, solid title, but with subsequent updates the game will start to take shape, so if the mentioned improvements are added, everyone can increase the rating by at least one point.

Of course, you can test the game in the download section by clicking the button above. If we like facility management and, above all, we love simulators, the Supermarket Simulator game seems to be a must-have on our list of games. If you have already played the game, please write in the comments what you think about the game, did you like it or maybe you did it differently?

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