Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale Free Download PC

Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale Free Download is a turn-based tactical game. That lets you play as the commander of a pirate fleet in the 17th century Caribbean. The production is not related to the series of adventure and action games Tortuga from Ascaron Software. Being the work of the German team Gaming Mind Studios.

Tortuga A Pirate's Tale Free Download

Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale Free Download PC Game
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In Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale PC Download complete version, we find ourselves in the Caribbean since the golden age of piracy, that is to say at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. As captain of the pirate crew, we strive for fame and wealth, maneuvering between the four colonial powers representing the interests of England, Spain, Holland and France. During the adventure we will meet legendary corsairs, which we will try to match in pirate raids.

Like Gaming Mind’s previous achievements, Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale full version focuses on turn-based gameplay. Players roam the open world of the Caribbean islands looking for opportunities to earn money in the form of quests, hidden treasures, ships and coastal towns to plunder. We fight on land divided into hexagonal fields, respecting the traditions of the genre, but during the fight we must take into account the conditions at sea.

Tortuga A Pirate's Tale full version

However, at first it is better not to venture far beyond the home port, so as not to cross the powerful ships of the local governors. Therefore, it is necessary to expand your own fleet. There are 18 unique ship types to choose from, which can be further customized by choosing weapons, hulls, and more, for a total of 360 combinations. The player character can also be customized to your preference by choosing from 35 abilities.

Tortuga A Pirate's Tale download
During the game, you also have to keep the mood of the crew, share them with the loot and set the objectives accordingly before each raid. If we are too greedy or incompetent, we must reckon with mutiny on board. Equally important is the choice of allies: both legendary pirates and colony governors. Everyone can prove to be an invaluable support on the road to glory – or cause us a lot of trouble.

The best game features

BECOME A PIRATE OF ALL PIRATES – You weren’t born a great pirate, but we give you the tools to become a great pirate. Customize your own flag for your fleet. As you gain experience, your notoriety and skills will improve. Role play with over 35 different pirate skills on your way to the pirate throne.

INRAY AND CRUISE IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA – The 17th century Caribbean is dominated by the four colonial powers of the Old World. Being a pirate is not your fault, but it is your responsibility! Take action to free the Spanish, Dutch, French and English colonies from the burden of drowning in wealth. But beware! Unless you’re sure you’re the biggest fish in the sea, don’t venture too soon or too far from your trusted home base.

ENGAGE IN TACTICAL NAVAL BATTLES – The ship is safe in port, but that is not what ships were designed for. Fight in turn-based tactical naval battles on a hexagonal grid of epic proportions. Use your wits when raiding a convoy or colony. Victory is determined by the clever combination of your ship’s various armaments and the changing and harsh conditions at sea.

Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale Free Download PC Game
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IMPROVE YOUR FLEET – It is your job to nurture and maintain a powerful fleet before facing a barrage of cannons from mighty warships lurking in the seas. Combining various basic ship equipment upgrades, such as armament, hull, mast or warhead, allows you to create more than 360 sets of unique equipment.

MEET THE NEEDS OF YOUR CREW – As the chosen captain of your ship, you must share the loot and riches with your crew. Agreed “Catch Items” clearly state your goals before leaving port. Remember that mutiny whispers under bridges can have bad results. After all, you are the chosen captain, not placed by the grace of the Lord.

MEET THE LEGENDARY PIRATES – On your journey to become the most feared and glorious pirate captain, you will encounter historical pirates. Choose your enemies and companions wisely…

COMMAND HISTORIC SHIPS – 18 unique ship types such as battleship, frigate, war galleon and many more.

A SEA OF QUESTIONS – Immerse yourself in over 25 hours of stories set in the golden age of piracy. The world belongs to you. Governors and fellow pirates offer valuable quests that can earn you some doubloons. Also, don’t forget to look for a local tavern and listen to the latest gossip. A bottle of rum loosens the tongue and points the way to otherwise hidden treasures.

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