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Syberia The World Before Free Download is an adventure game which is the fourth installment in the popular series. The production was developed by Microids, and the project was led by Benoit Sokal, a Belgian artist who was responsible for all previous parts of the series and productions such as Sinking Island, Nikopol: Carnival of Immortal or Paradise.

About the gameSyberia The World Before Free Download

Syberia The World Before Free Download
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Syberia The World Before is a direct continuation of the previous parts, but it has been developed in such a way that it is not necessary to know them to play. The action of this production takes place in two different eras in which we control different characters. In 2004, the search for her own identity led the famous series Kate Walker to a salt mine located in the Siberian taiga. The heroine is trapped in underground tunnels.

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Suddenly, the expedition is transformed for her into a real struggle for survival. In 1937, we find ourselves in the fictional Vaghen and play the role of 17-year-old Dana Roze. The protagonist stands on the threshold of a great career as a pianist, but her eyes are blinded by the specter of World War II and the threat posed by the rise of fascism. The two protagonists are tasked with uncovering long-forgotten secrets.

Syberia The World Before pc game is a classic adventure game. So the fun is in exploring places, carrying on conversations, collecting items and solving puzzles. The game features a wide variety of puzzles. Many of them revolve around the use of mechanical constructs called automata. A very popular series of adventure games, created by the development studio Microids. Currently, the brand belongs to Anuman Interactive.

Syberia The World Before torrent

One of the best adventure games

The father of the Siberia series is Belgian comic book creator and video game designer Benoît Sokal. The first installment of the series was released in 2002. The production immediately won the hearts of gamers and is still considered one of the most interesting adventure games of the first decade of the 21st century. The success was repeated two years later with the premiere of the sequel – Siberia II.

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In 2006, a collective edition of these productions was released, titled Siberia: Golden Edition, and in 2015 their special version on PS3, Siberia Collection. Work on the next part of the series has been repeatedly postponed. In the end, Siberia 3 was created in 2017. 5 years later, the fourth edition, Syberia The World Before Download, appeared in the market.

Syberia The World Before Download

Addictive game action

The action of the Siberia series games takes place in a world resembling. Combination of art nouveau style with the realities of steampunk. The universe is shared with Benoît Sokal’s earlier work, Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy (1999). The main character Syberia The World Before torrent of the series is Kate Walker. A young American lawyer, who goes on a trip to the East to finalize a deal to take over a toy factory. However, the case turns out to be much more complicated, and the protagonist. Faces many adventures in the search for the mythical island – the Syberii.

Syberia The World Before free

This adventure lasts for the first two episodes of the series – the third presents a completely new story. With no direct connection to its predecessors and revolving around a seedy hospital in Valsembor. Syberia The World Before free presented her story from two angles: the famous Kate Walker. Struggling to survive in a salt mine somewhere in Syberia, and Dana Roze. A pianist developing her career just before the outbreak of World War II. The two heroines uncover many long-forgotten secrets during their adventures.

Take on new challenges and puzzles

The games of the Syberia pc game series are characterized by a linear story, the course of which is traced by successive puzzles and logical challenges for the player. The game mechanics were designed in such a way that the main character could not die, and mistakes made did not have the effect of getting “stuck” in a certain place. What sets the Syberia series apart from competing productions is the extremely atmospheric audiovisual layer.

Syberia The World Before free
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Microids Studio has shared a trailer, screenshots, and official system requirements with gamers.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Intel i5 6600 processor
NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R7 260X graphics card
13 GB of free hard disk space

Recommended hardware configuration:

Intel i7 8700 processor
NVIDIA RTX 1060 or AMD R9 390X graphics card
13 GB of free disk space, preferably SSD

The first two parts are characterized by graphics combining 2D and 3D elements, generated on the basis of the second and third generation Virtools engine. It was only in Syberia 3 that the creators opted for a completely three-dimensional graphic design, which they kept in the fourth installment. That’s why we highly recommend Syberia The World Before Free Download. All fans of the series will be delighted with the new version of the game.

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