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The Quarry Free Download PC is a horror adventure game with a cinematic twist. The production was developed by Supermassive Games, a studio specialized in this genre, which has in its portfolio such games as Until Dawn or The Dark Pictures Anthology series.

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The Quarry Free Download PC

The Quarry Free Download

free download games pc

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The Quarry Download PC takes place in the eponymous quarry. On the last night of the summer camp, nine teenage educators throw a party to celebrate the end of the summer trip. The fun turns into a real nightmare when perverted, aggressive locals begin a brutal hunt for the protagonists.

The rest of the story (and thus also its ending) is shaped by our choices. What relationships will connect the heroes, how they will try to cope with the deadly danger, and above all who will survive, depends on the decisions we make in the course of the game.

In The Quarry game pc, we alternately take control of all characters. While playing, we explore locations, conduct conversations and take part in thrilling events. The course of the story is primarily shaped by the choices we make. From seemingly trivial ones, such as opening a mysterious hatch or examining the source of screams coming from the forest, to decisions of much greater importance on which the lives of individual characters depend. In addition, there are many challenges in which we must show dexterity and reflexes.

The game has an extensive The Quarry Free Download

Set of options that allow you to adjust its difficulty level to individual preferences. There is also a place for a special film mode, in which, after choosing the path that we think the story should follow, we are reduced to the role of viewers. The Quarry PC can be played both alone and in multiplayer mode. Over the Internet, up to 7 people make decisions by voting. In addition, the game offers a couch cooperation mode, in which each participant of the game plays a specific character.

The fresh horror game from Supermassive Games is about to debut. The Quarry torrent PC is the studio’s biggest production – it has long been heard of a night-long horror film and over 180 endings. What can be said about the scale of this project? So far, unfortunately, not much.

What is amazing in the game in the foreground is the new technology of capturing facial expressions. Hats off to authors. This is another step towards bringing the games closer to the cinematic experience. The facial expressions, the work of the eyes (you can even see bloodshot), lips, nervous tics, but also emotions such as anger, shame, embarrassment and surprise are perfectly captured. The participation of famous actors was not without significance. Brenda Song (“Dollface” but also “The Social Network”) and Ariel Winter (“Modern Family”) were especially sensational, and at times they actually look like they were taken out of the movie.

At times I was really delighted

With what effect was achieved, although there are also characters whose facial expressions seem less polished than in the rest of the others, which may be a matter of the actor model, who was a less grateful object for digital metamorphosis in this topic.

The creators have a lot to brag about, because the cast also includes other – smaller or larger – Hollywood stars. We are talking about such actors and actresses as David Arquette (known from the series “The Scream”), Justice Smith (“Jurassic World”), Lance Henriksen (“Aliens”) or Lin Shaye (“Nightmare on Elm Street”). also really excellent voice acting, thanks to which you can perfectly feel The Quarry Free Download the emotions and chemistry between the characters (you can include Polish subtitles), atmospheric, film-styled lighting and well-thought-out camera shots.

The Quarry pc

Having written this, however, I realize that the game has genre problems. While the faces and movements of the characters in moments of peace are delightful, and the surroundings are nice, especially in combination with light effects, the action sequences in which the characters jump, climb trees or fall over do not look so good, sometimes even shocking with artificiality and stiffness .

The effect of splashing water that looks

Like oil or some kind of slime is also completely wrong (only ninja turtles were missing). They can also make cut scenes out of rhythm, which is related to our choices. Sometimes a sudden change in the tone of the voice or the character’s behavior in relation to the intermediate scene seems unnatural, because the option we did not choose suited better here, but I must admit that it is much better than in the Dark Pictures games, where sometimes it was a lot more visible.

Of course, we must be aware of the narrative convention of the game. Just like Until Dawn, we are dealing with a horror film with teenagers who spend the last days of their vacation in a cabin by the lake. The adventures of love lead to the fact that one of the participants of the trip deliberately breaks the car, so that the group would stay one more day longer, and he could cement the relationship with his chosen one. This situation does not please the owner of the facility, Mr. Hackett, who leaves The Quarry Free Download area very nervous, warning everyone not to leave the facility until the morning.

On the last day of summer, however, the group is eager to enjoy themselves by having a bonfire party in the evening, despite the fact that the group discovers that the entire facility is being monitored by cameras for some reason. Needless to say, this idyll will quickly turn into a nightmare, the heroes, as usual in such stories, will quickly separate, and in the area of ​​the forest resort shrouded in dark mystery, the hunting season will begin.

Who will die first The Quarry Free Download?

The game world is filled with various collectibles depicting the history of both the quarry and the owner’s family. Add to this the collection of key evidence that will affect the end of the game, and that we can overlook when choosing the wrong story path. As for the fact that some elections will be wrong, I have no doubts and probably on the way to the finals we will witness the death of other members of the team. And only by getting to know the alternative story options will you be able to save all the campers on the next attempt.

And the fact that it takes us up to 10 hours to complete the title makes The Quarry PC Download the longest game in the studio. What’s more – in the title you will be able to launch even a movie mode, which consists in the fact that at the beginning of the game we set a certain pattern of behavior for the characters (each separately) so that they can make their own choices, and instead of playing, we just watch one long movie. You can even set the option that everyone will die or all survive at once.

I played the first three chapters

Despite the choice of different dialogue paths (a very convenient and intuitive system), the plot went to the same place every time. Nevertheless, I must admit that our choices actually affect the course of entire scenes, conversations between the characters and discovering the history of both the center and individual members of the group, even if certain plot points are constant and we always get to them.

game premiere pc

It surprised me to sometimes miss entire action sequences revealing important pages in the story. Yes, there is as much classic gameplay here as a cat cried, and visiting the location, as usual in such games, irritates with the pace of movement of characters who, instead of running, stomp, but the game features some interesting mechanics diversifying the gameplay.

QTE still in the price

Classically, there is a QTE sequence (in the options, however, you can turn them off), during which we have to press the buttons visible on the screen, mash or move the analog in the right direction. They are not particularly demanding and I have never made a mistake during the game. As in Until Dawn, in moments of chase, we can choose a longer route, but requiring less participation in the QTE, or take a shortcut, where it is more difficult, but we will save valuable time.

Usually, the title does most of it for us, but reflexes will come in handy at times. For example, finding tarot cards that appear on the screen for a while. Which we can deliver to the local witch acting as. The narrator (given in a form similar to what we had in Until Dawn and Dark Pictures). A brilliantly download The Quarry PC played woman (let me emphasize once again. The facial expressions make a huge impression) can give us a prediction. Showing for a moment events that are yet to come.

free download games pc

We also know this from previous studio productions. In turn, during the fight with the monster (I was a bit disappointed by the fact that its face was revealed so quickly). We will also have to hold our breath (hold down the button). It is also not particularly difficult, but if we let the air out too quickly (or too long). We will give away our position.

Play it on VHS

What we say or how we react also influences what we see in the next scene. I liked the fact that it is not always worth pressing the button appearing on the screen. Example, call for help, interrupt a dialogue, or simply fire the shotgun (simple shooting system with analog aiming). Sometimes it is better to do nothing for the plot and characters, and although. I did not manage to kill any of the heroes during these three chapters (I tried, believe me!). The clashes with the enemy in some scenarios showed the characters badly battered and wounded.

The game puts us in the skin of another group member every now and then. Allowing us to build relationships between the characters. Any changes in attitude are recorded by appropriate messages. We also know that from Until Dawn. You can perfectly feel the confidence of Kaitlyn, who creates herself as a group leader. Indecisive nature, Jason’s easygoing but complex lifestyle, or Emma’s sexual liberation from the camp.

The Quarry PC Download

free download games pc

System requirements for the game

Minimum PC hardware requirements

Processor: AMD FX-8350 or Intel Core i5-3570
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon RX 470
RAM memory: 8 GB
Disk space: 50 GB

Recommended PC hardware requirements

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3800 XT or Intel i9-10900K
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 5700
RAM: 16 GB
Disk space: 50 GB

The title signals the moments in which we made important choices. For the story (the inscription “Selected path” is accompanied by the effect of a torn VHS tape), suggesting which path we followed. Each such path is described in the menu. And in great style, because the discovered milestones of the plot are presented in the form. Of a new film on VHS cassette, each with its own cover and title, which looks amazing. Anyway, the atmosphere of the early 90s is also visible here, for example. The menu, where we browse through the options using commands straight from an old computer.

This is also visible on the title screen. Videos were also created with ideas, which acted as further tips (tutorials). Which were shown in the form of funny cartoons. Licensed music also plays an important role, building the atmosphere. Even during dialogues, when the player in moments without time pressure can calmly consider. Choosing an option while listening to a given track in the background.

So is it worth waiting for The Quarry Free Download? The answer is simple. You’re a fan of games like Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human or Heavy Rain, you should have fun. The plot is intriguing, the acting is delightful. The gameplay is a melody that we know perfectly well.

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