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The Ascent Free Download is the first project of the Swedish studio Neon Giant. The team was founded in 2018 and included industry veterans who have worked on titles such as Bulletstorm, Far Cry 3, and Doom. The developer’s first work is an isometric co-op shooter with RPG elements in a cyberpunk atmosphere. Curve Digital is responsible for the release of the game.

The Ascent Free Download

According to the cyberpunk convention, The Ascent takes place in the future – on the planet Veles. The world is ruled by the big corporation The Ascent Group, controlling everything and everyone. The adventure begins when the omnipotent society collapses under mysterious circumstances – which, contrary to appearances, is no reason to be happy. Deprived of surveillance and protection, society is at the mercy of bandits and small businesses fighting each other. Under such circumstances, we meet the main character (or the heroine) – a mercenary climbing the career ladder in the underworld of Veles.

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Release name: The Ascent Install
Format: exe (downloader and installer)
Platform: Pc
Cut with: exe
Host: Download without limits

The Ascent Game Download PC
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Summary The Ascent Full Version

The Ascent Download uses the classic pattern of isometric shooters, embellished with elements specific to action RPG games of the hack’n’slash genre. During the main and side quests, we travel to new places in the semi-open world, where we face many enemies using a wide range of guns, gadgets and augments (cybernetic powers).

The Ascent PC download

Combat is semi-tactical – the key to success is using covers and dodging attacks. In addition to loot (especially weapons and pieces of armor), the reward for victories in skirmishes and completed missions are experience points, which we invest in improving character stats.

Ascension allows you to walk the campaign alone, but at any time up to three friends can join us in cooperative mode (over the network or locally, on a split screen). Studio Neon Giant used Unreal Engine 4 technology to develop highly detailed locations and give them a distinct character, for example due to the multitude of lighting effects. The streets populated by crowds of NPCs, often victimized by the hero and his opponents in the firefight, which can happen almost anywhere, also draws attention.

The Ascent Free Download

Pc game The Ascent free is the first title in which I thought that here we were approaching the limit – that it is impossible to make better graphics. Not only that, when I tested the demo at the remote press room, I wondered over and over again if this article was… too pretty.

Can the graphics be too pretty?

Don’t gamers find that the creators have exaggerated the number of details, thus losing the clarity of the image. I must have strained my eyes more than a couple of times to find out which part of the environment is interactive and which isn’t – or which characters standing in the crowd are enemies. However, don’t overestimate this downside.

If you’ve seen any of the trailers (like the one I posted above), I won’t surprise you by saying that The Ascent PC Download looks crazy. At most, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you hear that in motion – “live” – this production looks as phenomenal as it does on promotional material. Well, maybe even better. Watching the trailer above, you might have noticed the occasional crackle in the animation.

download The Ascent PC

Fortunately, the optimization isn’t as bad as the trailer suggests, because when I was playing – with the ultra settings in 4K – I didn’t notice a significant drop in the number of frames (I can’t guarantee a smaller one; streaming micro-cuts slightly disturb the perception here), no matter how hard it pulled on the screen.

Return to the visual framework

Getting back to the visuals – when I say it can’t get prettier, The Ascent free download of course I’m talking about isometric graphics. By looking at the sumptuousness with which the dirty and bright places were designed, the thoroughness of the environment, the naturalness of the lights and shadows (and without ray tracing), the sharpness of the textures, play the density of the particle effects for free. , and finally the number and diversity of the crowds in the futuristic streets – all in all, it is sometimes hard to believe that there is a small studio behind it all. I have a feeling that Neon Giant’s environmental artists will be a sought-after product in the gaming workforce in the future.

free The Ascent pc

In fact, neither the plot nor the action got me going in the demo. download The Ascent pc as effectively as the visuals. The spectacle in front of my eyes was enough to motivate me to bite the bullet after each death and try a second, third, fourth time (that doesn’t mean that the game is excessively difficult; it was rather my rush … I was playing on the pad).

As if there weren’t enough dazzling places, every few tens of minutes I was treated to scripted scenes in which all of this spectacular landscape was subjected to even more spectacular destruction. It’s good that I didn’t turn on the webcam for the duration of the show; otherwise my hosts could see my mouth wide open on their screens.

The plot of the game

Let it not be – the destruction envisioned by the developers in the storyline is no more exciting than the destruction we achieve on our own, using gameplay mechanics in our hands. In human terms, organizing a bloodbath for hordes of enemies is also a strong (and positive) experience. Spitting lead from all sides gives great visual and acoustic effects, while enemies strike beautifully, and sometimes even lose limbs dramatically.

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The smile on the face is even wider when grenades or other special attacks are in motion, and Far Cry 6 the orgy of destruction should be further intensified if we take living companions (maximum three) for the action. The only thing that happiness lacks is that the environment turns to dust under fire.

Favorite holiday game

You may be wondering how much download The Ascent has to do with the hack’n’slash genre. Well that doesn’t represent it, if only because there’s no melee or melee combat here – we only have close range attacks after we equip ourselves. appropriate implants. Also, dealing with the aforementioned hordes of enemies requires a bit of tactical thinking.

The Ascent crack pc

We do not have medicinal remedies with us that we would consume one by one; one can only count on first aid kits dropped (sporadically) by the adversaries or hidden in boxes. Enemies are always on the move and require us to constantly shift positions – in the case of firefights to jump from cover to cover, which you might crouch behind. Flip-flop won’t save us from all the balls.

The Ascent Free PC
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1. Download the game from the host.
2. Decompression exe.
3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Go through the game installation process according to the on-screen instructions.
5. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
6. To play.

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